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  • What do I need to know before starting a fitness journey?


    I'm 22. It's the pandemic and I don't have access to gym and I'm still finishing thesis.

    According to my BMI, I'm obese and also pear shaped obese. I'm scared of having sedentary diseases. I need guidance. I'm not making money yet but I really do want to start properly.

    Diet & Fitness1 month ago
  • Can anyone provide advice on working out from home? No gym, No equipment, ?

    I don't want to get injured. I also want to do it PROPERLY. I'm not looking for a shortcut. I really want to train. I'm scared of developing diseases because of sedentary life. I'm also a student at home finishing dissertation. Thanks guys.

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness1 month ago
  • How do we veer away from Eurocentric ideas of history?

    If you know of books that gives a more balanced view of history or an alternative view of history, please link below or suggest below. Thanks

    Honestly, I'm so frustrated because I'm well aware most of the books we have a Eurocentric not that I'm anti-European, I just want to avail a more balanced view. Thanks.

    6 AnswersHistory2 months ago
  • Can you provide a simpler definition of metaphysics without using the dictionary?

    For some reason, the dictionary meaning for me is still too vague. I need a simpler definition. (I am assuming almighty humans with much confidence can put up with this challenge. Thanks.

    6 AnswersPhilosophy2 months ago
  • Why do philosophers use highfaluting language?

    I remember one scholar explain that the use of highfaluting language was like scientist using scientific terms.

    I think I have prejudice with science given that science and mathematics was vividly explained more than subjects like language and social studies. I assume that maybe if we were trained with language and social studies with the same level of eagerness for science and mathematics, maybe I would not have to look for a reason for highfaluting language.

    But personally, I think the comparison between science and philosophical terms (though ironic that im treating them separately) is that for science at least terminologies can be explained with straightforward with demonstrations unlike philosophy where post-modernist use words like 'specificity', 'historicity', 'deconstruction, 'there is no outside text', 'differance', 'difference', 'deference' where this words are so vaguely explained that it becomes intimidating for many people.

    I'm biased but I really want to understand it even though I'm skeptical about it. Thank you to whoever is willing to answer my question.

    Honestly, I'm assuming that maybe I'm not that bright to understand it or that they wrote an idea which needs revisiting and editing (like first draft but they were too tired to edit a child friendly (10 year old) to simply understand even if it will take a long reading.

    But if I'm the problem, I hope someone would be generous enough to share their intelligence (oh mighty one).

    4 AnswersPhilosophy2 months ago
  • What does Derrida mean by "there is no outside text"? (explain without using nominalizations)?

    How can you explain this to a 10 year old?

    This is the challenge.

    Thank you :)

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay2 months ago
  • How does one overcome Xenophobia?

    I think that xenophobia is also present even with people who are the victims of xenophobia?

    generally, how do we combat it? and what is the difference between xenophobia and racism? (extra question)

    Thank you for your answers.

    3 AnswersRamadan2 months ago
  • Besides education and awareness, how can we impact and disrupt the colorism and racism especially in Asia, Africa and South America.?

    I have observed that people always say that we have to talk about the issue of colorism and racism. However, I want to know what other outlets that I or we can all take part that is not polarizing.

    How can we materialize the change in ourselves and others when it comes to color and other indigenous features that are deemed by many societies as ugly. Not only from the colonized perspective but also from a historical obsession over lighter skin.

    Please enlighten me! What can I do from within and without, CONCRETELY!

    Although, explanation about colorism and racism can also be a reply. I'm very interested with your perspective on this even if you're prejudiced.


    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture2 months ago
  • Why do I prefer believing in fallacies?

    Ever since I went to college, I became very pessimistic about the world to the point that I became melancholic and frustrated. But now I'm trying to revive my religious and spiritual self and this has given comfort and now I'm more hopeful and I feel like I am more productive compared from my college years.

    1 AnswerPsychology2 months ago
  • Why do we become paralyzed by the fear of impending humiliation or the fear of the "unknown"?

    I couldn't finish my requirement because I feel like I'm not ready to do it. I felt like I needed more rice to eat before I am able to finish my final requirement. I feel so overwhelmed.

    1 AnswerPsychology2 months ago
  • Why am I cynical of helping others or fighting for causes?

    I know that I have good intentions but I am also conscious of other unintended consequences of being helpful and being principled. I feel like I'm so superficial, egoistic, and self-centered. Can I remove this feeling of malice in service? I hate myself for knowing the reward of service. How do I serve without being conscious of its reward. I don't want service to be like a high.

    Although, I know what it felt like to be the one being served. I felt embarrassed that I had to be helped by other people. But, I was also grateful because it helped us and our family financially and economically. And now I have the upper hand, I want to serve but I wish not to make it a drive for my own personal satisfaction. Because I know that is wrong and I hate it that I'm conscious of it. Ughh I'm so frustrated. I know that life is not about me but I cant help it. Anyone who know what I mean? I need your wisdom. Please :(

    2 AnswersPsychology2 months ago