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  • How do you get your husband to be on the same page with you?

    My dad had a stroke. It really broke me. My whole family lives thousands of miles away with him. I miss them so much and want to move back home to be near them and to help take care of him, but my husband doesnt want to move there. He doesnt like the state, the climate, and is afraid he wont find a stable job. We have been suffering financially here for years and I really believe we will have great opportunities and possibilities if we move. Especially now since we dont have kids. But he wont budge. How do I convince him to at least consider the idea of moving and without nagging/pressuring/arguing with him?

    P.S. My husband is a great man, who has shown me love and comfort through this difficult time in my life, but sometimes he doesnt realize how selfish and stubborn he can be.

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  • How do i talk to my husband about this?

    Hes not a big communicator. But then again.. what men are? I want to talk our issues out, but everytime i even begin with one sentence.. he just sighs and says he thinks im over reacting and that theres nothing wrong or that im at fault. In a marriage, it never a two way street.. we should be heading on the same path together, we should be on the same page. But we dont see eye to eye, which is obviously common in marriage.

    Our latest issue, which seems to happen more then often is, he doesnt seem to put any effort into acknowleding me.

    he comes home from work and doesnt greet me with a hello, kiss, hug, how are you, hows your day.

    he doesnt have a sex drive as much anymore, i'm usually one to iniate it first.

    we still have sex, but maybe less than 2x a week, sadly.

    he doesn't like public display of affection, i'm not saying for him to stick his tongue down my throat, but at least hold my hand.

    he shows zero affection, and when he does, its like once in a blue moon with him. we used to grope each other, have spooning/cuddle sessions. always touching, never taking our hands off one another.

    i look back to those good old days, so much changes after you get married, honeymoon stage never lasts. i never expected it too, but the whole point in marriage is to keep the flame burning, not let your passion/love for each other die out.

    sad part is, we are not even close to our 2nd anniversary.. most couples still go strong. i know every marriage will have its ups and downs, its never perfect, it is NO fairytale. Its hard work, that i strongly believe BOTH partners should compromise in, yet i feel alone in it, like the only one trying.

    i still take care of myself, i work, i cook, i clean, i pleasure my husband, i greet him when he comes home. But why cant he do more for me? put in more effort? what can i do to tell him how it makes me feel without sounding naggy, how to get him to be more understanding and leave him wanting more of me? And please no rude comments. XO

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  • How can I talk to my manager about this issue?

    I am new. I'm slightly dislexic or however u spell it. I was assigned a position in retail which I enjoy, but when it comes to working the register.. I am very slow at learning it amd always have been with others jobs and due to that, in my past retail jobs they have always just told me that if I dont feel comfortable with it then I can do the usual things I do throughout my job but dont have to work the register. Which I admired the fact that they cared about my needs. Now at this new job, Im afraid to approach the subject about how I dont want to work the register because im slow and would slow down the pace of other employees and even customers during working the register, how can I tell them?

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  • It seems hard to stay strong spiritually?

    When dating or being married. I am married, christian and married to a christian but I think because hes not spiritually strong and where he needs to be with God makes it harder to stay strong myself spiritually because its hard being around ppl that r not strong. what to do? sorry if it makes no sense

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  • Master Cleanse questions?

    Im thinking about doing it again for maybe 10 days, but I'll just do as many days as my body can handle which will probably be less than 10 days. My last one was 5 days and I lost 6lbs. How much did you lose? How long did you go for? Any tips to be strong throughout the journey?

    p.s. This is for cleansing my body to jump start a healthy diet and exercise routine. This is not purely for weighloss, so keep all your rude comments to yourself. I need serious answers only. Thank u!

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  • How do you make yourself stop over thinking/over analyzing things? ?

    It could be anything in life, but what do you do to teach yourself to stop thinking so much? Any tips, encouragement, advice would be greatly appreciated... :)

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  • Are we supposed to be specific when repenting of our sins?

    I always have been, just of bad things Ive either said or done, thought or reacted. Is that a good thing? Or is it pointless even being so thourough? Is it best to just leave it as plain and simple as "lord, forgive me for my sins" and voila? I prefer confessing my wrong doings so that I can be forgiven.

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  • JCPenney employment questions?

    Do they wear uniforms/nametags?

    How many hours a day on average do part-timers get?

    Is pay day weekly or by-weekly?

    What day of the week is their pay day?

    I would just ask them myself, but dont want to come off sounding like a picky new employee, so if u know the answers that would be greattttt!

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  • I CHEATED on my diet?

    I cheated on my master cleanse diet on day 5. I went out on a date with my husband and had a delicious wrap with sweet potato fries at a restaurant. Also it isnt exactly 'unhealthy' I know its still not ok to be eating during this detox. But whenever I get headaches I usually opt for a 9 grain piece of toast, is that ok?

    p.s. Only need answers from nice ppl as preferably ppl who have experience with this detox. Thanks and much appreciated!!

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  • I feel guilty and shamed when I judge others?

    Im a christian. I like to always see the good in others, but when they do things to upset you, or you just dont understand their characteristics and lifestyles, it just gets to you. I do accept people just as they are, and have nothing against them, and always treat them the way Id want to be treated. I want to be a good example as a christian. I dont have drama with anyone or anything, but I admit that I do think negatively of them behind their back in mind and when I do.. I seriously dont mean too. I sometimes barely notice it, but when I catch myself I feel so bad and I always repent right away after to God, but what I lack is forgiving myself just as God has forgiven me. How can I stop beating myself up over any sin I commit in general?

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  • Is this considered to be a repetitive prayer to Jesus?

    Sometimes I feel like my short or long prayers are memorized and repetitive because I read in the Bible that if your prayers are like that, then they are nothing but words and meaningless??? I dont mean to memorize it, it has just always worked for me and I mean the words I say. This is how I usually pray by order:

    -repentance of all my sins

    -bring my requests to God to strengthen me to be the woman he fearfully wonderfully made me to be

    -pray for my marriage and my husband

    -bring thanksgiving and praise to the Lord in tongues for all he is and has done

    -pray for the needs of others

    -rebuke the devil with praise and tongues to the Lord

    -close prayer

    My long prayers are usually 40mins to an hour when I have time for an hour of power with my Jesus

    My short prayers are 15,20,30 mins long usually, depends...

    But the quantity doesnt matter to me, its the quality time spent with God that matters and counts to him.

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  • Master Cleanse questions?

    I am 22. 5'2. Weighing at 145lbs. On Day 1 of the master cleanse, was doing very well and then all of a sudden my stomach was growling very loud, that I suspected others could hear from feet away.. Now my mind wasn't hungry, my stomach was. I also had a job interview later that day and had to stop by somewhere to eat really quickly before the interview(i felt that i had no choice because i didnt wat to suffer from embarrassment if my stomach were to growl during my interview) so i had to cheat and the closest place was Mcdonalds. I had a chicken wrap and small fries with a water. I feel horrible for cheating, but Im going to keep going. Would I be ok if i just drink the laxative tea before bed to flush out the food from Mcdonalds???

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