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I have a Masters in Spiritual Psychology and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. I also have a Juris Doctor degre, was a trial attorney for 23 years, appointed a Superior Court Judge and since then have tried or mediated over 12,000 cases. I hold an inactive commercial pilot's license, have been an editor, writer, publisher, welder, construction worker, carpenter, actor, teacher, ski instructor, lecturer, hunter, fisherman, author and husband, father and grandfather. I live in South America and am on the Fulbright Commission Board in Uruguay.

  • I want to paint a roof over fiberglass shingles.?

    I live in southern California where the sun shines over 300 days a year. I have a roof surface covered with fiberglass shingles. The ceiling and roof are the same installation and there is no room for insulation between them. When it is hot outside the roof radiates heat inside. The shingle are a medium gray color. I want to paint them white, hoping to reflect the heat. What kind of paint can I use and how long will it last?

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  • Looking for someone with sawmill in LA County?

    I have a couple oak trees that blew down on my property and I would like to have them sawn into planks and make a table. I have two trunks, each about 20 inches wide and 10 feet long. Solid oak. Please don't suggest yellow pages. Looking for somebody in Los Angeles County or an adjoining county who has a portable sawmill. You can email me through Yahoo. Thanks.

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  • Looking for portable sawmill in Los Angeles County?

    I'm looking for someone who has a portable sawmill/lumbermill in Los Angeles county. I have two oak logs about 16" diameter and 12 feet long that I want to cut into boards to make a table. Realize they will have to be seasoned but first I need to cut them. I know there are attachments for chain saws and I may have to do that but first I would like to look for someone with a portable sawmill. Thanks for any help.

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  • I propose that anyone, no exceptions, who intentionally kills a human, be put to death.?

    I believe it is wrong to kill another. I acknowledge accidents should be an exception. But I propose that anyone who pulls the trigger or votes for another to pull the trigger, or who orders another to pull the trigger...which kills a person, should themselves be put to death. No exceptions. The idea would be for ALL POLITICIANS who vote for war to be put to death. All generals who plan wars would be put to death. Thus there would be nobody to order soldiers to kill others. My god, would this stop wars? Would it work? What do you think?

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  • Where can I purchase a 55 gallon barrel of diesel fuel in west Los Angeles?

    I need a barrel of diesel fuel. I live in west Los Angeles. I can pick up the container. Where?

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  • Is there a market for teaching defense trial tactics?

    Defense triaol attorneys have little support. There should be a market for schooling to match the many plaintiff trial schools. Does such a market exist and what, if anything, fills it?

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