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  • Any news about the Haunted Mansion movie reboot?

    In 2010 Guillermo Del Toro announced that he would be working on reboot of the Haunted Mansion... it’s 2020. Did Disney decide to drop it? Is it still being worked on? I’m honestly just curious.

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  • What’s the name of this book about mermaids?

    In high school I found a book that I really liked and I’m trying to find it on eBay, but I can’t remember the name. On the cover was a mermaid that was in the water and she is gray with black eyes. In the book there are short stories, one is about a girl who is abused by a family member but she learns to sing to mermaids and when her abuser captures one she sets the mermaid free and the abuser is arrested.

    In another story this woman falls in love with a man who turns out was cheating on her. On her way home she meets a merman, they start talking and getting to know each other she tells him about the land and he tells her about the sea. Eventually they fall in love and he comes up with a way for her to breathe underwater and he comes to land later. 

    I really hope someone else read these stories.

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