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  • Where's a good place to by thigh high socks (not stockings)?

    I would like to by some thigh high socks for the winter because I currently only have one pair, but I'm having a very hard time finding some. Does any one know a good place (praferably online) that sells a large variety? Also please note that it's very important that they're socks not stockings. stockings are much thinner and because of the material they're made out provide no warmth, but sometimes websites will refer to thigh high stockings as socks, so don't send me a link to something just because it says they're socks if you're not sure they are.

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  • is there a website that calculates the cheapest trip between destinations from different travel options?

    basically I'm wondering if there is a site that will compare the price of different travel options so you can find the best overall trip. like I know there are plenty of websites that will compare different flight prices, but are there any that also factor in options like trains and buses as well so that you can compare all you're travel options at once so you can find which trip will be cheapest/ most convenient. I'm trying to plan a trip to visit my boyfriend, but I don't have a car right now and I don't have a ton of money to spend. it's difficult to figure out what my best option is when I have to keep bouncing around to different sites.

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  • magnamagic peel and stick magnetic chalkboard?

    I found this website that sells peel and stick magnetic chalkboard and I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea how well the product works, particularly whether or not the peel and stick part of it will damage walls. I know the site says it installs with no damage because you just have to peel and stick, but will it remove with no damage? and if I remove it from a wall can it be reused? I'm considering getting some to decorate my dorm room, but I need to be sure it won't damage the walls first and I'm having trouble finding information on this product.

    Also if you don't know about this specific brand but know of a similar product that works well let me know, just note that I'm more interested in the fact that it's magnetic than the fact that it's a chalkboard. I'm well aware there are plenty of good peel and stick chalkboards but what I really want is a magnet board and the chalkboard part of this product is just a nice bonus.

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  • ways to reduce the overall severity of cramps (don't answer if you haven't dealt with very severe cramps)?

    ok this is going to be a long question and I apologize in advance for the wall of text, but please read all of it. there is a lot of information I need you to know

    I have very severe cramps during my period and just so you understand exactly what I mean by that, if I don't take anything for them, it hurts to the point where I am curled up into a ball, crying my eyes out, feeling extremely nauseous, and digging my fingernails into my skin or punching myself hard in the leg in attempts to try and distract from the pain of the cramps. By cramps have slowly been getting worse since the time I first got my period until they have reach this point, and really I think they are continuing to get worse since I used to only get cramps on the first day of my period but now I get them on the second day too (though thankfully they aren't nearly as bad, at least not yet). I used to be able to take just 2 Motrin for my cramps, and then I had to take 3, and then that stopped working. I've tried taking things like Pamprin, which also worked for a little while and then my cramps became too bad for it to handle. I've even taken some of my sister left over prescription naproxin (which to be clear she used to take because she had cramps like mine so while I probably shouldn't have it's not that bad, my mom was even the one who gave it to me) which worked pretty well, but on occasion it wouldn't work right and for some reason my doctor doesn't want to prescribe me any even though she did prescribe it for my sister. Not to mention it would put me right to sleep and effectively make me useless for the day, which is a problem since the reason I'm asking this is because I go to culinary school and I can't afford to be missing my culinary labs once a month due to cramps.

    Now, I have found a cramp medicine that works, however there are some big draw backs to it and I'm also afraid it's starting to be less effective. It's an herbal medicine called Ease Tonic. The problem with it is, is that it works great, if I take it exactly when my period starts I won't get cramps at all or just barely. But It doesn't work at all if I take it ealier that day, and if I were to wait just a little bit, say 20-30mins after my period starts to take it, it will take 1-2 hours or even a little longer to start working. This is a problem, because I don't know if I'd even be allowed to take my medicine during labs and even if I can depending on what I'm cooking I won't necessarily be able to just stop and take my medicine then. and I definitely wouldn't be able to continue if my cramps started.

    So with all that in mind I have a few questions. 1. is there anything I can do on a regluar basis to reduce the severity of my cramps? like things I could eat or excericise, things like that, that if I did everyday, or at certain times in my cycle, would lessen the cramps I get. (note I can't take birth control. it makes me extremely emotional and depressed so don't suggest it) 2. do you know of any cramp medicines or herbal supliments that help cramps that will still work if I take them before my period? keep in mind what I've already said works and hasn't worked for me. 3. Is it possible I have some sort of medical condition? the cramps I get clearly aren't the normal cramps most women get and they just keep getting worse. should I talk to my doctor again about it? I'll also note here that my period is pretty abnormally heavy, like I'll use the overnight pads and still on the first few days I'll have to change my pad every 2-3 hours.

    again I'm sorry that was so long and your help is greatly aprreciated.

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  • when you buy something through paypal what shows up on your debit card history.?

    I don't mean the history on my paypal account, but I mean the payment history on my debit card when I log into my online banking account. normally when I purchase things with my debit card it will show up just as the name of the company like if I bought a ticket from Amtrak it shows up in my history as Amtrak.

    But If I purchase something through paypal will it show up just as paypal or as paypal followed by the company name? I've gotten varying answers when searching this and I'd really like to know. Also if it shows up as paypal plus the company name is there a way to set it to show up just as paypal?

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  • cheap microwave-refrigerator?

    so I live in a college dorm and our college allows us to rent a microwave-refrigerator, from the microfridge company. However I switched rooms and the room I'm in now opted out of renting it. The company is no longer offering rentals to my school since they already came to pick them up so my only option now is to buy. So far microfridge has the cheapest option I've found, but it's still more than I really want to pay (around $470 including shipping). so I was wondering if there are any cheaper options out there. It has to be a combination microwave refridgerator because I'm not allowed to have a microwave otherwise and if it's not a combination the fridge size we are allowed to have is small (which is stupid but those are the rules). don't tell me to get them separate and hide them it's not worth the hassle or the risk.

  • when you buy from lingerie diva what shows up on you're credit card bill?

    basically I'm just wondering if they use a more discreet name or not, because I know some companies do, and, since I'm a college student and my parents still monitor some of my finances, I don't want to buy from them if they're going to know about it.

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  • how do you remove gorilla glue from skin?

    I was working with the glue and got some on my hands. I did what the back of the package said and immediately washed my hands with soap and water, but I guess the glue had already started to dry and it didn't all come off despite scrubbing very hard. I've also tried using nail polish remover but it didn't help. It's a bit uncomfortable to have on your skin so if anyone knows what to do please help

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  • what can you do with pogo tokens?

    I know that use used to be able to use tokens to buy tickets for prize drawings, but they seem to have changed how you enter prize drawings and you don't use your tokens anymore. Is there anything else you can use tokens for? I already know you can use them to buy stuff for your mini, but I mean is there anything actually useful you can do with them?

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  • when I'm on facebook I show up as offline to my friends and I can't chat with anyone.?

    the problem is pretty much exactly what it says. when I try to open up facebook chat none of my friends show up and I appear offline to my friends how do I fix this?

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  • how do I make my picture thumbnails show up?

    I took my computer in to get a virus removed and now that I have it back all of my pictures are showing the same icon instead of their thumbnails. someone told me that you just have to go to view and select thumbnail, but when I'm in my pictures and go to view the only options are tiles, details, list, and small-extra large icons. is there anyway to reset it to show the thumbnails? I use my picture quite frequently and I need to be able to see the thumbnails so I know what file I am selecting.

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  • where do you start when looking for colleges?

    I'm about to start my junior year in high school and I need to start looking at colleges. However I have no clue where to start. I know that I don't want to go to a huge college (though at this point I don't know how big is too big). Also I'm considering pursuing a career in architecture, and while I'm not sure if that's really what I want to do, I know I want to be able to do something that requires some artistic ability. so how exactly should I go about my college search? does anyone know any good sites that I could use to search through a large number of colleges? I've tried to find a site like this, but most that I've found are really hard to navigate unless you already know more or less what college you want.

    Also I've been toying with the idea of going to culinary school instead of college and I've had just as much trouble looking at them. so if anyone knows any good sites to help me look at culinary schools that would also be a big help.

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  • what adobe photoshop is the best value?

    I'm planing to buy one of the adobe photoshop programs or one of the other adobe art programs. I know none of them are exactly cheap, but I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money either, since I need to by a new tablet as well. though I don't necessarily want to by the cheapest of the programs either. so I'm wondering which of the programs is the best value for the money you spend. and please tell me why you think this product is of the best value. don't just tell me photoshop CS2 and give me no other information because that isn't helpful

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  • anyone know any good art programs?

    anyone know any good art programs that are fairly cheap. right now I'm using photoImpact and GIMP 2 but neither are exactly what I want. I'm aware that most of the really good programs are really expensive, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on a new one so if you know any that are free or cheap that I could try out that would be great.

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  • searching homes by mls number?

    I was wondering if anyone knows any websites you can use to search for homes by mls number. my family is looking at houses in South carolina and I found a nice looking house but I want to see if I can find it on another site because there aren't a lot of pictures and I think there were some typos in it. Don't tell me to use because that's the site I used to begin with. and I'm not contacting the realtor. I'll leave that stuff up to my mom I just want to see if I get a better look at the house from another website.

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  • denim overall shorts?

    I'm going to an anime convention and I'm cosplaying as sora form kaleido star ( here is a picture for Reference ) does anyone know a website/store I can find overalls like that? so far I've the only ones I've found aren't right or are way too expensive. I'd prefer to find ones that are already the right length, but if there a bit too long I can always cut them.

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • what kind of paper are playing cards printed on?

    I want to make my own playing cards and I'd like to know what kind of paper would be good to print them on.

    5 AnswersHobbies & Crafts1 decade ago
  • how do you make plastic jewelry?

    I want to know how to make jewelry like the stuff on this site It's handmade and made out of some hard glossy plastic. I was wondering if anyone had any idea how it is made.

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  • how to get rid of period cramps?

    ok I get really horrible cramps during my period. It gets so bad sometimes that I feel like I'm going to throw up. I used to take motrin for it but after a while that stopped working for me. so I started taking naproxin (one of the strongest proscription cramp medicines) but now my cramps have gotten so bad that that barely helps. I use heating pads which helps but I'm still in a lot of pain most of the time. does anyone know anything that might help ease the pain?

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  • writing ideas

    I'm working on a story and I know pretty much what I want to write next, but I can't figure out how to write it. I can picture what happens in my head but I have trouble putting words to it. I keep thinking of different ways I could write it, but I can never just pick one and start writing. any ideas on how I can get my ideas out.

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