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  • How long should I wait to text him back after he finally contacts me back? New to the dating game after 9 yrs?

    I met this guy online over a month ago. Yes, online. That may not be a good look, but if the man of your dreams could be in another city or state and you'd nvr know it. He lives 2hrs from me and went out on our 1st date going on 2 wks ago. We seemed to have hit it off well. He's a single dad of a 13 year old and I'm a recently divorced mom of a 4 yr old little boy. His son had been staying with the guys mom for the month of June till last week and now he's back home with him. I'm 34 and was w/my ex husband dating/engaged/married for 7yrs. Divorce was finalized in Jan, so I'm back in the after being out so long. He took his son to Florida last Thurs night, 5 nights ago, to see family and go to the beach. He called me the night they were getting ready to go and we had talked every day since early June. Supposed to go out this wkend, he's making the drive to see me again. I sent him 1 text msg to see if they made it safely Friday. I've not heard from him since. I feel like a high school girl or college girl all over again. When he does contact me back, how long should I wait to respond back? Or should I just ignore him all together. Weird that I haven't heard from him and kind of making me a tad bit upset. I'm not going to wait for him. 

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  • My government refund check was mailed to my old address, but my state refund was mailed to my correct address?

    Idk why the stupid IRS mailed both my state and gov refund check to two separate addresses, I changed my mail address which the the IRS over a year ago after my ex husband and I separated. For some reason they sent my state refund to my correct address and my government refund to my house I still own with my ex husband. I was told they sent it out a month ago the same time they sent my state refund. Probably is my ex is Satan, ran me out of our home back in 2018 with our then 2 year old and told his attorney I abandoned my own home when I was getting away from him. He has his new gf living in our home and one of them knows where my check is. How can I get my refund check with my ex husband not admitting he has it? It was tracked to his address. He lies his way out of paper bags it's a shame, he gets away with abusing me and my son and my parents like it's nothing and making threats. The courts say until he actually carries the treat's through is when they can do something.

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  • Should I continue to keep my 3 yr old home or let him go w/ his father and gf?

    I've been out of work for almost a week now due to the covid-19 pandemic and my job closing school for two weeks. I'm usually ready for my break every other week when my 3 yr old soon to be 4 yr old goes to see his dad, my ex husband and his new gf, but I have had him at home all week with me and I'm scared to let him around his dad who works in the hospitals & gets coughed on by patients (even got sick twice while we were married was sick as a dog from patients coughing on him) and his gf works as a nurse as well. I don't knw her schedule or if she works on the weekends, so to be on the safe side, I told my ex I would just keep our son home with me this weekend so he won't be exposed to his or his gf's possible germs from work. He took it the wrong way & he & his gf are lashing out at me. He's abusive towards me and that's why we're no longer together. He thinks I don't want our son around his gf, but like I said I really want a brk this weekend, but my ex isn't responsible the least bit. Our son is potty trained, but is too lazy to put underwear on him that I send him so he puts him in pullups still, he (our son)fell down the stairs back in the summer and he failed to tell me, so our son & my ex father in law told me. He had a huge knot on his head for 2 months. He drove off & left him at the fire station during his last visitation drop off & my son was standing there screaming & crying. He was being an @$$ & wouldn't drive him to my car and left him @ the entrance.

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  • Can reoccurring dreams possibly mean anything especially of you've been having them for over 4 1/2 years?

    A guy I grew up w/ on my street constantly comes in my dreams more than enough & we're always together as in a couple. He told me in real life when I was 6 and he was 8 that he was gonna marry me one day. We've nvr dated. I'm divorced now and he couldn't stand my bf who I later married & told me he wasnt for me (he knew something I didn't).we grew up like cousins, parents very close and his big sis and my big bro were a yr apart in age. He moved away after 9/11 when we were in high school when his dad died of a heart attack. He's moved back and owns his parents home in our old neighborhood. He's so shy around me now that we're adults. He's not dating anyone and neither am I. My cousin thinks & has been thinking for yrs he & I are supposed to be together. He finally acknowledges my 3 yr old by mt ex husband now and he nvr did while I was married. He told me he was trying to protect me from my ex who was my bf at the time bc something about him wasn't right. He was so right and I wish I would've listened. Is he still single for a reason? We talk every now & then & I don't live too far from the old neighborhood I grew up in where he still lives. I know my parents, bro, aunts n uncles n cousins would all approve of him because they remember him (and his fam) from the past 30 something yrs. I am attracted to him. Ever since my bro told me he had a dream that he was under murky water while his friend was missing in real life only to be found dead under murky water makes me wonder.

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  • How to not be bothered by my narcissist ex husband or his new gf as far as him bragging about how much better she is than I am?

    My ex husband who put me through hell starting 2 years after we were married when I was 8 mnths pregnant w/ our 1st child and it all spiraled down hill from there. I finally got us out even though his attorney said I abandoned my home bc I got myself and my son who was two at the time of last summer of 2018 out of harms way when he followed me into the garage and opened his trunk to get his bat and told me he was gonna beat the ish out of me. I went home to my parents. We're still there w/ my parents until he finally moves out our house we still have 2gether in march. He's bragging every chance he gets about his new gf who he said "treats him like royalty" to my dad and is beautiful and smarter than I am and doesn't work with special needs children and has a "real job". He never liked me working as an EC Teacher for some reason. A 10 month position to him isn't a real job even if you're a teacher. Anyway my son is 3 now and is talking about how he sleeps in the bed with daddy n brittany when he's with him for visitation and how brittany takes him horseback riding. My ex takes pride in saying "haha everything you wanted us to do as a family, I'm now doing with Brittany. I really was interested in doing all those things, I just didnt want to do them with u". He told me he'd let me meet her and now he's not because he knows I have a lot of dirt on the person he is that he hasn't exhibited yet. He exhibited his personality eventually in front of all my friends and fam.

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  • Is Empire ending due to Jussie Smollett being fired?

    I can't believe this is the last season of Empire. I still remember watching the first episode back in Jan 2015 after returning from the gym on a Wednesday night and I remember seeing the previews for months and I kept thinking I wasn't gonna be interested in it even though my husband at the time kept saying "I know you're gonna watch that show". I just knew it would be a hit show and last longer than just 4 years (I know it'll almost be 5 years in 2 weeks when the finale ends, but it'll still be 2019 and it premiered in early 2015, so 2015 to 2019 is 4 yrs ago). I know it lost a lot of viewers after Jussie's character, Jamal, was written off. Like I said, I just knew this show was gonna last 5 years or more.

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  • What's the point in taking prenatal vitamins that specializes in eye health if your child by age 2 has sight problems?

    My son is now 3 1/2 and since he was 2 my ex husband and my parents have all noticed that his left eye looked lazy and then we noticed it in his right eye and let his pediatrician know right away. He has gaze asymmetry and is near sighted. He was seen and diagnosed back in June w/ gaze asymmetry and nearsightedness and we were told to make sure he gets plenty of sunlight to help his vision in order to keep him from wearing glasses at such  an early age. He's my first and only child and I tried to go by the book and do everything right while I was pregnant with him down to the prenatal vitamins I took to make sure he would be healthy and the brand I took all through my pregnancy said it specialized in bone health brain development in eyesight. Was it only while I was pregnant with him that it helped his eyesight and the first two years and then after that is eyesight get mad and he develops asymmetry gaze? It breaks my heart at night time sometimes when he looks at me and it looks like he's not looking right at me. It's not very noticeable except at night time when he gets sleepy but still I feel so bad it is eyes look like that. Are prenatal vitamins even worth it when it comes to having to take them for being pregnant? Over 3 and a half years later, I am so put out with that prenatal vitamin company. I feel like I damaged his eyes by taking those vitamins when I thought I was doing everything by the book to produce a healthy child.

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  • Having a nice looking man who treats you like ish vs a not so nice looking guy who treats you like gold?

    My ex husband and father of my 3 year old son treated us like ish. He didn't show any signs until I was 36 wks pregnant and he threatened to throw a bar stool at me. He was very nice looking until inner ugly became his outer ugly. He wanted to kill my parents 2 yrs ago on his bday while they were babysitting our son. We've been divorced for over a yr now. He still hasn't moved on in the dating game, but I have. A guy i just started seeing has really no good looks about him, but he's nice and has a good job as a state trooper, he's 2 yrs younger than me (that's another thing, I like men my age or older I'm 33 and he's turning 31 nxt week). Like I said he isnt much to look at, he's only 5'5 and Im 5'3 and I don't want to introduce him to my parents or anyone in my fam and of course not my son. Looks wise, he's a big step dwn from my ex, but we have more in common than my ex and I did when we 1st met. My family, my dad's side can be very critical in a joking way and I can hear someone say if we ever get married don't have any kids with him or I can picture them making fun behind his back. I'm not as embarrassed to introduce him to my parents as I am my older bro and aunts, uncles, n cousins. My ex would have a field day if he saw him. I know beauty is only skin deep.

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  • Only having your stomach done during lipo suction will it make you look disproportioned? Going to Sono Bello?

    I'm due to have my c section pooch removed at Sono Bello this coming tuesday. I was supposed to have the love handles around my waist done as well, but can't afford it right now. The consultant told me I'd look disproportioned if I didn't get my waste done too. The surgeon laughed it off when I asked him and asked if I could walk backwards if I was so concerned. I've been working on my love handles I have through exercises and I have noticed they are tightening up. Has anyone had success at Sono Bello?

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  • Having lipo suction to get rid of layers of fat from my c section from 3 years ago? Pls no smart remarks? I'm about to break down?

    My son was born 3 years ago, May 3 2016. I had to have an emergency c section which left this awful layer of numb fat skin that hangs over my stomach. I also have a diastasis recti now from my pregnancy with him. I noticed after getting back in tje gym months after having him my fat wasn't going away. My arms had gotten bigger after i had him as well as my arms. I had a few love handles and a smaller bra bulge but not like i do now. My husband began bashing me saying i couldn't even have a baby right bc I had a fever andhad to be rushed in for an emergency c sec. He only became more n more abusive during my pregnancy n after he was born. My divorce will be finalized this Thurs. Anyway,I'm having lipo suction since the fat isnt going anywhere on its own and just gonna keep working on my back and arms on my own. My stomach weighs me down literally and I can't run after my son without this fat slapping my thighs. Will my body look at normal if I have a flat stomach but have love handles and fat arms? I'm thinking about not having the procedure at all even though it will fix my stomach. I just don't want to regret it and look worse than I do now.

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  • Is a 3 yr old still considered a baby? I have a 3 yr old son who my parents baby?

    He turned 3 in early may and we're living w/ my parents while I'm going through my divorce. I also work w/ 3 year olds through out the year and for the summer and only a few of them are as babied as he is and most teachers want them to be independent and a few will baby them. My parents refuse to let me discipline MY son for continuing to scream in their house. They say "don't you do that to that baby (or my mom will call him her baby)". We get into arguments and I tell them he's a toddler now and if you don't discipline him he's not going to learn and when my bro and I were that age we didn't act like that. My brother even considers him a baby as much as he doesn't like to baby children he treats him like a baby. I know he's not 5, but he's not in a crib or using a bottle anymore or eating baby food out the jar, so to me he's a toddler. What age do you consider a child not a baby anymore?

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  • How to remove food from a cavity hole? This is bothering me to know end and I don't go to the dentist till next week. Pls no rude answers?

    I have a cavity on my upper back tooth. It builds up food and of course it smells. I've researched to know end on how to remove food from there. I know my fam is tired of the loud clicking noise I make w/ my tongue trying to suck food out of the cavity hole. I brush twice or sometimes 3x a day, I floss, use plackers, and the little bristle things that look like tooth picks with bristles and they work only a little. Floss and the plackers don't help and the tooth bristles work until they start to bend. I've tried rinsing with mouthwash and peroixide..nothing helps. I go to the dentist to get it looked at on July 11th. They aren't gonna actually do the procedure then. Someone has to know od some way I can remove this food from this hole in the meantime.

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  • Not feeling as attached to your child anymore after a divorce? Idk if it's because I'm now single and doing everything on my own when we..?

    My husband and I are going through an awful divorce. We have a 3 yr old son, but now I feel like I'm not as attached to him as I use to be. My husband and I both planned on having a child and he began absuing me after we had been married 2 years and I was pregnant 8 months and he started flipping out his mind. I feel somewhat cheated like we were supposed to be a family and raise him together. Now I'm doing it all on my own and he sees my husband every other weekend. I love my little one so much, but I feel like I have the world on my shoulders and can't enjoy him like I did when I was still married w/ help from my husband. I did suffer from chronic post partum anxiety that started after an argument we had 3 days after we brought our son home that lasted 3 1/2 months, but that ended 3 years ago and I've had a tight connection and bond w/ our son since my PPA ended and had one the whole 1st wk he was born until the ppa started.

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  • Does pregnancy brain ever go away or does it turn into "mommy brain" what my friend calls it? Is this normal?

    My son is now 3 as of last month. Since I was pregnant with him starting in Aug of 2015 even till now my memory became not as good as what it use to as far as remembering someone's name. It had only been two months back in aug 2015 and I was only like 4 wks pregnant and I couldn't remember my coworkers names from my job (I work in the school system so we're off for the summer) . that's not me at all. I'm always quick to remember someone's name. After I had my son I had chronic severe postpartum anxiety that lasted 3 1/2 months. That's all gone away, he's 3 know, but I still feel like my memory isn't as it use to be or don't feel like my old self like b4 I had my son. My marriage came to an end last year, but I don't think that has anything to do w/ my mind or me not feeling like i did b4 I had my son. Is it normal to feel different after having children like ur now a different person or u have a new life or something and the memory thing, is any of this normal?

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  • How much weight is it possible to lose if you cut out soda for 3 wks for a woman who is 33 yrs old, 5 ft 3, 215 lbs? No smart remarks pls?

    My metabolism quickly changed as soon as I hit 30 and I had my first born and only child 6 days after my 30th birthday. I had a c section so it left a pooch of numb fat at the bottom of my stomach on top of that I started to gain a lot of weight in my arms n shoulder area and I always had skinny arms n shoulders and I always thought it made my head look big as a teenager not knowing one day I'd regret having bigger arms n shoulders from weight gain. For the past 3 yrs since I hit my 30s I can not lose weight like I want. My husband fat bashed me to know end 1 yr after having our son and said I needed to get my extra fat from my csection removed , but he still wanted more children so i couldn't have the procedure to remove it only for it to come back if we had more kids. We're divorced now and I find a reason to drink a soda every day. I was 150 in 2010 and stopped drinking them and worked out for an hr every day for 4 months n lost 30 lbs. I'm 215 now and have been since my obgyn told me that's the lb I needed to be to have my baby. Shouldn't hve listened cuz 3 yrs l8r I'm the same weight. Last year I went 2 wks with no soda, had already changed my eating habits and was walking 1 mile every day, Iost no weight and was so upset n went back to sodas. My metabolism is even slower than it was in my 20s. I'm bck working out at the gym everyday, drinking a detox fruit infusion water every day,clean eating, but can't put the soda down in fear I won't see results again like last yr.

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  • Do you think couples who post pics of themselves every day on social media are really as happy as they seem or are they covering up or?

    My classmate from elementary-high school is very wealthy now and she and her husband have a huge home and she nvr misses and opportunity to post her big home and pics of her 2 daughters, out buying them expensive things, on vacations almost every wkend and non stop pics of she and her succesful husband. Its almost sickening. She brags about the life they live and it looks like they are living the good life. She has a personal trainer, she and her husband attend top notch parties. Do you think ppl who post vids and pics like this are really happy or are they just showing off or could they really not be that happy. I'm married but legally separated. I am happy though that I'm no longer in that marriage, being a homeowner of a nice 4 bedrom house meant nothing to me if I was being abused. My 3 yr old son makes me happy enough and the thought of starting my (our) life over.

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  • How to clean the Real Technique products make up palette? Mine is caked in makeup and can't remove it?

    I bought the Real Technique makeup remover set from Ulta and used it once last week for the 1st time and 1, dont think it cleaned all the makeup out of my brushes and I watched the online tutorial, but my brushes still had makeup in them and it didn't tell you how to clean the palette. Using water doesn't help. Ive tried rubbing alcohol, anti bacterial wipes and it won't come off the palette. My next step is to use bleach. I'm of darker skin (African amercian) so my make up is darker and hard to come out. Please help!

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  • How to get a behavioral needs (just isn't being disciplined at home) student to listen and almost basically fear you? This is killing me?

    We've had a great yr in our pre-k & the devil decides to show up at the end of the school year. I've gotten compliments from the Exceptional needs dept on how well I work with my other one on one students who have all moved on to other states this yr. A new student from NJ just started last wk & he's a disaster. I've nvr been bit to the point I bleed by anyone or urinated on. This child is out of control. The dean of students accused me of yanking him, but other adults in the class said I didn't yank him, I followed proper protocol with trying to stand him up. The dean of students who is friends w/the principal who's never spoken to me to just this week or even knew my name (swear to God) told the principal and the principal has already been taken downtown on by several staff memebers for being a bully and she's cried in staff meetings wanting to know who would do such a thing forcing ppl to talk and confess. Anyway, principal took dean of students word for it. Now dean of students along w the new boy's mom n gma witnessed him in action through our 3 way mirror yesterday and they said they've nvr seen him behave like that. The dean of students shut her mouth & said nothing cuz she felt stupid not beliving me & the teacher & regular assistant how he beats us & the students & they wont let us do anything about it. Mom n gma said they were sorry & embarrassed & when they saw him pee on the floor they wanted to bust through the glass & stop him. Theresaschoolthatcaterstokidslike.

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  • If you drink a soda, but double your water intake that day does that beat out the soda you drank as far as removing those calories?

    I drink three 40 ounce bottles (out of my water thermos that holds 40 ounces of water) of water a day. If I do drink a soda, it's at work and it's a can of mountain dew, but today it was a bottle of mountain dew with more calories than a can has. I'm on spring break from my job and cheated on my no soda no bread diet i had going this week by drinking the bottle of soda. Does drinking more water than soda help any like flush out the calories or anything?

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  • Could I really like this guy or am I just lonely since my legal separation? Pls no smart remarks? How do I try to befriend him out of work?

    My husband was (is) an abusive bastard and we have been legally separated since July, 9 months now and we have a 2 year old soon to be 3 yr old son next month. I work as Personal needs assistant at an elementary school. I'm 32 turning 33 in 3 wks and there's this permanent substitute that's been there for two months now that I've gotten to know just a little, but nothing major.When we have talked I've found out that he and his wife are legally separated, his wife accuses him and has accused him in the past of beating her and lies to the court on him to get extra child support $. He works two jobs, one is a 12 hr shift position, he's in school, and he subs to make ends meet for his children that are with his wife.I wasn't attracted to him at all when I first met him, but he's so sweet with the children and this is pre-k and I think it's just the sweetest thing how he is with them, but he comes to work tired from working his other job and going to school. Now that I've gotten to talk to him, he seems so much more mature (and he's older) than my husband. He just turned 41 3 wks ago and came to work that day.I'm shy, but when I start to like a guy I can get chatty and I don't want him to think I'm into him in anyway. He's tall, has a nice built. He's probably too busy to hang (not date yet because he's still legally married til next month and I'm still legally married til july).I saw he has a fb page but that would be so obvious that I'm into him and he may not even like me.

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