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  • how many scoops of protein should i take?

    i'm a 17 year old girl and i work out 3 times a week, lifting weights mostly. i am trying to build muscle mass and i recently purchased whey gold standard. i weigh 140 lbs. i'm having a hard time figuring out how many scoops of protein i should take, because on the bottle of the protein it says that there is 24g of protein per serving (so i'm guessing by serving, they mean scoop?) and it says i should take 1g of protein per pound of body weight, meaning i need 140 grams of protein, right? but i did some research and read that i should drink protein once after i work out and once the morning after. but it doesnt seem realistic or healthy to be putting 7 scoops of protein in one shaker lol. should i be drinking like 1-2 scoops periodically through out the day? and at what times should i do this? someone please help i am SO confused!! thank you for your time! :-)

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  • I need a thesis from The Kite Runner?

    So i'm not the best at english, but i do try. i can write thesis's but my teacher gave us two topics to choose from, from which we have to develop a thesis for the novel, The Kite Runner. These are the two topics:

    1.Human beings have the capacity to do evil, but they also have the capacity to redeem themselves from their evil acts - a sentiment summed up in the words of Rahim Khan to Amir: "There's a way to be good again." What do you think the kite runner suggests about the possibility of redemption?

    2. "We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another." -Jonathan Swift. Is religion, in your opinion, the driving force behind the actions of the characters in the kite runner?

    so i just need a thesis i'm in grade 10 by the way please someone help i don't usually do this but this is an emergency because i have been sick the last class i had a chance to ask my teacher about it and no one i know can help me with this and it's due tomorrow for an in class essay!! :( i spent a few hours trying to think of a thesis but i'm just super confused as to what to write. -.-

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  • How do i get smaller breasts?

    I'm 16, female (obviously) and my cup size is between 34D and 34DD. I have a very small waist and am more bottom heavy which i like, but i feel like my boobs make me look more top heavy than i am and it's annoying because i can never wear cute bikinis or dresses, and i can't wear tight shirts or tank tops without getting wayy too much male attention and i personally don't even like how big boobs look. They are soo annoying when i work out and stuff because they're always bouncing so much and i always have back pain probably from my boobs. I would be happy being 34C and i don't want to go on a diet and lose weight from all over, i JUST want to lose boob-weight lol.

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  • Will i ever find the right guy?

    I'm a 16 year old girl,i have a really curvy body with big boobs and a big butt. I don't dress slutty or wear a lot of makeup other than that to cover my acne, and i understand that i could be easily mistaken for an 18 year old because of my body. But when i go out with friends (not clubbing or during the night, always during the day to the park or to walk around) i'm always getting honked at from cars and some men even yell things out of their cars to me. Men also stare a lot when i walk by, some hit on me or say disgusting things or give me weird nods! I've only had 2 relationships before when i was 13 and they were nothing serious, just typical teen relationships that ended fast and turned out to be because the guy was only interested in the way i look. I'm afraid i won't ever find a guy who can love me for me because all they ever seem to think i'm worth is sex just for how i look but i'm actually a really affectionate, passionate, kind, forgiving, fun girl with an amazing sense of humor that i feel no guy will ever get to experience because they all come up to me in perverted ways that makes me walk away or have to tell them i'm not interested. I just want to find a guy who won't immediately just want sex with me and that will want to devote his heart to me and can think i'm worth time and taking it slow and become my friend and we can fall in love with each other the sweet way. I honestly am starting to believe this is so much to ask for but if i had this guy i'd give him all of me. I'd do sweet things for him, play video games with him, i'm not into nagging at all, i'm so laid back and i pretty much have the personality of a man other than the fact that i like girly things too. Will i EVER find the right guy who will appreciate that good things take time and love me like he never thought he could love a person? I'm just so over these horny jerks and i want a relationship to distract me from family problems and someone i can talk to.

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  • My mom is crazy, i don't know how to deal with this?

    I'm a 16 year old female. My mom is 50, she had breast cancer when i was 9 and survived but ever since then she's been completely crazy but only towards me. She's so nice to my sister, they can talk about anything together and always side together. But she's so mean to me. She always overreacts towards everything i do and nags at me for any possible thing, not about homework because im a good student and don't do drugs, go to parties, im a virgin and dont have a boyfriend and i always get my work done for school on time. She nags at me for the most irrelevant stupid things, literally anything she can think of she will nag about. She tries to pity herself and tell me i treat her like crap because i give her attitude but that's only because she's so rude and annoying and acts as if she hates me and would do anything for my older sister, who did drugs and slept around when she was my age, any day. She doesn't even nag at her about anything and she's a 22 year old who works at condom shack part time and is in college who still doesn't know what she wants to be and will probably move out when my parents die and she sells the house to buy her own place. I'm sick right now and i'm in a really crappy mood obviously, and she started yelling at me that my dinner's ready and i said okay i'll come when im done changing and she kept screaming and i said okay how many times and finally i said shut up and she just barged into my room and slammed the door open right into me and now i have a big scrape on my arm and she started beating me and screaming "why do you hate me?". I honestly don't know what to do, i feel like SHE hates me and would kill me if she could. She has no self control, she almost broke my finger and didn't stop herself from doing so i had to push her away really hard to get her to stop bending my fingers in directions they shouldn't be bent. When i fight with my sister i still have the decency to make sure i don't do anything really stupid to seriously hurt her but my mom isn't like that at all. I honestly believe i do hate her but i keep forgiving her without her even apologizing and telling her how much i love her. I really don't know what to do, i feel like people can treat me like **** and be lunatics to me and i'll just forget about it the next day and start new. i hate it.

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  • Can i go to school with a sinus infection?

    my doctor prescribed me clindamycin pills which are strong and have to be taken with lots of food/water and a side effect is diarrhea with white stuff in it. my left ear is plugged and hurts a LOT and my nose/throat have a smell/taste of something similar to vomit and my right eye has like whiteish stuff oozing out. i'm in high school so it's hard to miss school, but do you think i will be able to go tomorrow? or after tomorrow?

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  • My nose, ears, and throat feel weird!!?

    I've had a cough for about a month now. Today i woke up with a strange, bitter smell of vomit in my nose and i have not been vomiting. The smell is deep in my sinus and won't go away, my snot is greenish/yellow/clear and i've been coughing up weird chunks of phlegm. Also, when i cough the smell/taste is even stronger. This evening my ear started getting plugged and feels like i have a very strong pulling type pressure in my ear and is getting worse and hurts A LOT, especially when i burp. my throat also hurts but definitely is not bothering me at all compared to my nose and ear problems. please help, it's my 16th birthday today and i feel like absolute crap and i haven't been this sick in years!

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  • When is the latin fest for 2012?

    I know it's in Toronto at Canada's Wonderland but i don't know what the date is? do they set up the date later since it's in the summer or what because i can't find it anywhere!

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  • At what age can i start to workout intensely?

    I'm turning 16 in a month, and i'm female. I want to know at what age it is healthiest to begin to really start working out intensely to build muscle. I don't want to be as intense as a body builder, but i want to work out to achieve something like this: which i know would take very hard work and i know that working out can stunt growth which i have no intention of doing.


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  • I need a workout plan?

    I am 16, female, 5'7 and weigh 135 measurements are 34D-26-40. I have 3lb dumbbells and 10lb dumbbells and i need a good workout plan for at home. I eat approx. 1800 calories a day, my goal is a body like Melyssa Ford. Can anyone help me out? I want basically bigger, stronger legs, a bigger and harder butt and a smaller and harder waist. I do eat healthy so i do not need a diet plan as i already have one. I just need a workout plan that won't take more than 1 hour and that will be effective and i can do at home.

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  • What will 3 sets of 10 reps of squats with 10 lbs get me?

    I'm a 16 year old female and i'm trying to gain muscle in my legs and butt. I know i'm still kinda young to be doing intense workouts but i really want to build a body like Melyssa Ford. I already have a similar body shape to hers, i am 5'7, 135 lbs, measurements are 34D-26-40. Basically i want to make my waist more toned, build big thighs & calves, and a bigger, harder butt. Currently, my workout is:

    3 sets of 10 reps of squats with 10 lbs

    6 sets of 10 reps of lunges with 10 lbs

    i workout every second day and i eat around 1800 calories a day, mostly healthy foods.

    i dont know much about working out, i only have 10 lb dumbbells and 3 lb dumbbells at home and i can't really afford to get a membership at the gym so does anyone know any other exercises i can add or things i can change to help achieve my goal faster?

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  • My mom might die soon, what do i do?

    It's new years eve and my mom just told me this might be her last new years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago and they removed both her breasts and her ovaries and they said she's clear from cancer but cancer is tricky and can come back and so the doctors said she could live 3 years more or many years until she's an old lady. I dont want to see my mom die i'm only 15 and i feel so bad. i want to kill myself just so i don't have to see her die i dont know what to do someone help please

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  • Can i use N.Y.C. bronzing powder as a foundation..?

    okay so my skin is extremely pale (NC25 pale) and my friend who is like NC45 or something wants me to do her makeup but she forgot her foundation and i obviously wouldn't have her color so i was wondering if i could use the nyc bronzing powder in sunny as a foundation for her? it's matte, and i wont be using much since her skins practically perfect but would this look nice?

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  • I keep having huge fights with my family..please help?

    im not gonna talk about every single fight ive had since i was born because that would take 15 years to write about. but just a few minutes ago, we finished a fight that was about i dont even know what. my dad was bothering me and i threw a chocolate bar 'at him' but i wasnt aiming for him i just threw it cos i was mad and it hit the cupboard window and didnt do anything to the window. not even a scratch, then he went crazy and whipped it at my sore arm then everyone just went crazy and i found myself in the corner being whipped by that thing you put under your heal to help your shoe slip on easier, and i feel like my parents just HATE me. like any chance they get theyll seize to start beating me up and making me cry. my mom always swears at me and says stuff like i wish you were never born and my dad only provokes me and bothers me more when i ask him kindly to stop and finds it amusing. my sister acts like a stage mom and if i ever ask my mom for something my sister comes in and says NO YOU CANT.. i dont know what to do. i dont even feel like i have a family, i thought family was people who care about you and help you through your hard times but all my family does is mock me, make fun of me, hit me, and give me harder times. i dont know what to do, a few years ago my mom told my school i had a 'problem' and i was forced to go to the guidance counsellor and listen to him ask me why im so 'mean' to my mother. she favors my sister over me and the 3 of them seem so happy then theres me. please help? i honestly dont know whether to think im crazy and this is nothing even though i know people go through a lot worse but i dont think that makes this right, or to actually ask for help from someone. i feel like such a screwed up kid because of my family never being a family.

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  • What do i do about this?

    i'm so unhappy. it's my first year in highschool and i made new friends but they're not that close, my only close friends have been close for a while before highschool. but all of them are treating me different, one girl teases me alot and it bothers me and i try to be nice about it but she used to be the sweetest girl to me. she still is to everyone else but me now, and i was never rude to her infact i was always the kindest i could be to her and all the rest of my friends. another one was my friend since we were babies and i dont know what to say about that because i have no idea whats going on, i guess we're just drifting. the next one was depressed and i would always be the first to ask her whats wrong, when she cries in front of me i hug her and give it my all to comfort her, im so nice to her and she treats me like a bag of **** most of the time. when i asked why she said i was being treated the way i deserve to be, and i know this may seem like im being a bad friend but i dont realize but trust me im NOT and now she talks to people she barely knows about her problems and not me and we still hang out all the time, talk all the time, etc. she recently got a new best friend who used to be so nice to me and almost kissed my *** and now shes so rude to me and argues with me about EVERYTHING and i just think like if you disagree with a friend theres freedom of speech but you dont have to be so rude you should say it in a kind way. those were my 4 best friends and now i dont feel like i have anyone to talk to, no one cares, if i try to talk to my mom she yells at me and tells me just to stop talking to them. who am i gonna talk to i'm nothing without them and now they seem to not like me at all the way theyre treating me. i feel like im being taken for advantage but what kind of mean selfish person would do that? ive been nothing but nice to these girls and they dont appreciate me AT ALL. i know my parents care about me but i need someone who cares about me who i can talk to and i know will try to help me the way i try to help them. this became a really big problem in my life this year, because i've been not going to school because i feel so down and not motivated, i feel like crying every second, i feel like next im gonna become suicidal. please help i dont want to do something stupid to myself but i dont know what else to do to make people notice because talking isnt enough these days. if i tell my friends about my problems they just say oh and continue what they were doing almost as if i were trying to tell a really bad joke :( please tell me what i should do.

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