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Grumpy old ex-Navy Aircrewman who loves building models, working on my model railroad, working on my brother's ranch, and LOVING MY FAMILY !

  • Should the Members of the US Congress (and Congressional Candidates) be required to wear a uniform of sorts ?

    I'm thinking jumpsuits like NASCAR... and they are ALL required to wear the name / logo of their major campaign contributors, with the logo size based on contribution size !!

    You know... CSPAN could focus in on Representative Darrell Issa (R CA) and he'd be sponsored by the National Taxpayers Union, US Chamber of Commerce, NRA, Shell/Chevron oil... as he spoke.

    While Speaker Pelosi (D, CA) would have a small United Football League (Sacramento Mountain Lions) logo, a large Financial Leasing Services, Inc, La Raza logo, Farm Workers Union, and LGBT flag,

    Is this viable ??

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  • Why doesn't Congress raise the taxes on those making $170K a year rather than those over $250K ?

    I'm just curious... why not take it down to THAT level ?? Oh !! Could it be that it's because the rank-and-file members of Congress make $174,000 a year and the Leadership maxes out at $214K ??

    The Obama administration proposed keeping tax cuts for people making less than $250,000 per year. Gee, all those Congressmen and women aren't RICH you see !!

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  • Regarding Governor Schwarzenegger putting State Employees on minimum wage ?

    WHY is there not a law that mandates that the State LEGISLATURE be placed on minimum wage the DAY the budget is late ?? Could the citizens of California get a proposition on the ballot that would enact such a law ?? I understand that the professional legislators would never pass it themselves !!

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  • IE 8 giving "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"... How to Correct this ?

    Oh my HP laptop, I keep getting that message anytime I try to open Internet Explorer... I AM connected to our ranch's network, Yahoo! Messenger is working, and I am able to run "ping" & "tracert" successfully from the command prompt.

    WHAT do I need to do to get my darned web-browser working on that laptop ?? Oh, and I'm running Windows Vista.... thanks in advance

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  • Who is the actor whose voice is heard in the Direct-TV Commercials ?

    The commercial series I'm thinking of is where a "commercial" starts, the screen blanks out and his voice says "Hola Amigo ! This is your TV talking, I unplugged your cable so we can talk about Direct TV..."

    At first I was thinking of Jeff Kober... but I don't think it is him !! Thanks in advance.

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  • The Arizona Ethnic Studies Ban (proposed): Where can I find the text of the bill AND the curriculum ?

    Just watching Rick "La Raza" Sanchez on CNN and he had on the Tucson School District Supervisor of the courses... there are of course CLAIMS that the courses are radical, anti-American, etc... and of course the District Official said nothing substantive.

    I'd just like to see the curriculum, the course guide, the lesson plan and course materials to judge for myself.

    Is this like when Oakland, California tried to enact "Ebonics" courses ?

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • How to create home network (shared printers & files) in a home with 3 routers and XP and Vista?

    Okay... here at the ranch, we have currently a local RF wireless ISP that feeds into a modem, then one router in the owners office running a desktop (XP)... we then run cables from that modem to another router and desktop (Vista) in a bedroom in the house and a router feeding a desktop and laptop (XP) in the ranch-hand's office / bunkhouse (these two routers are also wireless access points?) for laptops.

    Everything WORKS for the internet... but we want all the computers to access a few MS Access files, some photos, and the big printer in the House-Office.

    Please give me links or detailed directions... I'm an OLD phone tech with some experience, but not as well versed as I would like. Thank You.

    5 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • How long should it take a 30 foot pine tree to dry ?

    We dropped several pine trees about 30-35 feet long and about 10-12 inches in diameter last Sunday. I just finished de-barking them, and am curious how long it will take for much of that water-weight to "bake out". It's in the 90's outside and we have no rain in the forecast for at least two weeks.

    Thanks in advance.

    2 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago
  • How to Repair after Virus removed?

    AVAST Anti-Virus detected "file c:\windows\RVHOST.exe is infected by Win32:Hakaglan[wrm]" We clicked 8 for repair, and got a message "Repair: Error 42060 { The File was not repaired.}"

    When we powered the computer (desktop running Windows XP) back up, the computer freezes on the desktop screen and displays a message "windows cannot find RVHOST.exe"

    HOW do we resolve this ? Would GREATLY appreciate assistance... I'm located FAR away from the affected computer and doing this over the phone.

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  • Was the Obama "School-Note" event staged?

    I'm just curious... it has gotten SO much play on CNN. It just seems soooooooo HOKEY (yet admittedly cute), I have this creepy feeling that someone from the President's staff set this up !!

    The lines are so glib and quickly and smoothly delivered !! It's under "Obama Pardon's 4th Grader"

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  • Why hasn't the crew of the "Steve Irwin" been arrested ?

    Several years now of committing crimes on the high-seas and they are still out there !! WHY ??

    8 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • Is the Statue of Liberty Fly-by Administration Stupidity?

    " – An Air Force fighter jet and one of President Barack Obama's official planes on Monday flew low over the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan repeatedly in an approved photo opportunity that startled some New Yorkers who have memories of the September 11 attacks."

    This terrifies people, causes the stock-market to drop... and NYPD said federal authorities told them not to disclose the information ahead of time but to direct inquiries to the Federal Aviation Administration.

    The FAA called it "an approved military photo op." The White House declined to comment.

    IS THIS INSANE ?? The President needs a photo for his CHRISTMAS CARD ??

    11 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • Category Leader Board (Hobbies & Crafts): why did I lose over 100 Best Answers ?

    Just the other day, I had 1,020+ Best Answers, and this morning I log on and I've dropped to 963 Best Answers !! How did I LOSE roughly 60 Best Answers ?? Where did they go ? Why did they go ?

    Just Curious... I'm happy that the Leader Boards have updated over the last few months, but I'm a touch peeved that they went backwards.

    6 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Who plays the DINER waitress in Twilight ?

    No, not the Betty Page-look-a-like, but the young black gal pushing the berry-cobbler !! She seems VERY familiar... like perhaps from a TV show in the early 90's ?

    1 AnswerMovies1 decade ago
  • CNN's Rick Sanchez: pre-empting the Fairness in Broadcasting Act ?

    Is Rich Sanchez and his "news show" a preemptive move by CNN to be in a "safe" position before Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats pass the revised "Fairness in Broadcasting Act" ??

    This guy belongs on Cuban TV or perhaps working for Hugo Chavez...

    2 AnswersMedia & Journalism1 decade ago
  • Trouble Logging on Version, what to do ?

    Having consistant trouble logging on under version A friends sees me log on, but on MY computer it is "logging in"... and then I get a message "You have signed on another device / computer" and I'm disconnected. This will go on for a half hour or more.. and then I can get on !!

    My INTERNET connection is good and valid, I'm checking numerous other sites at the same time.

    I DID just change my password.

    Thanks for your assistance

    2 AnswersNotices and Errors1 decade ago
  • Is Associate Justice Ginsberg's cancer a plot ?

    Did Bill and Hillary have Justice Ginsberg of the Supreme Court injected with cancer so that BILL can be nominated by President Obama to fill that seat on the Court ??

    Just a giggle after reading the whining today from those who think President Obama is somehow a KING instead of a President.

    6 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • When did US Schools stop issuing history textbooks?

    I see so many questions asked in this section that SHOULD be able to be answered by simply looking in the index of a High-School or Junior High School History textbook.

    Here we are with kids SUPPOSED to be computer literate and they can't even do a Google search themselves ?? Do remember that according to "community guidelines" everyone should be over the age of 13... or with a 8th grade education. Not to mention the atrocious spelling and grammatical errors.

    GIVEN the fact that so many of the questions are asked in a "multiple-guess" format, I'm assuming that kids aren't doing their homework. I honestly refuse to answer a question in that format.

    Is there any question as to WHY the US is sliding down the tubes ?

    6 AnswersHistory1 decade ago
  • Preventing cake from developing big dome... How?

    When I bake a cake, I have a consistent issue of the cake forming a dome or crown... it stays low along the edge of the pan and bulges at the center. What can I do to get a more "level" cake besides slicing that dome off after baking ??

    7 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago