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I am a middle-aged mother of two who lives in the snow belt

  • World War 2 weapons and unit organization, hypothetical question?

    If you could go back to World War 2 and equip an army, what weapons would you issue at the squad/platoon/company level, how would you issue them and why? For example, how many men would be in the infantry squad, platoon and company, what weapons would each man have and why would they have them? It can be any weapon used before 1945.

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  • Is it possible to declare a best fighter aircraft of WW2?

    Or are there too many variables to have just one?

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  • How much longer in years will Nu gs be the...?

    ...biggest loser troll off-his-meds OCD freak in YA Military forum history?

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  • Pick your favorite most annoying questions asked on YA Military?

    1. Why did the U.S. drop 2 atomic bombs on Japan?

    2. Is the M4/M16 louder than the AK-47?

    3. Name the Top 10 _________ (tanks, planes, guns, etc…)?

    4. Who would win in a war between _______ and ________ (insert name of any countries you like)?

    5. When will I get my W2?

    6. Did HAARP cause the Haiti earthquake?

    7. Can you add any accessories you want to your rifle when you join the military?

    8. Can I be a firefighter in the military?

    9. How can I sneak into Area 51?

    10. Who has the best special forces?

    11. Which branch of service would be best for me?

    12. Can I join the military of __________ if I’m a citizen of ___________

    13. Insert favorite annoying question here ________________

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  • Now that N Korean has finally launched that damn rocket?

    ...and as expected by the clear headed among us nothing much happened can we stop asking the same stupid questions about it every 5 minutes?

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  • When the Dow goes up is that Obama's fault too?

    A few weeks ago when the Dow was closing down almost every day we would see a couple of questions a day from people blaming the drop on Obama and his economic policies. Now that the Dow has had a couple of up days where aren't these same folks who were blaming Obama for the downturn congratulating him for the upturn. I mean, if he IS in fact responsible for one he must be responsible for the other, right?

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  • Atyptical brake caliper failure?

    2001 Lincoln Town Car. A few days after replacing front brake pads and rotors the right front caliper is sticking. The caliper doesn't release when you let off the brake pedal but the piston still pushes in easily witha C-clamp or pad spreader. The other 3 corners are working just fine. Caliper problem or Master?

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  • Can I call McCain Sidney?

    I mean, I see lots of people who I presume are Republican supporters of John S. McCain using Barak Obama's middle name of Hussein instead. I don't see any good reason to do that. Mr. Obama like most people does not prefer to be referred to by his middle name but rather by his first name like the vast majority of folks.

    So how about it, Sidney McCain. All hail Sidney!

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  • Shimmy on 95 Dodge Caravan?

    Vehicle is a 95' Caravan 3.3 with 4spd auto. Both CV Shafts were replaced 4 years ago. 2 weeks ago vehicle had complaint of shimmy when turning right at any speed or going straight ahead at over 45mph. No shimmy turning left. Replaced Right CV axle and both lower ball joints. Shimmy disappeared. Yesterday vehicle came back with same complaint. Replaced Right CV shaft and shimmy disappeared - for about 10 miles. Replaced the CV shaft again with a different brand (all reman) and this time shimmy was still there. Suspension, bearings are tight, tires are excellent (balanced, no ply-sep), motor mounts show no excessive movement or damage, struts are relatively new. Thoughts?

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  • How cold can car AC get?

    At least this cold...

    Picture taken this morning, 70-deg F outside temp.

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  • Dodgeman, please read?

    Dodgeman, I am not one of those folks who has it out for you but I have noticed that when it comes to tire questions you consistently give answers that are not only incorrect, but could be dangerous. Tires are the #1 safety item on a vehicle so I take these issues very seriously.

    For example, today you gave the following advice to about tire pressures: "look on the tire its self,put what the tire says to have in it not what the vehicle calls for,each tire will be different from the original tires that was on it,and the sticker only applies to the original tires in most cases,"

    This is totally wrong. The only information given on the tire sidewall is the max load capacity at max pressure, which is the same for EVERY tire in that size & service description no matter what brand or model. It is not a recommended pressure for any vehicle. I recommend studying this link to get up to speed on modern tire technology:

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