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  • Suddenly overnight lethargy in dogs?

    My dog threw up yesterday and lost her appetite which thought she just ate something or stomach bug but yesterday she was acting normal other then not wanting food (which usually gone next day when it has happened but in general she doesn t get sick..) but today she was lethargic which was concerning and still hasn t eaten and now won t get up or cant... She has had water and will be taking her to the vet first thing in the mourning.. but what could this be? She honestly went down hill just within the day... before yestrrday she was a happy dog doing tricks, eating, going for walks and playing.

    3 AnswersDogs3 years ago
  • Rolled ankle and doesn t hurt?

    I heard a loud snap sound but didn t feel a thing but felt a hot sensation and it started swelling.. any reason why? I wrapped it up like I would a twisted ankle just incase and icing it.

    3 AnswersInjuries3 years ago
  • Dressing up pets?

    If you dress up dogs and the dogs enjoy it why not? I m not talking dogs wearing clothing 24/7 or clothing that will make them over heat.. like just few hours for fun.

    I dress my dogs up for halloween and My older dog gets so excited about it as she knows it means kids are coming soon. She also wears sun glasses in summer for walks because she likes the attention they get her. She walks normally with head high plus there booties that they need in -40 weather.

    Is it really that cruel? They play and romp all the time and are large dogs

    4 AnswersDogs4 years ago
  • What do you do when your bored out of your mind?

    Got case of insomnia and hate staring at ceiling.. any online webcomics, fanfics, watt pad stories ,tv shows, movies, anything realy. Stupid stuff or hobbies or what you do when bored... or any one want to be email pen pals?

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  • What music do your birds like?

    I tend to play an hour of music for my finches each day and wondering if anyone had any music to suggest to play.

    3 AnswersBirds4 years ago
  • How to stop a dog from barking?

    I have a dog I adopted about a year ago and anytime someone new comes inside or hes crated he will non stop bark for hours. Its driving me and my mom crazy! Its the secound we put him in to go out or cant watch him for a few minutes, he goes in no problem but once you leave the room he will bark and loud. It doesnt matter if hes got his bone or kong. He even eats in there so its not like its a bad place for him...

    Ive tried ignoring (he will still go on for hours), spray bottle (he likes it), shaking bottle full of pebbles, banging on the door to the room where his crate is, telling him to be quiet, yelling at him bad/no, grabbing his muzzle telling him no ( he ends up trying to push his way out), telling him to lie down, tell him no supper if barks (he quiets sometimes), banging lightely on crate.

    He gets at least 2-3 hours of exercise and most of the time free with me. He gets 30 minutes-1 hour training daily

    7 AnswersDogs4 years ago
  • Ways to exercise/games a high energy dog?

    I have a high energy dog,I already take him for 30-60 minute walk daily (if it's like -30 it's only half hour walk). And I play fetch, disc with him daily. But I want ideas for more games and stuff.

    Ideas for indoor stuff would help too when it's too cold or muddy to play outside. Like doggy push ups and stuff.

    3 AnswersDogs5 years ago
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    Can owl finch live with zebra finch?

    I'm trying to get my little zebra a friend and don't want to breed so plan on getting a male finch..

    I was intrested in owl finches and wondering how they get along. I rescued the little bird who was in a small cage with only couple branches and a dirty mirror it couldn't even see in.. I just got the little guy a new cage that's 36.25 length, 25 inches wide and 54.5 inches tall.

    I got him a nest, a big swing, 2 multi branched perches, a new mirror with bells to play with on it, a cement/sand perch and little nesting material box thing that he can pull nesting stuff out of. Also now he has a cuttlefish bone and millet spray which he hadn't been getting. He gets to listen to jazz for an hour each day since he likes that music and flight time out of his cage.

    So I'm wondering if be good idea to add a owl finch to the mix.. I only plan to have the 2 birds in the cage..

    Also what other birds/finches would you suggest to go with my zebra. Also plan on buying a bath for him soon.

    2 AnswersBirds5 years ago
  • How bad do gerbils smell?

    I have been thinking about getting back into rodents again, as I miss having a fluff ball around... I have had dwarf hamsters in the past they stunk even when cleaned cage weekly and used vinegar to clean. My mom doesn't want any rodents again because of the smell, but I heard gerbils don't smell or that bad is this true?

    I have geckos (crested and leopard) and know there odorless at least to me, are they as odorless as a gecko or do they smell slightly more?

    Also I mean cage wise not just the animal itself. like I don't want a musky or ammonia smell in the room that's noticeable.

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  • What size fish tank is this?

    36 x 34 x 22

    5 AnswersFish5 years ago
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    Are these African dwarf frog eggs?

    Just got new tank for betta and got two African dwarf frogs and noticed this yesterday is it frog eggs or old food?

    Feed freezer dried brine shrimp omega one and betta omega one

    1 AnswerFish5 years ago
  • 5 gallon big enough?

    With heater, filter, and weekly water changes.

    1 betta, 1-2 dwarf frogs and couple ghost that big enough

    4 AnswersFish5 years ago
  • Vegetarian or vegan recipe's?

    Any supper\dinner recipes that don't have tofu, egg plant or chunks of tomato or peppers. Also don't care for sweet potato much or eggs

    I like spicy foods, Indian, Chinese, japenease, asain or simple foods like creamy or pastas. I like kale, spinach, broccoli (my favorite) , colliflower, green beans, snap peas, brossol sprouts, carrots, potato's, pasta, beans, lentils and stuff like that.

    I'd like to stay away from dairy, eggs or fish as much as possible but still will eat it. Haven't been vegetarian or should I say Pescetarianism though don't eat a lot of fish but I find of rasn out of foods and kind of bored of the foods been eating so like some new recipe's.

    4 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan5 years ago
  • Is bush's best baked beans vegetarian?

    I know that they have a vegatarain version but what about the honey, maple, and brown sugar hickory? They have no meat or meat products listed.. so aren't they vegatarain also..

    3 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan5 years ago
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    What plant is this?

    Got from second hand store and think it's an aloe vera but not sure and want to know so know how to care for it.

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape5 years ago
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    who else has been seeing 11:11 or 1:11?

    I've been seeing 11 's everywhere for past month everyday I will always catch/glance at clock at 11:11 pm 11:11am 1:11pm and if up late 1:11am I at least catch 3 out of 4 of these times but mostly see all 4 within a day. Rest of the time I see 11 minutes past an hour. So time/clock wise I see 11s 4-5 times a day.

    Like its very weird I will be walking down the stairs in school and someone in front of me will be texting I'll glance at them when passing them and the time in the split secound will end in 11.

    I'll watch a video on YouTube and the comment amount is 111 and veiws on a video in the suggestion starts with 11 or 111.

    Watching TV and glance at show coming up and it will see 11.

    The pictures I was going to add about 11 in the picture are jpg that starts in 111 and other ends in 11

    1 AnswerMythology & Folklore5 years ago
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    what breed of dog could he be?

    He looks like a malanois akita mix to me but curious what others thought. He still a puppy with some puppy teeth. He is around 6-8months old 51 pounds. He defentntly has the energy of a mal though XD.

    1 AnswerDogs6 years ago