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  • Progam Downloaded But Not Showing Up On My Computer?

    Downloaded a program onto my computer. Said it was successfully installed. It does not show up ANYWHERE on my computer. No where. HELPPPPPPPPP.

    Last night I downloaded the Learning Lodge Navigator for the Vtech Innotab. At first, everything worked fine. Connected the Innotab to the computer, transfered some files, everything worked great. Then for some reason the Learning Lodge began to tell me that the device was not connected. After hours of trying to deal with that I gave up.

    The the next day a system restore was done on my computer. Which removed the Learning Lodge from my computer. Tried to redownload it, it says it downloaded successfully, however, IT IS NO WHERE ON MY COMPUTER. I am so so so so so frustrated. Why would a program say it is downloaded but not show up on anywhere. I thought maybe it installed wrong so I tried to uninstall it so I could reinstall it but it does not show up in the programs list. Does not show up in the uninstall/change program list. IT IS NO WHERE. But it says it was successfully installed. Tried over and over again. I do not know if it has something to do with the learning lodge or with my computer. Either way, these Innotabs remain useless because I can't do anything with them without the Learning Lodge downloaded.

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  • Book Recommendations?

    I want to read a book that makes me want to curl up in a house somewhere in New England. Rocky beaches, chilly outside, a nice fire inside with a cup of tea and curled up with a blanket...

    Could be a romance, could be eerie, doesn't matter, just needs that perfect autumn night aura.

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  • Books about missing people?

    I've been obsessed lately with books about missing people. Something that really reflects on the emotions of the family or loved ones of the missing. Can be missing children or adults. I just finished "Songs For The Missing" by Stewart O'Nan. He really knows how to make his characters get into the head of the reader, and he makes it so easy for the reading to get in the head of the characters and really emotionally connect to them. My father was missing for ten years before we got a phone call that he was dead in a homeless shelter. Sooooo many emotions that are hard to relate to is you haven't been through them, and I've found that the best people to relate in this situation has been characters in books.

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