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  • mother's menopause, extreme mood change?

    I'm not really good at writing English so if this was hard to read I'm sorry.

    I have been completely avoiding my mother for 1 week now because I just can't deal with her extreme mood changes due to her menopause, mom's menopause started 2 years ago and since then she gets furious like a volcano explosion at tiny little things and suddenly she stops and act like nothing has happened. This is very hard for me because I love her so much, I wish I can hate her so that it's easier to deal with her but someone I love is constantly yelling at me and saying "I wish you were gone" over and over just breaks my heart so much. And then I'm all heart broken by her but she act like nothing happened. I feel better again and she breaks my heart again and again and again.

    I'm just so scared that she might break my heart again, I want to talk to her but this time I'm really scared. I can start to see that my mom is also acting weird to me too because lately she buys my favorite food that she'll never eat and also text me on my cell about that even though she never ever text, smiles at me a lot when we had an eye contact (but I look away) and etc etc... I can see that she's being nice but that makes me want to avoid her even more. I know I'm disgusting and has no courage at all, It's not about getting out of the house I can do that when ever I want but I'm just scared that I might avoid her from now on and I don't want that.

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  • know any good prank .?

    I want to do a little revenge on someone I know. I mean this person is the most annoying human being in the world for me and annoying the heck out of me so bad. So if you know any good prank that can annoy the heck out of this noob without being noticed then can you tell me? but not too cruel one. and for the fun, have you ever prank'd someone? if so, story on that?

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  • Did I just got fired?

    My boss told me... "I want to train this new guy for the up coming busy Christmas season until he gets good at working here so can you take a break until I call you in in around early December?" and I asked him "when in early December will you call me in again?" and he said "I donno".... does this mean he is planning to fire me? As long as I can remember I never got yelled at or got in trouble at my work ( I worked there for 5 month, I actually got told that I was getting better at working at my job and other people who have worked there finally got opened up to me and I was happy.

    I don't know if it's true but I heard that my boss also told the same thing to my other worker (who works way longer than me) and I also heard that he is doing this because other worker quit the job and boss is just looking for another worker. ....hmm.

    I never got fired so I don't know if I got fired or not (this job is my very first job)

    what do you guys think? and thank you for reading my question.

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  • it's about the restaurant "the keg" nutrition.?

    It's about the restaurant "the keg" nutrition.?

    I just ate the "King Crab Dinner" at "The Keg steak house", I looked at the nutrition chart in the keg's site and it said that the King crab Dinner's calories are 1254cal. I checked the calories of one pound king crab on the other sites such as "calorieking" and etc and it all said that it's about 500cal~ etc. On the King Crab Dinner there was... Steamed one pound king crab, vinegar, and spinach salad (ate with no dressing) .... it's hard to believe that this menu has 1254cal.... what do you guys think?

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  • I want to be a flight attendant, will they hire me?

    I'm thinking to becoming a flight attendant in Canada, (Alberta Edmonton) my first language is Japanese and second is English. do you think Canada will hire a person who speak Japanese as a second language but cannot speak French or Spanish? thnx

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  • I bought a boy Ball Jointed Doll, so I want you guys to think up te perfect name for him.?

    3 days ago I bought a BJD "Ball Jointed Doll" form eBay,

    and I realized that I didn't think up a name for him.

    so I want you guys to think up a good name for him :)

    well he already has a "name" but his real name is "JOY" and I don't really like it. ehehe..

    I tried to think up a name but I have no talent for naming something...

    sounds kinda wired but I would be really happy if you guys gave some Idea :) thank you

    ps. bytheways the doll I bought look like this.

    (Type A boy with white curly hair)

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  • I'm sick and tired, I don't know what to do.?

    I'm sick and tired, because I guess my own parents doesn't like me and gets angry really easily and abuse me for some reason. I don't hate them at all though, I love my parents more than anything else, and every single day I always thank them for what they have done for me, they gave me life, shelter, food,... lots of nice things. But I can't take this anymore, because they gets very angry at me, I don't know why.

    my parents gets very very furious and start yelling at me, hitting me, use terrible words at me, telling me my older sister was way better than me, telling me that they are going to tell all the teachers in school that I'm evil, and telling me no one loves you and nobody wants you, I can't take this anymore.

    This is really hard for me, the person who I really love is always saying this to me. I'll never even think or say that I hate them. I really love them so much, but this is not fair.

    I didn't want to talk to anyone about this other than here because I don't want my parents to get in trouble, I want them to be happy. but I'm really tired.

    Wow I sound like a emo teenager hehe... but they are the only parents I got, all of my grand parents, aunties, cousins is gone, I have lots of friends but all of my best friends that I can count on is in Japan my home country.

    So I tried to get drunk but I couldn't because I have to drive for my little brother's after school thing, and I wanted to try drugs but I was too scared and I had to watch my brother anyways so I couldn't. all I can do was cry quietly so no one would knowtice that I'm crying. I told my mom that I'll live by myself when I turn 18 in 3 days but she won't let me because she needs person to clean up around the house and watch my brother.

    I think I'm crazy now, I started to mumble wired stuff, having misterious stomach ache when I'm depressed too much,

    And my heart is all broken up in peices. I can't even cry to erase my stress because my eyes are sore from crying too much.

    I'm tired, I can't believe myself that I'm thinking that I want to die... that sounded really emo.

    but I really want to, and want to be free.

    I'm sorry everyone for me being creepy.

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