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  • How can I play an old school DOS game that I have on CD on my xp system?

    I have this game I used to love to play called Master of Magic. I cant get it to run. Keeps saying too little memory or something like that. I mean, I cant even remember DOS commands anymore.

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  • I need a recommendation for a video card that will run unreal tournament III.?

    Years ago I used to play Unreal 2004. Not a hardcore gamer but finally got around to buying Unreal 3. My XP sys has all minimum requirements but needs better video support, minimum Nvidia 6200 or ATI radeon 9600. I would like someone to recommend better than that but not too expensive(i.e. give best bang for the buck), maybe best place to buy if you have one. slots are PCI-e 16x, PCI-e 1x. Processor is single core Celeron 2.6G, but fits minimum specs. 1G ram.

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  • The more I read of Nietschze, the more I like, however....?

    I really dislike that Prussian Teutonic superiority he seasoned a lot of his writings with. Mixed in with all of that, I find numerous pearls of wisdom that are very enlightening for me. I was wondering if anyone else felt the same, or just post your own opinion on him no matter what you think, in the spirit of good discussion.

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