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  • Can violence ever be the answer?

    We all grew up hearing it wasn't excusable.

    I beg to differ. I expect many of you will answer something basic like "No, not unless in self-defence". That's certainly fine and valid, but let's dig deeper.

    Let's use a hypothetical scenario: I'm a Jew with Holocaust survivors and victems in my family tree. I see a guy with a swastica, acting a fool yelling about 'Kike' this and that.

    Can I ethically beat him up? What if it's only a little? Do the degrees of assault even make a moral difference.

    I think the "never violence" idea was founded on the cowerdice and complacency of those who never had to struggle. At the same time, free speach and ideas are crucial and should be protected.

    Where's the line?

    I'd be really interested to hear those thoughts. Thanks guys.

    (Well, I don't really care about ethics. I would take him down.)

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  • Can I tell a friend we don't care that he's gay *before* he's officially out to us?

    A friend of mine is very likely gay. We all assume it at this point, but he isn't out of the closet; he has a fake girlfriend who also assumes he's gay.

    Now comes the question: I want him to know that we, his friends, don't really care at all. We've discussed it, etc.

    Is it any of my buisness to tell him we're his boys regardless before he's out of the closet, or even before we're 100% positive (as opposed to 98%)?

    I'm straight and don't have any openly gay friends, so I don't really know how any of this works. Any help would be nice.

  • Why are my fellow Jews such wusses?

    You know what? I'm more than a little sick of anti-semites and neo-Nazi's spouting their crap on here and elsewhere. But I'm disturbed at my Jewish brother's silences. Where are my Jewish black panthers at here? Where's the Purple Gang of Detroit? In short, where are the heroes?

    Guys, the Israeli's can't do *everything* for us.

    Can we as a people stand up? And not with lofty rhetoric: I get it, we're smart. Good. But we need more than that. We need bravery. I'm not going to convince an anti-semite with logic, will I? Ok. Well then I at least have to yell at him. Let him know I won't just go home and write a 'fair and balanced' editorial. No, screw that. DO something, okay?



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  • Could you help me weigh the candidates?

    Hey guys.

    Could you pitch me the pros (not cons) of electing Mccain/Palin or Obama/Biden?

    I think this election can become too negative. So I want to hear only the positive attributes of your ticket rather than the downside of the other.


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  • How do I get my Screenplay out in the open?

    Hey. I've recently composed a screenplay, which, if I say so, is quite good. The only problem is I don't know what to do with it. I'd like to give it legs. Are there any legitimate venues I can take it? On-the-Level websites, contests w/o entry fees, tiny film festivals, whatever.

    I would like any and every venue I could take this to. I'm not looking for any delusional break, just a nice foothold.

    List anything you can, the easier to enter, the better.

    Thanks very much.

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  • Is there a good argument for Palin?

    As a right-leaning independent, I found this pick foolish, and it pushed me squarely into the Obama camp. But before I rashly decide, am I missing some great appeal? What does Palin bring to the table?

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  • Could I get some college help?

    Hey. Two-part question. First, for a 2150 SAT student, 3.5 GPA, two honors courses, and great extra-cirriculars (as in 20+ hours a week), at a difficult school, is that enough for elite schools, Like Northwestern and UPenn? And secondly, what other good colleges might be well-known, but under the radar?



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  • A question regarding 'illegal immigration' for my fellow Conservative minded Americans?


    As a right-leaning independant, I am increasingly disturbed over the Immigration issue. On the statue of liberty, we ask for 'The tired, the poor, those yearning to breathe free'. What changed? I am aware that we are allowing legal immigration, etc, and of economical problems illegal immigration could cause. But doesn't it make sense to make it easier and more tempting to become legal? This is not a rant; I would honestly like a polite, smart, brief answer that keeps the humanity of the issue alive. Thank you.

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  • Does anyone know of good, free, fantasy baseball Keeper Leagues?

    Me and my friends would love to join a Yahoo! Style fantasy baseball league, ideally a three-year keeper league. if I'm smart enough to Pick up Jered Weaver, Scott Kazmir, and Brandon Phillips, I want them for a long while.

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  • Which are more important; feelings or facts?

    This is not a misleading title to a political rant. This is a somewhat philisophical questions. Many times I feel things, and those things are true, regardless of if they are 'true' factually or not. Do I 'feel' Ortiz is due for a career year, etc.

    By which do you live your life; passionate feelings or wise facts? Of course, on has both, but which one dominates.

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  • A question regarding the term "African American"?

    Hey. I'm wondering if the term African-American is less offensive than the word "black" in a racial context. I understand that African-American shows (or attempts to show) an understanding of culture, but the term itself feels like a patronizing, worthless P.C. gesture. But, being white myself, I may be missing something. I would ideally like some responses from Black (or African-American) people, but anyone, of course, can answer. Keep it respectful, please.

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  • How many minutes (acted, spoken) is one page on Word Document (Times New Roman, 12 point font)?

    Hey. I'm currently writing a comedic play. Problem is, I'm afraid of 'over-writing', One hour is the maximum time I can put this show on, and I'm leaning closer to 50 minutes. So, l how many pages of writtien dialoge (almost entirely) is 50 minutes?

    If you're curious, I have about 35 pages, two-thirds of the way through.

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  • (Red Sox) If you had known Okajima would be this good, would you have supported moving Paps to the rotation?

    Personally, I think it's a very close choice. On the one hand, Papelbon, Beckett, Dice-K, and Lester could become the greatest young core of pitching since the great Braves dynesty. On the other hand, there's something to be said for such late-inning stability.

    Your thoughts?

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