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  • Ramset gun?

    Can you bring from the US over to Canada a ramset gun?? We are visiting CA and doing some shopping and afterwards flying from LAX to Canada and I would like to know if customs will let us bring over a ramset gun?

    Thank you

    3 AnswersImmigration11 months ago
  • What's the weather like in burbank CA?

    So am wondering what's the weather like in  burbank CA at the end of November, begining of December??

    Can you swim in an outdoor pool?? 


    1 AnswerMovies11 months ago
  • Travel itinerary... Help!?

    So I have an  upcoming 4 1/2 days  trip to LA and I have an event on burbank CA on the 3 day of my trip however I want to explore LA and i am also hoping to get to see the grand canyon. I was kinda thinking to see the Grand Canyon on my first 2 days of my trip and then leave for LA however do you know any cheap way to make that happen. Or Would it be cheaper to arrive to LA and from there go to the Grand Canyon or do I flight directly to the Las Vegas or flagstaff and book a tour with a company to the Grand Canyon. Any suggestions would be very appreciated, if you see any other and better way please share. Thank you.

    3 AnswersLas Vegas12 months ago
  • Burbank or LA city?

    Hey there, am going to LA next month well more specifically Burbank for an event, however I dont know if I should stay for my 4 day trip in Burbank or LA city. What do you recommend. Or is it worth it to split my stay between burbank and LA city? Or just LA and go to Burbank just for my event or is burbank worth exploring. Thank you

    1 AnswerTrivia1 year ago
  • Hugh Jackman tour? The Man the Music the Show.?

    Am going to Hugh Jackman's concert. Does anyone know how long it is? Does it last 2 hours or less??

    Thank you.

    1 AnswerCelebrities1 year ago
  • Travelling to Toronto then to Niagara Falls CA . Help! Transportation?

    Hey there!

    So am arriving to Toronto within a couple of days. I'll be there for pretty much 3 days. We want to visit some places in Toronto for like a day then travel to Niagara Falls. I was thinking visiting Toronto as soon as we get there and when is time to check in to our hotel leave for Niagara Falls since that's where we will be staying for our whole trip. Now I don't really want to rent a car because I want it to be completely stress free for my husband and I, and I want to ride a train (never have, always wanted to) However for the second day I know we're going to have to go to Toronto since we have a thing to go to. But we wont be done till really late and I then we'll have to go back to Niagaras anyhow my question is (FINALLY!) Is there a good way to transport ourselves from and to places to visit and cheap. Is there such a thing in Toronto where you could hire someone for like three days to drive you around, or what's your advice, I know that there is the public transportation however is there other way around that. I would be really interested in getting like a private driver. Please any advice am open to take into consideration whatever. Thank you. I hope am not too confusing.

    Thank you and Blessings

    3 AnswersToronto1 year ago
  • Is Sharp Roku part of Sanyo?? Are they 2 separate brands?

    Trying to buy a smart TV. Person is advertising it as Sharp TV and runs on roku is what they said. However the picture uploaded is of the box and it says Sanyo. Can someone tell me of they are the same brand or are they seperates brands. I was under the impression that they were separate brands.

    Thank you. Blessings

    1 AnswerTVs1 year ago
  • What s this movie called???

    So like a year ago I started watching on YouTube a movie, I didn t finished watching it and I cannot remember the name. So maybe one of you will know it. Thank you in advance...

    So the movie is about a married woman going to either her high school or college reunion. Her husband says that he can t go because he has to work, however he is cheating on her. She goes to the reunion and she reconnects with her best friend, I think they made plans to hang out or maybe not, I can t remember, the next thing I remember is that for some reason the friend sees that the married friend is uploading pictures to her social media account and sees that she has travel abroad, however she knows that her friend is not like that I think she s scare of flying, she starts calling her but no answer, she gets more suspicious when she googles the place her friend says shes in and discover that the picture that has been uploaded has just been copied from Google images and she also sees that the social media updates are made from the town where they re in, not from abroad. She decides to go to her friend s house and sees the husband carrying if i remember correctly a bag, the thing is that he looks suspicious.

    Anyways that s the last thing I remember. Sorry if it sounds confusing but that s all I remember, I hope that one of you knows the movie I really want to watch it.

    Thank you. God Bless you

    2 AnswersMovies2 years ago
  • license class 5 Manitoba. RV s???

    so I have the class 5 license in manitoba. I want to rent an rv but am not sure which kind of rv am allowed to drive. can someone one help me. thank you.

  • where to send schedule A canada immigration?

    so my brother in law received a letter telling him that his wife needed to fill.out and sign a form Schedule A (IMM5669) which they've done already however we're.not sure where to send it to, do we send it to the same address where we sent the application package cpc mississauga PO Box 3000 station A ??

    thank you

    2 AnswersImmigration2 years ago
  • Can I take Motrin 400MG if am Macrobid 100MG for a UTI?

    I have a tooth ache and usually the motrin helps, but right now I have a UTI so am taking the macrobid. My question is can i still take motrin if am taking the macrobid?

    1 AnswerMedicine4 years ago