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I'm just some guy...I love to talk to almost anyone about almost anything... By the way, I have tremendous respect for other people and their opinions, so please don't be put off by my answers; I just try to be either funny or helpful, depending on the question...I have a lot of Internet friends, and I'm always open to finding more...

  • I thought this was funny?

    A guy comes home from work and tells his wife "I heard that our mailman is having an affair with every woman on our street except one!"

    His wife replies "Oh, I bet it's that snooty Mrs Jones..."

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  • Here's a joke I thought was pretty funny?

    Two guys were out hunting when the first guy grabs his chest and keels over! The second guy calls 911 on his cell phone and yells "My friend just died of a heart attack!" The operator says "Calm down sir, the first thing we need to do is to make sure he's really dead" The guy says "Okay, just a second"... The operator is hears a gunshot over the phone, then the guy comes back on, saying "Okay, now what?"

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