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  • In love with my best friend?

    He's a year older than me and he's going off to college in a month and a half. It just kind of hit me how much I truly care about him, and how it may be as more than a friend. I don't think he feels the same way. How do I get over him before it gets serious?

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  • Guys, what turn you on?

    Little things a girl can do to cause that sexual tension, like biting their lips, twirling their hair, etc. The more the better!!

    Thank you!

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  • Do you think Miley Cyrus was attractive pre-haircut?

    I was told I look like her by a guy before her new 'do and wanted to know if it was a good thing haha.


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  • His true feelings or was he just drunk?

    Last night I was at my friends house and around 11 this guy drunk calls me and starts telling me I'm a b i t c hand a tease, f you, etc. His words were slurred and when he started texting me it was mostly unreadable.

    I had liked him earlier in the year and I thought he had liked me too but nothing ever happened. The only reason I can think of why he said this is because I would flirt with other guys when he was around to make him jealous, but nothing farther.

    Does he actually think this of me or was he just incoherently drunk?

    Thank you!

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  • Should I tell her parents?

    My friend admitted to me she is bulimic a few weeks ago. I have tried to get her to talk to someone, but she refuses because she does not want her parents finding out. She has told me she hasn't done it since she told me but she has been known to lie in the past. She always tells me that she can stop whenever she wants to.

    Should I tell a counsler at school who will have to tell her parents? I don't want to lose her friendship, she is my best friend, but I don't know what to do.

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  • Songs about sexual tension?

    Or anything along the lines of two people wanting each other.

    I'll take all suggestions, thanks!

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  • Grammar help for essay?

    This is my introduction for my final essay in a class. Could somebody please double check it for any grammatical errors? I am most concerned with the second paragraph, it does not sound right to me. Thank you so much!!!!

    "A Universe of Obligation is an intangible set of rings all spiraling around the center object, presumably the possessor. The closer the rings are to the center, the more responsible the possessor feels of it. The exceptional thing about a universe of obligation is that each one is unique, although many share similar rings and their proximity to the center. The closest rings are normally defined as loved ones or God. A universe of obligation causes people to act toward those who fill their lives with love because their love proves to the possessor that they have a purpose in life."

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  • Boys, are nose studs attractive?

    I was considering getting a small pink stud piercing in my left nostril. Just wondering, would boys find this as hot or a total turnoff?

    I'm a freshmen in high school.

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  • Friendzone or flirting? ?

    My guy friend asked me a question over text and when i answered it he texted back "Thanks again you're the best." It was just a question about a time to show was he flirting or just being friendly? Thanks!

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  • He said I look like Miley Cyrus...?

    I had just met this guy through a mutial friend and after talking for a few minutes he said "You look exactly like Miley Cyrus!"

    Is this a compliment, insult, or just pointing something out.

    He still calls me Miley sometimes :)

    PS- I've only gotten this once before.

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  • Would it be weird to chat my crush?

    I don't talk to him ever, but we knew each other in 7th grade and haven't talked sense. I see him in the hallways sometimes and i know he see's me but thats it. I want to get to know him boys or girl, would you find it weird if someone randomly chatted you on facebook?

    And any suggestions on conversation topics would be nice too :)

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  • Boys, is blushing a turnoff?

    I blush ALL the time whether I actually feel embarrassd or not. When someone says something, when I see my crush, etc. it's a never ending problem! People acknowledge it a lot too, making me blush even more from embarrasment!

    My question is if a girl always blushed when you were around/talked to you, would you find it a turnoff and creepy? Or would you think it was cute?

    Thank you so much! 10 points best answer!

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  • How can I stop being so nervous around my crush?! ?

    No matter what I always blush when he's around and my voice gets really high and I embarrass myself throughly!

    Like today I was talking to my friend and she was trying to help me with spanish pronuciations that I could not get. In front of us were my crush and his friends. One of his friends over heard me and commented on it, and my crush looked over at me and I felt my face grow hot and I started blabbering in a really high dramatic voice and ugh!!

    Later I look back on these moments and can I act normal around him? Thank you so much!

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  • How can I get more reviewers on my fanfiction story?

    I'm writing a Harry Potter fanfiction about Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy. In the past on my stories, I've gotten 100+ reviews but in this story, I've only gotten 9 in four chapters :(

    Any tips??

    Thanks so much!

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  • Is this a good sign?? ?

    My crush texted me after we were chatting on facebook asking if I would want to study with him before school tomorrow for the final next week. He has friends in our class but he asked only me to go in early with this a good sign? Ten points to most helpful answer :) thanks

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  • Breaking the ice: we both recognize each other but pretend we don't?

    Long story short, this guy and I had a short fling a while back. Now I see him in the hallways sometimes and we make eye contact (not just a glance, I can tell he looks at me for longer than a secod) but we don't talk. Should I break the ice? And how?

    Also- today I saw him in the hallway and I know he saw me too (I saw him looking). Then he ran into a few people and walked past his classroom and had to turn around again. Is this a sign he was distracted by me?

    Thank you!

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  • Songs about not getting over a guy?

    Hi, I'm can't really get over this guy and I was wondering if anyone knew any good songs about this topic. The thing is is that my brain wants to get over him...but my heart is the complete opposite :D

    So any songs suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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  • Honest opinion's wanted: do you think he likes in me?

    So there is this boy in my english class, and he's a sophmore while I'm a freshman (he didn't have time for the class in his schedule last year). On the second day of school we sat next to each other (he sat down next to me) and we compared answers for a worksheet (he started thr conversation). Since then, I've kind of developed a crush on him. I want a second opinion on if he likes me or not, so could you give your perspective of what you think? :) Here is what has happened significantly so far:

    -I find him looking at me sometimes, or casually looking around in my direction a LOT. In lunch, our tables were next to each other and he did both. When I walk into class I see him look at me.

    -He was partners with Jack, the guy who sits in front of me, for a project and he said "I'm coming over!" and made the kid next to Jack move even though the spot next to him was empty.

    -After everyone was done with the project, he started talking to my neighbor but kept glancing at me

    -Yesterday my friends wrote on my face for a class and dared me to keep it on. I walked into english and no one really acknowledged it. Then his twin brother walked in and gave me a weird look. He and the guy I like sit on the opposite side of the room and I saw his twin say something to him sitting down. Then the guy I like turned and shouted across the room, smiling "You realize you've got marker on your face right?"

    Those are just the significant things. So do you think he's at least interested? Is it all in my head? I'll except any answer and I thank anyone in advance for giving your honest opinion!

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  • How do teenage guys flirt? 10 points best answer?

    How do you know if they are interested?

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