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  • how do actors buy stuff and do some stuff?

    do actors/actresses/celebs shop online,go shopping like regular people or get people to but clothes from do they get they have personal cooks or go to grocery stores and make thier own to actor/celebs manage thier personal buying stuff and spending time with friends and family ....i am curious and i wanna know:)...please put long detailed answers

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  • how do yahoo question get deleted?

    how???? people delete them or yahoo delete them...just curious

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  • i have soo many crushes and need advice now?

    so im in school....and i have usually get a crush on any cute boy,and forget about them 2 weeks later..but there are 4 guys i really like....

    #1 is p...he is cute,my race,smart but stupid,and funny,and good at soccer,

    he makes me laugh ,sometimes stares at me thinking i dont know he is staring at him,and he always tries to eavesdrop me at hr or hall an he thinks i dont know that(that is what i think he is doing bu the might not)

    #2 is c ...he is good at soccer,cute ,funny,talkative,smart for himself ,stupid at times(but he always teases my bfff he likes her,but my bff hates him so)(he is african looks cacuasian tho)(has a twim hot sister)

    ,#3 is g he is a good preformer,good singer,my race,smart,cute,funny and his mom was my teacher,

    (known him for whole life but he dont jnow thAT)

    #4 is i he is good at soccer,funny,stupid,smart very little of the time

    (i like him very much)

  • what are the components needed to be a bollywood actress?

    what do you need to do and look like to be a bollywood actress

    like do you need to be fair skinned,have brown hair etc

    i have very dark brown skin,and is there any way i could have a weatish complexion

    and i want to know when your an actress how do you go shopping when there is paparazzi how do you get groceries and how do you get do you live as an actress and personal life basically????

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  • how to lighten. skin in 2 year time?

    i am an indian girl who has light brown,dark dark brown,tan and brown skin....i have various different ranges of skin colors from light light brown olive to dark dark brown/black....i was born with brown red skin,but i wish to have a" weathish" can i get this within 6 months -3 years time...please i want fair skin(i would love to have white olive skin)...please i want light skin sooooooooooooooo badly....please tell me any remedies that would improve my dull complexion.....i have seen people in real life and the internet who have used safe surgeries,creams and homemade remedies achieve fair skin or "weatish" complexion

    here is how my skin looks:




    but i want a complexion like



    plzz no rude remarks....PLEASE I BEG YOU .....

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  • i want to know about movie and setss and food?

    i want to know when filming a movie where do the actors/actresses stay,how do they get food,how to they pick costumes,how they position cameras....i basically want to know about movie sets,where actors/actresses stay and what they a curious persona and i just wanted to know

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  • how to make a instagram accountt?

    how do u make and instagram account??????....i got the app for the chrome instagram and it says


    To use Instagram for Chrome you must log into Instagram and approve Instagram for Chrome. Click the button below to get started.

    LOGIN is the button and i clicked on it but it says to login,where do i MAKE an make the username and password?????????

    plzz put detailed explanation

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  • my chest stared at all the time ..I need help?

    My boobs are pretty big..naturally,but boys always stare at them even tho i cover them up wear 3 layers and a jacket...i kinda like em with dresses but i don't like people staring at me especially my bf

    how do i get them to stop?

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  • why does my boyfriend like touching my chest?

    i was just wondering...because when ever im talking to him or kissing.hugging him he always does that..and i don't like it

  • how to look lke a pretty indian model/actress because i am very ugly?

    I have very dusky skin like:

    i want to be like:

    i also have a LOT of acne scars on my cheeks and forhead

    i have tiny acne on my forhead and right cheek

    on my left cheek i have 3 LARGE bumps and lots of scars

    i also am 5'0 i want to grow taller atleast 5'7

    i am skinny but have fat thighs soo i need tips

    plzz dont tell me to b happy i used to be very beautiful but then i started to eat lots of junk food not exercise and swim in the sun

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  • how can i be a bollywood heroine and model?/?

    plzzz give me tips and advice

    im very dusky like


    i need fairness tips,how to grow taller tips, and acne/acne scars removal tips

    i also am 5'2

    and i am kinda slim and i havee acne and acne scars soo i know i have to improve my appearance

    thnx love from canada<3 happy valentines day

    pls dont say b happy with ur skin cuz i used to be fair but then i started to swim a lot over summer and i turned dusky but the body parts i covered are very fair sooo i want to even out my tanned skin

    i also dont know much hindhi but i know french german and tamil

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