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  • Why does my kitten attack me..?

    So I recently got a kitten. And yes, I know he’s a baby so he’ll play a lot and bite and scratch. But I don’t let him play with my hands because I don’t want him to do that, so every time he wants to play I give him a toy and he’s usually really good and he goes off and plays with it by himself. But when he jumps up onto the sofa next to me, I put my hand out slowly and keep it still to show I’m not playing, and then he either attacks it anyway or I’ll go to give him a fuss and he attacks it too. A lot of the time too, he does it with his ears back and his back arched and he runs around sideways, even if I don’t move my hand he does it and I’m not sure why, does he think everything is a toy or is he scared of me or something? When he’s naughty, so when he bites too hard or he bites my infant son, I have a little water spray and it usually stops him and he goes away for a little while. But he does come back. It’s not cruel, it’s an effective discipline technique that even our vet told us to use, which I had to make sure of first, as I don’t want him to dislike me. He is teething, which I know can cause weird behaviour, and he tends to go for people when he’s due his food too, so I’m not sure if we’re feeding him too little? He has a bowl of biscuits out all day and then half a pouch  of meat In the morning and evening. His water is full too. I’m not sure why he’s attacking us like this, we’re really trying to do everything right to raise him well and make him comfortable!

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  • Do I phone the midwife?

    So I went to my midwife appointment yesterday and she said my blood pressure was quite high. She asked if I had any of the symptoms of preeclampsia, so pain just below the ribs, headaches, dizziness, vision problems, puffy hands or feet etc and I said no because at the time I didn’t. She checked the urine sample too and there was no protein in it, it was perfectly normal. She told me to call them if I get any of the symptoms, and I have been getting mild headaches but since I didn’t have one at the time I didn’t think to mention it, it didn’t even cross my mind to. Which is slightly annoying :/ 

    But everywhere I’ve looked on the internet, hospital sites and NHS website etc, have all said that headaches in preeclampsia are severe but mine aren’t severe. So I’m not sure whether to call them about it or not 

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  • Why does the cat sleep on the baby clothes?

    My boyfriend and I are expecting a baby in November, and obviously we have loads of clothes etc ready for him. But his cat keeps sleeping on or near the baby clothes! She sleeps on his bag for when I go into labour and she sleeps next to his clothes on a box we keep in the lounge. Not really a problem to us I don’t think, but I’m just wondering why she does it? And is it actually a problem?

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  • My boyfriends dog has started obsessively licking the carpet?

    So my boyfriends dog is a bit strange. She’s had an illness before, where her immune system started attacking her brain, so she was on steroids and had chemotherapy, which caused her to develop Cushing’s disease, which can cause dogs to lick things sometimes. She’s always licked the arms of the sofas and the cushions, but recently she’s started to lick the carpets. She does it all the time, the other day we told her to stop and she did, but then she carried on and we told her again, she stopped, then carried on and that went on a few more times. It’s been going on for about a month ish now, she will obsessively lick the floor every day, we can’t count the amount of times she does it in day. However she also licks her feet a lot and she’s always scratching herself. She does have eczema, but we think one thing that could be making her lick the carpet so much could be her eczema, but I’m not sure if affects the tongue? Hopefully we’ll get her booked into the vets to get her checked out. But I thought I’d ask around too, to see if anyone knows why she might be doing it so much. She’s around 6 years old I think, but I’m not sure if age has anything to do with it. And she’s a cavalier spaniel cross bichon frisé, not sure if breed has anything to do with it either but yeah. Any idea why she’s doing this?

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  • I want to get my boyfriend a gift but I have no idea what?

    So last week, my boyfriend did a 5 day intensive driving course that started at 9am and finished at 5pm, and it was 45 minutes away. He said it was really tiring and every day he told me he was dreading getting in the car because he found it stressful. He could drive easily enough, and he was very good at the theory, but he was tired and the instructor made him stressed at times. And now he’s gone back to work, after passing his theory (he has yet to take his driving test), and he’s getting up even earlier some days, (4:30am!) and he’s working incredibly hard despite the fact he’s not going to have a job there by November, because his manager messed it all up. He’s doing things and tolerating things I know I would never be able to do and I’m super proud of him and want to get him a gift but I have no idea what and I only have £50. He likes cars, planes and tanks, formula 1, anime and video games, but I can’t find a good enough gift based on those. Any ideas??

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  • I’m away from my boyfriend for a week...what do I do?

    So I have to be away from my boyfriend, who’s also the father of my unborn baby, for a week because he’s doing an intensive driving course, 9-5 every day Monday til Friday. So I’m going to stay at my parents for at least most of that week, which means for the first time in a really long time I’m away from him for longer than two days at a time. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with myself, but I do know I’ll be going shopping with my sister. Any other ideas of how to keep me busy and not focusing on the fact I’m not with him? :)

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  • Is my baby having a growth spurt?

    I’m 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and I’ve woken up today, and suddenly felt more sick than usual when I’m hungry. And I’m hungry more frequently than usual. My baby is more active than usual too, he kicks and stretches a lot usually, but he’s been doing it a lot more. He actually stretched and it hurt a little bit too. Is he having a growth spurt?

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  • Are there any bible studies I could do to help me get through my depression in pregnancy?

    I’m 21 weeks pregnant, and I’m getting depressed quite a lot. It isn’t constant but I find myself feeling down more often than I find myself feeling happy and okay. I’m worried this will affect me throughout the whole pregnancy and after. And because I’m a Christian, obviously I enjoy and find it helpful to read my bible. So does anyone know of any studies or verses that could help me with my depression? Thanks x :)

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  • I’m pregnant and miserable. How can I help myself?

    I’m just over 18 weeks pregnant, and I’m having a lot of horrible aches and pains. I know it’s all normal, my midwife told me it’s most likely pelvic girdle pains, and lots of things stretching etc. It’s mostly in my right side and across my lower back and it’s genuinely awful, it’s worse at night and it makes me really emotional. I don’t know how I’ll handle the birth if this is how I handle aches!

    Anyway, along with all this pain, my boyfriend is at work every day. 5 days a week. (Although right now he’s being made to work 7 days in a row. Just this one time). He’s gone for 9 hours a day and a lot of the time it’s either 9-6, or 1:30-10:00. So he’s gone pretty much all day. I live with him and his family mostly so often it’s me and his mum sitting downstairs when she’s back from work and all day on weekends. I only really have three things to do, and that’s play games on my phone, draw and watch TV so I get bored pretty easily especially now.

    Because of my pains, I’m finding it very difficult to walk around. If it’s at its worst, I’ll even struggle to stand up.

    So, I’m pretty miserable and often find myself crying and wondering why it’s got to be this hard.

    I’m not sure what to do to keep myself happy, aside from think of the future

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  • My cat won’t clean herself and her fur is matted a lot and it smells bad. What can I do?

    So the cat doesn’t clean herself much at all. She does every now and again, but it’s literally just a lick and that’s it. She has clumps of matted fur around her neck and legs and at the bottom of her back. It’s underneath her too, around her bum and front area. It’s very smelly around her rear end, I think this is because she’s been to the litter tray and got poo stuck in her fur or gotten wee in her fur. But she never seems to clean herself and she goes around smelling like wee and I’m not sure what to do. She’s been to the vets before and they shaved the clumps off but she didn’t smell bad so they didn’t have to do anything there. But she’s a lot worse this time. She never goes out often because she doesn’t like being out for too long. I’m not sure what to do about it, we try to brush her as much as possible but it’s difficult because she hates being brushed because if she’s got knotted fur it’ll catch and that’s what she hates

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  • How can I keep myself happy and busy while my boyfriend is at work every day?

    My boyfriend works every day, well 5 days a week with 2 days off, and most of the time (because of a difficult colleague of his) he has to work 9am-6pm,11am-8pm, or 1:30pm-10:00pm. And that means he’s gone for a lot of the day. I miss him when he’s gone, and he’s only just moved to full time so it’s pretty hard to get used to, and I’m often finding myself getting sad. I’d normally be looking for a job, but I can’t because I’m just over 4 months pregnant so there isn’t really much point in looking when I’d be off work for ages a few months later. There’s not a lot to do apart from make art and watch the TV and I’m often getting very bored and lonely. I’m not sure what to do to keep myself happy and occupied

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  • How can we get the cats to stop coming in our room at night?

    When I’m at my boyfriends house, his cats come into the bedroom and jump on the bed or rummage around trying to find food EVERY NIGHT. And it’s very very annoying because I’m pregnant so I struggle to get to sleep anyway because often at night I’m nauseous, so if I wake up I find it hard to get back to sleep.

    When the cats come in, my boyfriend doesn’t really stir so it’s always me that gets up to get them out of the room. It’s unfair but if I wake him up he moans about it so I just do it. How do we stop the cats from coming into our room?

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  • I’m getting really painful pregnancy pains. What can I do to ease them?

    I’m having very sharp pains in my stomach, I’m one week into my 2nd trimester. I know it’s because my uterus is rapidly growing and expanding for the baby, but they’re really painful. I know there isn’t anything wrong because I’m not bleeding or spotting or anything like that. But it’s really painful, is there anything I can do to ease the pain? Or will I have to just deal with it when it comes? It’s in and off through the day, but it isn’t very often.

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  • Why are ducks spawning when I place ropes in terraria mobile?

    I’m trying to place a load of ropes on my game, and every time I do, four or more ducks keep spawning! I have like 70 in my inventory (using the bug net) it’s really confusing! Is there a reason why or is it just the game being weird?

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  • My boyfriend won’t stop purposely irritating me!?

    I’m 12 weeks pregnant, and all these hormones are making me irritated as it is. But my boyfriend keeps annoying me on purpose. I ask him to stop constantly, I even cried once because he wouldn’t stop. And he just said to me, ‘I’m doing it because you need to be immune to this, you have a short temper and it won’t be good when the baby comes’

    1: That’s my problem

    2: I’ve come so far with it by MYSELF already, I’m so much better so I think I’ll be okay in 6 months time!

    3: He said he’s going to look after me properly for the whole thing, that’s hardly looking after me is it!

    I’ve genuinely spoken to him and asked him to stop. He didn’t really say anything and he’s just done it again, so I don’t know what to do. I’m not leaving him because I love him a lot and we’re having a baby.

    How do I get him to stop?

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  • My pregnancy is making me super irritated all the time!?

    So I’m 3 months (12 weeks) pregnant and I’m finding that I’m constantly getting annoyed at tiny things like the sound of chewing and a lot of the time I’m getting annoyed for no reason. Like right now! I know this is because of hormones etc, but I want to know if I can stop feeling like this. Like if there’s anything I can do to stop it or dial it down when it starts. Because I’m afraid it might get me into a stupid argument with my boyfriend and I hate arguing with him so I don’t want to do that. Any advice?

    2 AnswersPregnancy1 year ago
  • I can’t log into Dropbox?

    I have a Dropbox account with a lot of my photography work on it. I have forgotten the email I used and the password. Is there any way I could get into it again?

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  • Why does my cat meow all the time?

    I have four cats (technically five but one doesn’t really come in) and one of them, a male aged 12, meows all the time. We always make sure the water bowl is full and they have food in their bowls all the time so it can’t be that he’s hungry or thirsty. He sits outside on the window ledge and meows so we let him in, but then he keeps meowing. He has had some health problems in the past, blood in his urine and one of his ears is folded over because of an injury. But nothing else I can think of.

    Any ideas if there’s something wrong? And what could be wrong?

    Hopefully we won’t have to take him to the vets, as it’s very expensive

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  • Is it normal to get depressed when you’re pregnant?

    I’m 9 weeks pregnant, and I’m getting a lot of nausea. I already had depression to begin with, but I think the nausea is making me feel so sad that it’s making me depressed again. Sometimes I’m ok, I can manage to eat some food and it helps my nausea but I can’t always manage it, especially when my boyfriend is at work, because he’s usually the one that supports me the most. I find it hard to eat when I feel sick, and I’m used to not eating when I feel sick because that’s what I have to do when I have a sick bug. But this isn’t a sick bug so I have to eat a lot throughout the day and it’s really hard because when I don’t eat it makes me feel worse. It’s really bringing me down and I don’t know what to do about it. Is this normal? What do I do to try and stop feeling depressed?

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