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  • Would you give up identifying as white?

    I hear all this "White culture".  During the first world war most people were not "White".  Irish- nope, Germans - nope, most people of German decent were bared from voting, and there were many more.   Even my Dad growing up coming from Hungarian background was called a dirty slav and forced to speak only English in school.  Yet, now society considers him White.  What would happen if we all just rejected being identified as a color?   

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    In Dungeons and Dragons 5e How do you roll play with someone who mid maxes his Character?

        My friend and I have played RPL games for a long time.  I am much more interested in developing an interesting character and want to enjoy the story aspect of the game.  My friend however tries to find was to do the most damage and tries hard to gain advantage throughout the game.

        I've made a Wizard who's wand is the handle of an axe.  He spins it in a dance to cast spells.  He also is an Elf who does not want to harm the environment and fight fights passively.  Making his enemies incapacitated or charmed. 

       My friend plays an assassin Rouge.  Your basic trope of parents being killed and now kills everything in his path.  Every encounter he says; "It's evil kill it". 

        Now that were higher levels, He is giving me the gears for not learning the fire ball spell.   To me that's like asking batman to use a gun.

        Have you had an experience like this?  If so how did you handle it?


  • Is there a difference in feeling secure at night between Men and women?

    Try to remember the last time you walked across a large parking lot in the dark. Did have your keys in your hand or do try to find them when you got to your vehicle?

    Are you male or female?

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  • Trump is ?

    please just fill in the blank with a simple answer of how feel about trump. It would be good to know the country you are from,

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  • Why would they topple a statue of you for?

    Tomorrow you discover some great discovery, idea, cure, or maybe a you saved a lot of people. The government builds a giant statue of you for your achievement.

    Hundred years from now the citizens want it down, and destroyed!

    What are some ideas or you hold today that may not be acceptable in the future?

    ie; I like "The Terminator" movies this would upset A.I. citizens of the future. or I like take long drives, maybe they will say I polluted the planet.

    So what do you think your downfall will be?

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  • Mexico (wall) American or Mexico the 51st state?

    What would be you reaction to a candidate who instead of building a wall, to block out Mexicans out said that they would take steps to join Mexico into the United states?

    I'm sure America could do this democratically. Leaders would become Governors.

    What problems do you see happening in this thought experiment?

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  • A friend of many years is sliding into mental disorder and has accused me of sexual assault. Should I ever speak to her again?

    I have not seen my friend for ten years. Another person phoned me to tell me that she is in a bad way with her schizophrenia and is in the Hospital. I live in a different city so I phoned her long distance. Right away she accuses me of hiding phones in her room and then hangs up. She phones me again to tell me that she is going to sue me for sexual assault and then hangs up.

    She phones me yet again and leaves a message to apologize, saying she was sleep talking.

    She was a good friend for many years when I was young and regarded her as my little sister. She often stayed at my place at night because I worked the graveyard shifts. Her quirky nature turned dangerous when she started fires in my apartment. She would burn pictures of herself because they felt it wasn't her. I took her to the hospital, and then she moved to a group home. Then I moved away. I would talk to her via e-mail or phone once a month, and then we just drifted

    I can not see how I can ever talk to her, or even see her again. I've seen what happens to me when they get falsely accused of this, and it scared me.

    Her parents have passed and she is alone with her illness now. Is there no other option?

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  • What of gift would a Scotish person like from a Canadian?

    I am Traveling to Scotland for a vacation next month. I have never been there before. When ever I go on vacation I usually bring some gifts to give to people that I meet or have helped me get around? I live in Saskatchewan Canada and wonder if the average Scot would prefer; ice win, Saskatoon berry jam, Rough rider hat? maple syrup? Saskatchewan flag pin? or what?

    Do you have any ideas that can fit in a suit case?

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  • Did Mohamed ever get to talk to the Devil?

    Jesus did and told him to shut up and get behind him. Maybe not the shut up part but I can see him saying it; "You ... just shut up and shut up and shut your big mouth, Go get a paint brush if you like red mountains so much.. screw it, I don't even want to see your face... just shut it...".

    Anyways ... did Mohamed ever encounter Satan?

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  • Can Bears eat chocolate?

    I work as a Chef and recently I was asked to donate some food that was to be thrown out for bear bait for some photographers. Usually people wanting bear bait ask for the old deep fryer oil but we have a lot of donuts that we toss at the end of the day that I can set aside.

    They wanted them, but if I give them chocolate donuts will that be a problem for the bears? I know dogs and wolves don't do well with chocolate but how about bears?

    Do bears have any problems digesting chocolate glazed donuts ?

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  • what words get banned in Yahoo answers?

    I just found out the word **** gets Astrix out. Canadians buy **** milk instead of whole milk and we are **** Sapiens. ridiculous.

    Are there any other words that are in everyday polite conversation that get this treatment?

    Please use the word in a sentence so I might at least guess what it is.

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  • Atheists, what would it take for you to believe in something you can not see, but has and effect on others?

    This is not a faith based question but a food safe handling question.

    I work in a very large kitchen where are many immigrant workers and I am the minority but in charge of a section.

    I am trying to get these people to change there habits and practice safe food handling. They leave raw food for hours on counters, thaw frozen pork loins in hot water, chopping meat and vegetables on the same cutting board. I tell them again and again. I get angry, and they just take it out of my sight or blame the next guy. It is so frustrating! I had a talk with several and I do understand why they are like this, but do not agree.

    They do not believe in bacteria! Since they can not see bacteria, they never believe they get sick from it, and they don't see anyone being affected by it. If a customer ever complains they got sick, they all figure that person is just trying to get something for free. They just think it is me making work life hard on them because I am bossy white guy. They are truly are non believers of germs. There is no evidence I can show them that proves that what they are doing can make people sick. Maybe not them or there friends but maybe a small child or and elderly person.

    So if you truly do not believe in something, is there anything that may get you to change your mind,or a least maybe just change your point of view?

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  • Why is has word "Retard" become such a taboo word?

    When I was growing up my public school was a couple blocks from another school that was for kids the were retarded. We were often told to treat these kids with respect and not be afraid of them. After school alot of us would mix and play 4 ssquare or hockey.

    In Canada we have highway signs that say "the use of engine Retard brakes is prohibited"

    In French it means late or held back. Words that have Latin or French origins are never considered bad.

    When, why, and where did this word become Taboo? If it is only because it's been used to insult people by ignorant people then there are so many words that should be added to the (one letter)-word vocabulary. Like "Fat".

    What takes a word from being an adjective to being sociably unacceptable to even utter?

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  • What's up with my Venus fly trap plant?

    I bought a Venus fly trap and give it distilled water. It seems to catch fruit flies. I keep it in the window facing North.

    The problem is the pant seems to flourish one week, almost growing out of the container. The next week it withers. The traps turn black. The next week it flourishes. What is getting it stressed?

    The container is small. How much space does it need. Can I feed it anything? Fish food?

    When is the dormant state ?

    I live in Canada so there won't be too much natural light soon.

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  • Don't stand, don't stand so, dont stand so close to me?

    I am a 45 and work as as Chef in a large university. I am not handsome and never was. I have a beautiful girlfriend.

    Problem is there is a girl, a very Pritty Muslim that is falling me around. I been naive about this sort of thing even agreed to teach her guitar. When she is next to me she stands a bit too close, and she let's her hijabi fall (head scarf)

    What are some success stories for maintaining a friendship and holding that boundary?

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  • How can I win the battle of socks in the bedroom ?

    I love my girl friend but there is an issue brewing. She wears these gorgeous stockings to bed but when I come in she tells me I have to take off my socks.

    Her stockings or leggings are nice, some have nice art work on them like peacocks and cranes on them. She says she paid quite a bit for them in Italy and Egypt. She looks real good in them too.

    When I come in she tells me to take mine off though! Mine are quite nifty though. I like the fact they are brown so they never look dirty and they have nice green diamonds on the side. They have a little man swinging a golf club. I may not of gotten mine in some foreign land but I must of paid a fare chunk of change because they came in a big box from Costco, a couple of years back.

    Please help, I am a tall guy and my feet get cold cause they stick out. She is calling me a farmer and is worried that I am going to wear my boots to bed (how she figured that you only the devil knows)

    How can I win this battle of socks in the bedroom?

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  • What car would you steal?

    My girlfriend is writing a novel and would like to know .... So your a young guy living in Toronto or some big city like that and you want to go on a joy ride. What car would you look to steal? Nothing to over the top but a good fun expensive car that your going to trash. What would it be?

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  • Does higher octane effect mileage?

    I am thinking that if I use a higher octane level that I get more distance between fill ups. Some people tell me that this bunk, and some say it only effects the millage at high speeds. Do any of you fine yahoo answer people know the truth? Is it a waste of money, or is getting higher octane the smart choice?

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  • who is Nicki Minaj's nemesis?

    I was listening to my Daughters music and I noticed that a lot of Nicki's music is seems to be calling out some one that in her songs she refers to as simply "You"

    When Alanis Morissette said "you" in the song "you otta know" she was directing her anger at Dave Coulier. Stevie Nixs directed her songs at Lindsey Buckingham, or so that what I've been told.

    Does anyone know who Nicki is mad at, or where this anger is coming from or is directed at?