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  • How fast can someone pay off 55k in loans with 66k salary?

    How fast can an individual with no wife/girlfriend and kids and a $1500 monthly rent pay off 55k in loans with a annually base salary of 66k? Think I can do it in a year? Is it possible if I live below my means and just spend all my money on loans (also I’ll be doing a lot of overtime so I will probably make around 80k annually most likely if not more)

    7 AnswersFinancial Aid1 week ago
  • Can I still contribute to my Roth IRA for 2020?

    When I first opened my Roth IRA this year (couple weeks ago) I could contribute to both 2019 and 2020. I contributed to my 2019 because I only had about 2 weeks left. Now I don’t see the option to contribute to the year 2020. Am I still able to contribute to my Roth IRA for the year 2020 and I just have to wait a few months or was it one or the other in terms of 2019 and 2020? 

    I use M1 finance by the way. 

    9 AnswersPersonal Finance4 weeks ago
  • What do you guys have inside your Roth IRA? ?

    I’m just curious... I have... 

    1) Vanguard S&P 500 ETF

    2) iShares Core S&P 500 ETF

    3) SPDR S&P 500 ETF trust 

    4) Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index ETF

    what about you guys? And what do you think of these index funds that I have? 

    3 AnswersInvesting4 weeks ago
  • Closing a credit card bad? Or am I wrong?

    I was told by a banker that if I close one credit card that I can lose credit from doing that? But why would I not do that if I get a new credit card based on my new credit score? I no longer need the old one so why would I not close it? 

    Or am I supposed to close the credit card and take the hit to my credit knowing my credit score will bounce back? 

    4 AnswersCredit1 month ago
  • Is this how a Roth IRA work? Seems to be confusing?

    I currently have 2000 dollars in my Roth IRA on M1 finance but I wanted to buy some stocks. It keeps asking me to use the 2000 dollars (that’s in my Roth IRA) to buy the stocks. But if I do that, then that means the money will leave my Roth IRA, no? Is that how it work?

    Essentially, are you able to use the money inside the Roth IRA to buy stocks instead of just let it sit there? (Is that what you’re supposed to do?)

    Like... I max out my Roth IRA with 6000 for the year of 2020 and use all 6000 to buy index funds. Is my Roth IRA still maxes out for the year 2020 or since I bought the index funds for all 6000 I need to max it out again? 

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  • How do I get a Youku vip membership? ?

    I can’t watch certain videos on Youku because they are locked and I need a vip membership. I’m trying to get a membership but everything is in god damn Chinese. Page does not translate everything into English unfortunately. Does anyone know a way around this? 

    Languages2 months ago
  • Why were cops Who shot rayshard brooks charged?

    There’s video footage of this man beating up and attacking two police officers single handed lay, stealing a taser from one of the cops and then shooting the cop with the taser as he runs away but when the cop shot the criminal the cop is charged with murder? Why? 

    8 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police2 months ago
  • Why do fruit leave a bad taste in my mouth?

    Why when I eat fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, etc I have a bad taste in my mouth. The taste is so bad that I gag and I feel like I have to throw up. Of course when I do go to throw up nothing comes up but I always gag and make the noise and I have to rush to the bathroom to gurgle my mouth with listerine and brush my teeth with toothpaste to get rid of the feeling. 

    Why is this? Anyone else have this? Is this called something?

    1 AnswerDental2 months ago
  • Becoming a police officer a bad idea these days?

    Is becoming a police officer a bad idea these days? I have a chance to go through the academy starting July 1st but I may actually turn it down ... it doesn’t seem like it will be worth it in terms of pay, job moral or how citizens treat you when doing your job. Although that may just be the media portraying the worst parts of the job, I’m not sure but with all the protests going on every single cop is now being demonized for everything. Not sure if the job is worth taking... joining the NYPD or LAPD seems like a death sentence 

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police2 months ago
  • Have I ever been convicted of a misdemeanor?

    I was caught speeding and with no insurance so I received a speeding ticket. Since I had no insurance my license was suspended and I was caught later driving with a suspended license so I had to go to court and did 40 hours community service and by next week my license was reinstated. 

    I WAS NEVER ARRESTED, MY CAR WAS NEVER TOWED. I was simply told to go to court which I did. 

    Does this mean I wasnt convicted of a misdemeanor since I was never arrested?  

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 months ago
  • Vanguards or M1 Finance for Roth IRA? ?

    Who would you guys choose to go with when investing in a Roth IRA? I want to go with M1 Finance because it’s much more beginner friendly and easy to look at whereas vanguards is not... however, vanguards has been around much longer and I’d be scared if I lose all my investments if M1 Finance were to go under 10 or 15 years from now 

    2 AnswersInvesting2 months ago
  • Can I put my stocks that I have with Robinhood into my vanguards ROTH IRA account?

    I just got a Roth IRA and I realized I can put all kinds of stuff in my Roth IRA. I did not know this before and I have tons of stocks through the Robinhood app. Am I able to transfer the stocks I got through Robinhood into my vanguards Roth IRA account? Or is that not possible?

    Would I have to sell my stocks on Robinhood and then buy them again on vanguard? 

    Or can I somehow connect my Robinhood app with vanguard (I doubt I can do this but was hoping lol because Robinhood is so much easier to use and look at than vanguard) 

    3 AnswersInvesting2 months ago
  • Would you still open up a Roth IRA account at 27?

    At 27 years old would you still open up a roth ira account if you already have a savings account of 1.5% APY? I know better late than never but would it actually be beneficial to put my money elsewhere at this point or is it still worth opening a roth ira account?

    11 AnswersPersonal Finance3 months ago
  • Police letting the riots happen?

    Why are the police allowing the riots in Minneapolis to happen? They should’ve been out firing their weapons at every looter vandalizing the stores and arresting them and this whole “protest” would’ve ended days ago. What is the purpose of letting this happen? Why would the mayor allow it to happen? It doesn’t make any sense?!

    Am I missing something here? Is there a reason why cops aren’t getting involved and putting a stop to all of this? 

    And yes I know a cop killed another black but that doesn’t mean you loot, vandalize and pillage an entire city. Like.... hello? 

    5 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police3 months ago
  • What is the point of investing in stocks without dividends?

    Just started investing into stocks and want to know the reason why people invest in stocks that don't have dividends?

    For instance, I know if you buy the stock at $100 and 5 years later if the stock is $1000 you can make a profit.

    But is that the only reason?

    11 AnswersInvesting3 months ago
  • How does boxing gyms work and sparring work?

    I want to start boxing at a boxing gym and was curious how sparring works? In a jiujitsu gym an instructor teaches you different moves and then you go to open mat to train. The best part is open mat where you train to go and attack each other.

    However, how does that work in a boxing gym? Do I have to wait months until I spar? Am I just hitting the sandbag for hours until I'm called? Do instructors work with you 1 on 1 or in a group or at all? How does this work?

    3 AnswersBoxing3 months ago
  • A simple 1.6% APY savings account or stock investing or both?

    As of right now I put 60% of my income away into a savings account and investing in stocks (money divided evenly). But would it be more beneficial to put it all into investing in stocks rather than a simple savings account with a 1.6% APY? Or should I just keep doing both? 

    Not sure if I’m going about this the right way. 

    Which is better long term? 

    5 AnswersPersonal Finance3 months ago
  • Live in an apartment your whole life versus a house?

    Why is everyone's goal is to live in a house and raise a family? Why not live in an apartment and raise a family?

    Is it bad to go my entire life living in an apartment as opposed to an house? Because I honestly have zero aspirations to buy a house.

    8 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 months ago
  • Police investigator for 15 years can get a job with the feds?

    If a police officer serves as a criminal investigator for 15 years, would they be eligible to work as a criminal investigator for the federal government if they never worked for the federal government before but have more than the expected experience required?

    I'm asking because a lot of federal government jobs are asking for GS13 requirements and such, which would require you to have worked in the federal government before in addition to the experience they want.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 months ago
  • Stomach virus from sweet potato (yam)?

    I had a nasty stomach virus from a sweet potato and was scared to eat another lately but I need to keep my weight up so I wanted to know if I were to overcook it so to speak would it make it impossible to get sick from a sweet potato again? 

    4 AnswersOther - Health3 months ago