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  • I think my Betta fish is sick?

    i have a very large crown tail betta and he is normally really active but in the past week i have noticed that he is well not doing well. He’s not eating as much, he has stopped making bubble nest and now all he does is lie down on the lives plants that have big leaves and practically fall over. He is in about 1.5 gallon tank with a heater and 3 live plants and a snail. I have seen my fish in the past do this in this very tank. It takes some time but they eventually kick the bucket. I just resonantly checked the water and other then high nitrate level from me just changing the water all is good. The only new additions would be 2 of the lives plants and a snail. I’m wondering if i may have 2 many live plants in with him or something. Or is this some sickness that lives in the bowl. Just because every fish that has been in this tank dies like this, but i do make sure to put boiling hot water on everything then let it all dry out.

    P.S. His fins are not clamped and his colour has not changed at all. I feed him a mix of blood worms and betta pellets same as I give my other fish. No they are not in the same bowl. But really I can’t see anything wrong with him other than his energy level. I’m wondering if maybe I should recharge half the water and clean off the plants, but I’m worried I may stress him out to much.


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  • question about puppies. and calling the pound.?

    OK so i walk by some house every day to school and this guy has breed his two dogs. He has about 10 puppies and all the dogs live out side. the dogs go into this big dog house thing (shed with a doggy door). no idea what it is like inside. But i do know that the puppies haven't had any shots, and that they are full of parasites. also the owner or you could call him a back yard breed is not going to do a thing about it. My question is should i call the pound AKA OSPCA?? I know that these puppies will be going to a different home (he has a sign out front saying pure breed puppies for sale). The puppies are about 10 weeks old and it gets to about - 5C at night. So should i call the OSPCA and just tell them about this guy or not? Are the puppies in any harm? i have no idea if he is going to breed them again.:S

    Any way if you know any thing about breeding and puppies in the weather please give me your two sense.


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  • Tell me every thing you know about Taxonomy?

    So im studding for an exam, and apparently I need to know what Taxonomy. Its not in my text book so I'm am little lost. Could someone tell me what it is, and how it relates to bio.


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  • should we get another dog?


    so this in my question, should we get another dog?

    We have a 5 year old english springer and she is amazing! We have done every thing you can with her. She is also a very well trained dog. She is good with people, children, other dogs, horses ect. The reason we want another one is simply because we would like having another one around the house. If we were to get another dog, it would be from the same breeder and would prob be a male. Space is not an issue. We believe that we could take care of another dog. But before we go rushing into this, we want to know every thing there is to know about having another dog.

    so plz fill use in what is it like having two dogs?

    how have you found it?

    any problems?

    What do you like about having two dogs?

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  • Intermolecular Forces?

    ok so tell me every thing you know about Intermolecular Forces.

    this is all for an chem exam and i don't feel like reading 100 pages. any way the help is very much appreciated thanks!

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  • is there something wrong with my dog?


    ok so this morning my dog was ling on the floor and well she peed her self. she was asleep and then i looked over and she was in a puddle of pee round her. she got up a little after that and was well shocked by it (she seemed it). my dog is 5 and in peek physical form.really she is u can see her mussels, like the dog is ripped. she is extremely healthy and every thing seems ok. the only thing that is different as of late is she is drinking more water, namely cuz of the weather is warmer and were starting to get back into jogging. i have no idea what could be wrong with her. Could it be a bladder infection? or do dogs wet them selves like little kids some times? HELP!

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  • wat was this experiment?

    hey ok so i want to know what Julius Wagner-Jauregg experiment was with syphilis and malaria. i know malaria curses syphilis and i dont need to know why. but i want to know what he did to find this out

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  • bio help! its about menstrual cycling amoung the dogon?

    In 1999, Beverley Strassman published a study of menstrual cycling among the Dogon

    women in Mali. What did she find? Using her study results what methods can you suggest to

    reduce breast cancer in North American women who will have no children or very few


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  • bio question about exponential growth?

    hey can you tell me what is wrong with this statement, as well as that the corresponding graph would look like thanks! :)

    Exponential growth follows a sigmoidal curve; logistic growth follows a linear function.

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  • i have a bio question?

    can some one give me a definition and example for kin selection?

    (grade 12 AP bio)


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  • its about my Betta HELP!?

    Umm so I have asked this question before but compared to the answers I got back, I don’t think I had the appropriate amount of info. So here I go ones more. I think that I may have a sick Betta, partly because he’s floating near the bottom of his bowl and breathing REALLY hard! I don’t think he has lost any of his colour at this time. Other then that he looks healthy. He is a new Betta and according to the store he’s a young one. He is in a 5 gallon bowl with a light and the water IS heated. No filter or air pump because the sound would drive me nuts at night. He is my third male Betta living in my house. I have two other males that are doing just fine in a smaller bowl with no heat, using the same water. They have bean alive and healthy now for about 3 years, so I’m sure what I have bean doing is working. The reason I’m worried about this one is because he’s younger then the other ones that I purchased from the store, and they were already full grown at the time, he’s still a baby. Any way for some reason he was more expensive then the other two, namely because I think he is a different species. Not sure what type. But in short I have no idea what’s wrong with him. His stomach looks swollen. When he is at the bottom he seams as though he is leaning to one side, or falling over. He does not have a problem going to the top of the bowl he goes up and swims back down to the bottom. I cleaned his water today when I saw that he was still not feeling well. And from what I can see that didn’t help. This has bean going on sins yesterday after I fed him. I don’t think it’s his swim bladder because when he is swimming around he’s not really struggling. Right now there is nothing in the bowl. I am planning on getting him something I just haven’t had the chance to go out and get something. Any way I’m worried about the little guy. Anyone have any idea what’s going on with him? Also is there something I could get instead of a filter to help keep the water clean?

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  • I think that I may have a sick Betta?


    Like I said; I think that I may have a sick Betta, partly because he’s floating near the bottom of his bowl and breathing REALLY hard! He does dash to the top of the bowl, some times but it’s not like a MAD OMG I NEED AIR dash, it’s more controlled. I also, when he does get to the top of the bowl for air he swims back down. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with doing so and looks back to normal. Any way I’m just worried about the little guy, partly because I just had another fish die, with similar symptoms.


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