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  • Is there enough alcohol in McCormick's vanilla extract to be considered DWI?

    I ran out of milk for my coffee, so I added some spices (ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg) to drink it black. That didn't help, so I added a couple drops of vanilla extract, and that was perfect. However, I need to go to work, soon, so now I'm wondering if the alcohol in the extract will be a problem. I don't drink, because I don't like the taste of alcohol, but that might make me more sensitive to its effects.

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  • What does my neighbor need to have to connect to my wifi?

    My new duplex neighbor is a sweet, retired teacher on a fixed income(early retirement for health reasons kept her from getting full retirement benefits). Someone recently gave her a refurbished computer. She can't afford Internet, so I have invited her to "piggyback" on my service. However, a couple of computer geek family members got me set up with the right equipment, when I first got connected. I have wifi, so that I can access the Internet on my laptop from anywhere in the house (it's a small house).. so, what does my neighbor need to have in order to connect to my service? Thanks.

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  • What's wrong with Yahoo! Mail?

    Ok, I have had my email acct for YEARS. So, just now, when I went to check my email I got this message. And I keep getting this message:

    "Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

    Please check the URL for proper spelling and capitalization. If you're having trouble locating a destination on Yahoo!, try visiting the Yahoo! home page or look through a list of Yahoo!'s online services. Also, you may find what you're looking for if you try searching below.

    Search the Web advanced search


    most popular "

    How can they not be able to find my email account? How do I resolve this? While my business web page is down, I have been using my yahoo email for business emails. Now what? Please help. Thank you!

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  • What should I do about not being able to get enough blood for the glucometer?

    I am a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic. I was given a free One Touch Ultra 2 glocometer kit to test my blood glucose level with. The lancet device goes up to a 7 for depth of puncture. I have it set at 7, but it makes such a light puncture, I can't get enough blood for an accurate measurement. Sometimes, I can squeeze up enough blood. But mostly I end up with multiple lance pricks in my fingers, with tiny dots of blood from each (and tiny dots of pain, as well). What can or should I do to get out a nice glob of blood for each measurement? The code number on my meter and lancets and strips is 25, if that is any help. Thank you.

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  • Are emergency vehicle sirens set at a certain decibel?

    Just asking, because I have something else I have to do and I am avoiding it. So, I've been wondering this for a while. The reason is that when a police car passes me, siren blaring, it's not so bad. When firetrucks pass, sirens blaring, it's loud, but not piercing. When ambulances pass, sirens blaring, I HAVE to plug my ears with my fingers, because it is painfully piercing. I live in Texas, in San Antonio (so there are lots of occasions where emergency vehicles are passing by with sirens blasting). So.. are there certain regulations concerning the decibels of the different sirens? Or are my ears just weirdly sensitive? Or both?

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  • How do we help a friend who is relapsing into drug/alcohol addiction?

    I am asking in this section, because this person, in her past, has done prison and jail time due to her addictions. I met her over a year ago and she started coming to church with me and getting a handle on her life. She rebuilt her relationship with her young daughter (although, she did not have full custody of her). This person had spent her own childhood being abused, then had spent most of her teen and adult life doing hard core drugs like crack and heroin. She gave up drugs about 6 years ago, and gave up alcohol a little over a year ago. Her child was born late in her life, so although the daughter is only 6, the mother is 50.

    Anyway, my friend had been doing very well. She's been on probation from DWIs and one DUI, but she has been doing so well, her P.O. has mentioned how proud he was of her. Her probation will be up in January.

    Now, over the past month, she has experienced a dramatic personality change. I was too slow to recognize it at first. She kept telling me about this horrible pain in her leg and she went to the ER for a pain shot. When I went to the pharmacy to get her prescriptions filled, they said they wouldn't fill the vicodin, because she'd just gotten a prescription filled. Then I remembered that she had told me to go to a different pharmacy than her regular one. Long story short.. I (and other friends of hers) have good reason to believe she is addicted to the pain meds and is drinking again. (Also, she is bipolar and had her meds changed recently, so that is also a contributing factor).

    The small group of friends who embraced her, including myself, met with this person a couple of days ago. I had called the county adult crisis hotline and they gave us the steps to follow to get help for this person. We convinced her to come with us voluntarily for a psych eval at the adult crisis center, per the hot line advice. When we got there, I went in with her to talk to the case mgr... who told us that they could not help her unless she was suicidal or homicidal or otherwise a danger to herself or others. I told the case mgr about my friend's problem with the pain killers. The friend then went ballistic on me and the world. The case mgr said there was nothing she could do and everything descended into hell from there.

    So here we are, a group of friends who want to help this person. She has a daughter whom we have all bonded with and we don't want her to be traumatized into following her mother's footsteps. If the friend could be stabilized with her bipolar, I am sure it would be easier to get her detoxed.

    What are our options? Are there any options? This is in Bexar County in Texas, if that is any help. Are there options for people who don't want to stand by and watch a friend trash her life and the lives of her children?

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  • WHere is my question?

    I asked a question in LEP, hoping for an answer, but it does not appear there. The question itself shows up when I click on it in my profile, but it is not listed anywhere among the questions in LEP. My Q was asked about 40 min. ago, and in LEP the list goes from a few seconds ago to 2 hours ago... my Q is not among them, so no wonder there are no answers, yet. So, should I repost the question or what?

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  • Does this sound like more than a bruise?

    I accidentally hit my head about 5 days ago. I slipped in front of the fridge and grabbed the handle of the freezer door to steady myself. As I twisted around and faced the fridge, trying to get my feet back under me, all my weight was hanging on that freezer door for a moment and it flung open while my face was inches away.. and smacked me on my left eyebrow bone.

    Ok.. I'll give you a couple of minutes to stop laughing.

    Back to the problem.. so I got a big lump, in spite of putting ice on it. So, that happened on Saturday and now it is almost Friday. The big soft lump is gone, but there is still a lump on the bone. I know that is a tender area, so maybe the persistent pain is normal? But anyway, it still hurts pretty bad behind my left eyeball... even tough my eyeball was not directly hit. Also, the area around and on the eyebrow bone is still experiencing a dull, but noticeable and persistent ache.

    I am sure there is nothing more that can be done for it... but just out of curiosity, do you think I could have cracked the bone, there? Or is it just a case of slow recovery from a bad bruise?


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  • What are some good, nutritious liquid meals for someone with MMF?

    My cousin was recently in a motorcycle wreck that shattered his lower jaw, fractured the upper part of his jaw, and knocked out all his teeth. He underwent 10 hours of surgery to repair and replace his jaw and now has his jaws wired shut (MMF -maxillomandibular fixation) for healing . He is to be on a liquid diet for the next several weeks. He has already lost a lot of weight from being initially unconscious and then having to wait to have surgery (he was thin to begin with). He is in his late twenties and is frustrated with his liquid diet, now that he is more awake and is ultra-hungry. Does anyone know of some good recipes... caloric and nutritional and yummy.. that we could make for him to help him stay strong while his jaw mends? If you have ever had experience with this and could offer suggestions of how to help my cousin get through the next several weeks, I'd welcome those comments, too. Thank you very much for any help you can offer.

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  • Do monkey martyrs qualify for 72 virgins?

    According to this article, the Taliban is training monkeys to use guns against US troops. There used to be a saying about putting a hundred monkeys in a room with a hundred typewriters.. all I know is that that room would smell pretty bad.

    So anyway, did they run out of people willing to blow themselves up? If monkeys die in a gun battle for the Taliban, do they get 72 virgin monkey brides in the Muslim after life? I mean, assuming that any of this monkey business is true...

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  • What would make a credit card magnetic strip go all weird?

    I mainly depend on my bank debit card, but between paychecks, if need be, I use the credit card. It's an AmEx credit card and it was working perfectly fine, even yesterday. But at some point... well, when I went to to eat somewhere, the the credit card machine would not read the card. The guy punched the number in and all was fine. Then, later, at Wal-Mart, same thing happened. It kept coming up, Card Read Error. I tried one more time at a gas station, with the same result. The number goes in, but I guess something is wrong with the strip... what did I do to mess that up? It had been in the same pocket as my cell phone... could that have caused a problem somehow? Although, I've had the two in the same pocket, before.


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  • How long does it take torn tendons in the foot to heal, if you opt out of surgery?

    The injury occurred in October. It was actually a series of injuries that lead up to the BIG one.. first a very heavy object fell against the heel of of my left foot in late September (last year). It bled a lot and I limped about on it, figuring it was ok, since I could walk. Then, I noticed it was weaker. In early October, I stepped on uneven ground, my left foot just gave way and down I went. It continued to be sore, and I continued to limp on it. Then, in late October, I went on a road trip to visit friends. At a gas station, I stepped off the curb and I don't know what happened to cause it, but I fell hard, smacking my head on the ground. After that, it was nearly impossible to put weight on, but, being in the middle of the trip, alone, I felt I had no choice but to get to my destination. My brother, a doctor, suspected I had broken a bone, so he bought me a boot. That helped me to walk. Back home, I went to a doctor, since the pain and swelling persisted. He told me that I probably had torn tendons and that surgery was the only way to repair it.

    Again, I opted to see if I could just wear the boot and outlast the injury... It's July, almost.. and while I can walk without the boot, now... the pain persists... some days worse than others. And the swelling continues. Any medical folks know if this will EVER heal on its own?

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  • How do I go about finding out how much RAM is on my computer?

    I bought myself some software that I want to add to my Toshiba laptop. There was a warning that said to make sure my computer had enough RAM. I know I have enough space for the 3.5 GB, but I don't know how to find out how much RAM I have. Thanks!

    Also, an unrelated question: I use my computer for my business. I was working late one night and just shut the thing off and went to bed... forgetting to close it. The cat picked at one of the keys and removed it. It was the letter, "I." RIght now, I am just pressing on the naked button when I need the letter I. Does anyone know of a quick fix I can use to repair the "i" key, so that it is not so disconcerting to have to keep pressing the uncovered plastic point thing that's under the i?


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  • Has my dad just been meeting really nice officers or is this true?

    My dad is 76 and is retired and for the most part is a safe driver. He loves to ride his motorcycle and loves to go on road-trips. A couple of times, on the open road, he's pushed the speed limit a little bit.. or so....So, the first time he was pulled over on his motorcycle, the officer checked his license and asked if the birth date was correct. When my dad said it was, the officer just smiled and gave him a warning. The second time he was pulled over, he was in his RV out on the road making his way back home. The officer looked at his license, ran the check on it and then asked him if the 1934 birth date was correct. When my dad said it was, the officer handed the license back to my dad and told him, "We don't give tickets to drivers over the age of 75."

    First, that is incredibly kind. That speaks highly of Texas police officers, because that was two entirely different incidents, a couple of years apart, and in two different parts of Texas. So, thank you to all the officers who are so kind to the elderly, especially to my dad (who really doesn't seem "elderly" since he takes such good care of himself).

    Second, is that true about the age thing?

    Because, my dad does speed sometimes... esp. on road trips... and I don't wish hefty fines on him, but for his safety's sake, I hope that the age thing isn't entirely true...


    8 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • What are the primary differences between laptops, notebooks, and netbooks?

    Also, which of those three would be best for primarily word-processing? And, which computer do you believe is the least expensive, yet most capable of handling primarily Microsoft Office and MS Publisher? Thanks for any answers you can give me.

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • Will the Census be mailed to my house address or my P.O. Box?

    My house address mailbox has been sealed shut for many years. I think that last decade, when the mailbox had not yet been sealed, though still not in use, I found the census questionnaire in there. I had once had trouble with people stealing my mail, so I got a P.O. Box way back when I first moved to this subdivision (about 13 years ago). My question, though, is what is the possibility that the census bureau will send the questionnaire to my P.O. Box? If it is sent to my house address, it will go directly into a dead letter box. Thanks.

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  • Are yield signs at off-ramps being phased out?

    I've noticed that with a lot of the new construction on highways in my city (San Antonio), there are longer merge lanes for off-ramp traffic and no yield signs. This was a little disconcerting at first, and I would yield while looking for the yield sign. Many new highways have been added and old highways have been redone... almost all of them have eliminated the yield sign. So then I got used to the idea of the longer merge lane. It does cut down on the congestion.

    HOWEVER, some of the older parts of the highways still have yield signs at the off ramps and then, in the congestion, I have failed to yield, because I wasn't looking for a yield sign.

    I haven't gotten a ticket, so that's not why I'm asking. I am just wondering if anyone knows if yield signs at off ramps are being phased out everywhere or just in a few places or just in big, congested cities.

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  • Could I have cracked my skull?

    About 2 and a half weeks ago, I went on a road-trip to visit a relative. It was raining really hard when I left and pretty much most of the 500 or so miles I drove through Texas. I stopped in Waco for a potty break, and on the way back to my car, I slipped on the slippery curb,fell down, (tearing tendons in my foot in the process) and smacked my forehead on the pavement. I saw stars (or gray dots) and was initially dizzy and unable to stand up. Since everyone who saw me fall just stared at me, I felt compelled to get "undizzy" and hobble back to my car. The pain in my left foot was unbearable and only overshadowed by the growing painful lump on my forehead.

    Ok, long story short: My foot is in an ortho boot for the next several weeks. Still painful and swollen, but can walk better with boot and a cane. My forehead bump has gone down, but I still get headaches right in that area... and when I press on that spot (just above right eyebrow) it still hurts. Is it possible I might have fractured my skull?

    Not that there's anything I can do about it... just curious as to why it might still be painful to the touch.

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  • What would make both my toilet and bathtub be backed up?

    It flushes slowly and sometimes not at all. A few days ago, there was murky water in the bathtub... I think it backed up from toilet. Ok, so what might the problem be? Do you need more details? Is this fixable without a plumber? If yes, how do I fix it? If no, what am I looking at, cost-wise?

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