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  • Peyton Manning? how much longer do you think?

    ok ok ok.... now whether you like this man or not he WILL go down in history as one of the best QB that has ever played the game.... my question to you is... how many years does he have left... i mean its been 10 (or so) years and hes still playing better then ever... so what do you think??? how long does the "sheriff" have in your mind???

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  • do girls only like assholes or what? girls please help me!?

    ok so hears the deal ladies... every girl ive ever gotten close to have just left me out of no where and all of them say that they just see me as a Friend... now im a pretty nice guy i always try and put myself in others shoes before i say anything about them... i care for everyone Friend or stranger.. and honestly have a lot of compassion for people in General... like if there is a storm out or anything like that i always like to know that my girl is ok... and its not fair... i give girls everything i can from just my care to my ears to gifts you know?? well i guess my question it how can i get girls to stop looking at me as a friend and take me seriously in a relationship.... im 19 and only had seriously relationship that lasted only 8 months... and i don't know what to do and honestly im starting to get really depressed over it..... its getting to the point to where i don't even want to leave the house... im slowly dieing on the inside and i need some sort of advice...... ALSO!!!... is anyone else in the same boat as me???

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  • What team has the Best D-Line in NFL? +BQ?

    I think colts.... can't really beat dwight freeny and robert mathis..... not to mention they got jerry hughes what do you think???

    BQ: best O-Line..... colts again in my mind.... but the jets have a really solid line too

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  • What are some good left or right linebackers in the still avalible as a free agent?

    my team is the colts and if i think there is any problem with them it's there outside linebackers all the other positions i can't really complain about not great but ok you kno.....

    so any way if you know ang good avalible linebackers tell me who and who you thinmk would be best for the colts?

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  • What does Pink Floyd and Dale Earnhardt have in common?? Joke?

    Their las big hit was the wall....

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  • Good Rap??? and no not lil wayne -_-''?

    ok so i know the basics but i want to kno more rappers before this new **** happend music like the Wu-tang clan(tha Rza, The Genius A.K.A The Jizah, Inspektah Deck, ODB, Ghost Face Killer, U-God, raekwon the chef, and of coures the method man) , westside connection, tupac, biggie, dre.....

    but i want to kno more rappers like them can you help me out??.... please don't suggest lil wayne, t-pain, or the "birdman"..... -_-''

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  • Rookies in the NFL? who's your favorite? WR? HB?

    ok so for example mines

    WR: Austin Collie.....(From BYU) Colts Starter..... REC: 60 Yards: 676 AVG: 11.3 TD: 7


    Donald Brown... (From Connecticut) Colts 2nd string..... not flashy numbers but he's gonna be good soon.... Rush: 78 Yards: 281 AVG: 3.6 TD: 3... longest run: 45 yards

    now this isn't the best rookies just your favorite rookies.... add some stats if you want

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  • Beastie Boys?? Where they?

    ok so i get they where rapers right but i know there corny but when i see videos of then they just look normal?? is it cause there so white that they just pull it off??? BQ: has there ever been a group of gangster *** people where just chillin on the street and heard this song on the radio and just started rockin out to it?

    this isn't as much as a sirouse question just want to here you what you think

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  • you think she's being selfish? 18+ please GIRLS ONLY PLEASE!!?

    ok so my girlfreind and i are talking and i mentioned that it wasn't fair that i eat her out but she doesn't giive me BJs so im just wondring girls am i being the one that unreasonble or do you think she should pay it back? is there somthing i'm missing here?..... p.s. it's not like i want to eat her out but she asks me to do it... so with that in mind am i still being unreasonable?.......................p.p.s. this isn't a real problem in our relationship but its a annoyance -_-''

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  • My "dream team"... whats yours??? legends allowed?

    prosonal!!! not skill set

    QB: Peyton manning


    1. Edgerrin James

    2. joasph Addai


    1: Marrvin Harrison

    2. Reggie Wayne

    3. Brandon Marshall

    4. Pierre Garcon


    1. BOB SANDERS!!!**

    2. Ed Reed

    Line backers

    1. Gary Bracket

    2. Demarcus Ware

    3. Clint Sessions

    4. Brain Urlacher


    1. derelle revis

    2. Asante Samuel

    Remember just your favorite players not neccesarly the best players

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  • Why do people think Peyton Manning isn't the best in the league?

    Career Stats:

    Pass Attemps: 6,531

    Pass Completions: 4,232

    Completion %: 64.8

    Touchdown/Interceptions: 366-181

    Passing Yards: 50,000

    QB rating: 95.2


    Awards and Achivments...

    10 time pro-bowl selection (1991, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009....WOW!

    5 time First-Team All-Pro selection (2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, and 2009)

    3 time Second-team All-Pro sellction (1991, 2000, and 2006)

    4 time AP NFL MVP (2003, 2004, 2008, 2009)

    All-Time Leader (Colts) in: Wins, Passing Touchdowns, Pass Attemps, Pass Completions, and Passing Yards

    Pro-Bowl MVP (2005)

    Super Bowl MVP (XLI)

    Fastest ever to reach 10,000 yards passing

    Fastest ever to reach 30,000 yards passing

    Fastest ever to reach 50,000 yards passing

    NFL 2000s All-Decade Team


    so i don't know about you but when it comes to skill and not cheating.....ill go with manning over brady any day of the week.... hell make it year

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  • Anyone think that tim tebow would be great for the rams?

    before your answer think about if the team is trying to build around the great RB stephen jackson that would be a great fit for a running team you have a qb that can scrabble run and block thats a great combo in my eyes (i'm a colts fan)

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  • Why do people think if freeny is out that the colts pass rush is dead?

    Don't forget they have robert mathis(6 forced fumbles #1 in nfl) and Brock both of these players are more then capable to get to the quarterback and the saints left side of the o line has struggled in the past and I wouldn't exepect them to fix that problem in 2 weeks lol

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