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  • I have a 99 Dodge Ram 1500 V6. It's been running rough the past few weeks, I'm suspecting the catalytic converter. How can I be sure?

    It feels like it has a misfire but I replaced the plugs and wires about 2 months ago. I plan on checking out the plugs, wires, cap and rotor 1st but I'm pretty sure it's the converter as it runs nice and smooth when it's cool but runs rougher the hot it gets and the longer you run it. How can I rule out all other problems or the converter itself? I don't fancy replacing it for no reason.

    1 AnswerDodge4 years ago
  • Does drinking lots of water help you pass a drug test?

    I have been using Heroin non-stop for 5-6 years. At 1st I was doing 1, maybe 2 bags a day. Then about 2 years ago I became single for the 1st time in forever. My ex helped keep me in check. Now I'm up to 6-12 bags a day. Well I have to take a drug test in work and I'm a little paranoid. Will drinking a lot of water and speeding up ur metabolism by eating big breakfasts and 3 more meals throughout the day help get this **** out of my system faster?

    1 AnswerMedicine5 years ago
  • I have a Question to putbefore the court. Will it take longer to get heroin out of my system if I m taking xanax?

    I have to take a drug test but I am prescribed xanax so that s ok. But will it take longer to get the heroin out? I ve been doing 8-12 bags a day. I m kinda glad this has happened because I needed something to happen.

    1 AnswerMedicine5 years ago
  • Is there anything wrong with me? My girlfriend can not climax unless I externally stimulate her clitoris. Is this common?

    Ok so for about the 1st month of our sexual relationship I didn't have to do this but as time went on I had to stimulate her externally more & more until it became absolutely neccisarry. I've found that a tiny vibrator works best. But this is wearing on my pride. I'm not small, 8" to 8-1/2 depending on how excited I am. Any words of wisdom?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health5 years ago
  • 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 V6 idler pulley I've bought 3 pulleys & all have the wrong size hole in the middle.?

    The bearing in my idler pulley on my Dodge Ram blew out. I've bought 3 pulleys that haven't been right, the 3rd one came from the Dodge dealer. Nobody can seam to give me an answer not even the dealer. What the hell am I supposed to do?

    1 AnswerDodge5 years ago
  • Can a doctor predict how long you will live with MS after seeing you just once?

    I know this is a tough question to answer, but I'm gonna give it a **** anyway. A friend of mine was in a drug rehab for 30 days and got out about a week ago. He's a bad addict in that he will lie about anything if it will help him get high. I know many are like this but I know many who are not. He asked to borrow money but I told him I didn't have it like that. I've lent him money a lot of times but I really don't have it. So yesterday he says he has 5 yrs to live. They took blood from him while in rehab and they sent him a letter telling him this or to call them and they told him over the phone. He says the stage that he's in now they give him 5yrs. But I've known a few people who lived with it for years. Also he only told me and asked me not to tell anyone else. So what do you think, does this sound on the up & up? Its hard to know for sure I know.

    7 AnswersSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • Why is my penis so small when it's flaccid and so much bigger when it's erect?

    I've heard that a penis that is pretty big while flaccid doesn't get much bigger while a penis that is small while flaccid gets much bigger when it's erect. If this is true, why is this? When it comes to my penis I'm like women. A woman will say they're far when they're not and that they are ugly when they're pretty. I think I have a small penis but women always tell me it's not. I think they're just being nice.

    7 AnswersMen's Health5 years ago
  • Can you replace just the pulley on a belt tension pulley assembly?

    OK, so normally I'd just replace the whole unit and be done with it. But at the moment money is tight till next Friday. I get paid every 2 weeks. $15 for just the pulley vs $85 for the whole unit.

    8 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago
  • Does a dog feel anything or know what s happening to them when they are being put to sleep?

    Everything I ve read online about putting your pet to sleep is the same. It s either no they just fall asleep and never wake up or that they don t feel much pain for very long. But from what I ve read online is that both human lethal injection and pet lethal injection used the same or at least close to the same drugs. If that s true what makes it different for cats and dogs than for humans? I ve read about a lot of people having problems with the lethal injection over that past few years. I read stories about people taking a long time to die and suffering. So what makes it different for cats and dogs?

    2 AnswersMedicine5 years ago
  • Is anyone in the small appliance repair business? My refrigerator stopped working. Neither the evap fan or compressor are running.?

    Its an older White Westinghouse with a defrost timer and electric defrost strips. I m and HVAC tech but these things are small and hard to work on. I have power going into and out of the defrost timer and thermostat but no power at compressor or fan. Are there any fusible links or a little breaker/fuse like that of a washing machine? I m gonna look at it a little in the morning.

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago
  • How can I find someone I don't know who deposited a check into my account?

    Earlier today while I was at the ATM a woman I just met came up to me and asked if I could do her a favor and deposit her check into my account. It was a payroll check and she showed me her ID and about 10 checks from the previous 10 weeks. Everything seemed to be on the up and up so I said OK. But I forgot that I maxed out my daily limit for the day. I gave her my cellphone number and she was going to call me in 10mins. But she hasn't and that was an hour ago. Is there anything I can do to find her? I don't wanna screw her and I don't want her trying to say I did something crooked. I only wanna get her money to her.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • I hardly ever get sick, until this year. I ve been sick 3 times already. Is this normal?

    So I ve worked for my boss going on 18 months. Last winter and every winter since I was 18, I might have gotten sick once but never bad enough to miss work. But since about November this year I ve been sick enough to call out from work. So my question is can normally healthy people all of a sudden catch a cold 3 times in a short period of time without there being some bigger problem lying under the surface?

    2 AnswersOther - Health5 years ago
  • How would I go about printing a document at Kinko's that is online?

    I've just bought auto insurance online and I need to print out the insurance card. Can you go online at Kinko's and print it from there, or would I have to save it to a thumb drive and print it from that? I don't have access to a computer and thumb drive this morning, can I save it to my phone and print it from there?

    3 AnswersPrinters5 years ago
  • What can I do to prolong my dog's life?

    I have a pit bull who is about to turn 7 years old. I've always tried to feed him well and recently put him on a grain fee diet. Since I've done that he actually likes to eat. Before it seemed like he only ate because he had to. And his BMs have been much better. I never had him fixed because I hoped to have a pup from him but now I'm afraid he's too old to be put under for surgery.

    7 AnswersDogs5 years ago
  • Is there a way to slow the progression of a cavity until getting to a dentist?

    I'm a recovering drug addict and over the past 5 years or so I was so badly addicted that I barely brushed my teeth. Recently I've gotten clean and I'm disgusted with myself. Prior to this I took excellent care of my teeth and never had a single cavity. I even had all 4 wisdom teeth. But now my teeth are yellow and I can see 4 cavities. If I can see 4 there's gotta be more I can't see. But is there anything I can do to slow the progression of the ones I can see until I can afford to pay for insurance? A friend said to brush really well, use some good mouth wash, then plug the cavity with wax. The kind of wax they give you when you have braces. But Idk if that'll work.

    2 AnswersDental5 years ago
  • What are the best vitamins & foods for helping to boost your immune system?

    For the past week and a half I've had this nagging cold. I haven't been sick enough to keep me from working or anything else for that matter. It just isn't much fun. I'm well aware of the fact that at the present time there isn't a cure for the common cold, but I also know that there are things you can do to boost your immune system. So how can I boost my immune system now to help ditch this cold & what can I do to keep it strong to help prevent getting sick in the 1st place?

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases5 years ago
  • How can I get over a cold?

    I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or what, but I haven't hardly been sick since I was a kid. I've been sick for the past week. It's not been anything seriou, just a sore throat and now congestion when I get up in the morning. I'm not one to take antibiotics whenever they feel a little I'll, but tomorrow's Monday and I have work. I don't feel like feeling like crap the rest of the week. What are some things I can do to speed up my recovery besides antibiotics?

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases5 years ago
  • Does anyone know the best way to get your car out of impound for being booted in Philadelphia?

    I got booted on Friday and I need to get my truck back. I have some issues with my license and trying to get around that. I know what I'm supposed to do but hoping for a miracle.

    5 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation5 years ago