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INFINITE INTERESTS: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Mythology/Legends/Folklore Writing~fiction, research, poetry, roleplaying, Alter Egoing aka RPing through letters Sketching~My illustrations have been published in many zines and fanzines, including novels. They have been featured on front and back covers. Movies~I'm a third-generation film buff who loves most types, from Silents to present day. I am working on several research projects: filmographies of obscure/lesser-known actors and actresses; quotations from some less-obvious sources; and TV quotations/trivia. I am partial to rare and obscure films, knowledge that comes in handy in Y!A Movies! I read a wide variety of literature but am drawn most to science fiction, fantasy and horror. I read fiction, non-fiction and poetry. I love to do research, whether through books or on the Internet, which has helped me keep my skills sharpened. One more thing: If there are dinosaurs, I'll read or watch it =}

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