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  • horror movie fans...please help!?

    i am looking for a certain type of movie. i like movies where there is a ghost or madman (something of that nature) chasing someone and killing. i like those kinds of movies because they are the only ones that scare me. an example is rest stop, saw 1, 2, 3, 4, the hills have eyes 1,2. ones like those and cube. do you know of any movies like that? i cant find any and when i finally think i have found one its not. any help is appreciated.

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  • for any horror movie fan...i need help?

    what is the most horrifying movie that you have ever seen and why. (please dont list any that are below the year 2000) my mom and i are having a movie night together and cant seem to find a movie that will scare us! thanks.

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  • help....anyone know about burning cd/dvds??

    i have a program where i download movies and i like to burn them. (dont worry, i pay for the movies) and i was wondering if it is possible for me to burn a movie onto a cd and be able to watch it on my dvd player. i know i can burn the movie as a file but i cant watch it on my dvd player when i do that. i have a program where i can split the movie but if anyone knows if and how i can burn the movie to cd and watch it on my dvd player all answers are appreciated. also if you know of any programs that will help me do this i am open to all suggestions. thanks.

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  • please help! Mya pup is sick!!!?

    my dog is usually playful and happy but for the past couple of days he has been losing his weight and wont play at all and all he does is lay there with a sad look on his face. he pooped out alot of blood there was no poop only blood. i know most people would tell me to take him to the vet but all the ones around here want payment up front and i dont have the money for that. i tried to give him to someone that could take him but no one wants him because of what is wrong with him. he is about 4 months old and he has always been a healthy and playful pup. what could be wrong with him and what can i do to help? all answers are very appreciated! thanks

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  • anyone who likes good movies......?

    i have always been a huge fan of horror. but until now, horror is all i would watch. i watched a couple of drama movies lastnight and i loved them. i watched...the notebook, and reign over me. i liked the way they were sad love stories. do you know any more drama movies that relate? thanks.

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  • anyone who saw all of the cube movies.....?

    are there more?

    i have seen cube 1

    hyper cube

    and cube zero.....are those the only ones?

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  • if you love horror movies...?

    please give me a suggestion of a horror movie to watch that has come out within the past couple of months. thanks. i like slasher movies, ghost movies, movies with a twist (but has to be horror) some examples of movies i like are...all saws, all stephen king, haunted boat, all txs chainsaw massacre, from hell, puppet masters, freddy, jason....stuff like that. so if you know any movies that are horror that has come out in the past 2-3 months, help will be appreciated. thanks again.

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  • where can i go to get stuff for myspace???

    i am looking for a website that has blogs that i can post for my friends to view. i am runnin out of stuff lol. any ideas of where i can go to get some blogs???

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  • need help with title of horror movie...?

    i saw it a long time ago. it is about a lady that has some kind of disease and she would pierce herself with different objects to keep herself from turning into a cannibal because pain kept her human. i saw it several years ago and that is all i can remember of it. thanks

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  • where can i find a free....?

    download for something that will let me watch my movies that i have on my computer? i have quicktime, divx, and media player, is there anything else that is free that i can download to watch my movies? thanks!

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  • for people who has seen alot of movies...?

    i am trying to find some movies in any genre to watch with my cousin and her boyfriend. we are having a movie night and they are both very young and very jealous of eachother. sooo...i need to find a movie that has very few girls in it. lol. they are very young and all i want is your opinion of a movie that has few girls. im not looking for answers on how trust means everything and i know that it is really hard or impossible to find a movie that has few girls...if it was easy i wouldnt be asking on yahoo answers so people with the smart comments please just dont. but i will be greatful to anyone that can help. some examples of movies they have watched together with few girls are:


    amos and andrew

    planet of the apes

    doin life

    limoney snickets unfortunate events

    con air

    black sheep

    fire starter

    just things like that. thanks for the help

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  • 10 points to the one with the longest list of horror movies...?

    whoever has the longest list of horrors get the 10 points.

    saw 1, 2 or 3,

    jeepers creepers 1 and 2

    the ring 1 and 2

    the hills have eyes old or new version 1 and 2




    micheal myers

    house of 1000 corpses

    haunted boat

    ghost ship

    darkness falls

    wolf creek


    silence of the lambs



    alone in the dark


    hannible/cannible holocaust

    chronicles of riddick


    if i see one of those on the list it wont count as an answer. i am curious to find out who out there knows the most horror movies.

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  • need a good horror movie?

    when i say horror, i dont think the ones where someone going on a killing rampage is scary. i am more affraid of things i connot see. ghost movies are the kind i like. things like the ring, ghost lake, haunted boat, an american haunting...things like that. i have already seen the obvious ones like chucky, freddy, jason, the ring, texas chainsaw massacre, the exorcist........ it is so hard to find a "scary" movie because i have yet to find one that actually scares me. i dont like old timey movies. and i am beginning to believe they will never make a true scary movie. i was wondering if anyone could recommend a movie that they think may be a lil scary. i have seen the popular ones and the classic ones. so any help will be very much appreciated. thanks!

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  • anyone that plays virtual villagers...please help.?

    how do i teach them how to fish?? i cant figure it out. thanks

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  • please someone help with the title of this movie.?

    i watched a movie a while back and the name of it wont come to me. i can remember some parts about it. it is about a nice family and on into the movie the father abuses the daughter and molests her and things like that. i cant think of the name of it i know i didnt give much detail but if you know that movie or of a movie like that please share. thanks alot.

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  • need help from someone who is computer-smart...?

    i have programs installed on my computer and they are taking up alot of space. i want to remove some of them in my add/remove programs but i dont know what can be deleted. is there anyway for me to find out what can and cant be deleted from my computer without messing it up.....keep in mind that i know nothing about this kind of stuff and my computer is everex impact with windows xp home edition. thanks for the help.

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  • please help..need advice from someone that is homeschooling someone else!!?

    i am homeschooling my sister and i was wondering if you know of a FREE website for homeschool work that i can print off. i need all subjects and have already tried got any advice? how do you get the work for your student?

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  • need help with home school work!!!!?

    i am new at home schooling my sister. she is in the 9th grade and i need to get some 9th grade work. is there a website that i can go to to get FREE 9th grade worksheet printouts? thanks.

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  • in your opinion...what is the funniest movie you have seen?

    what is the funnies movie that you have ever seen in your life and why was it sooo funny?

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  • your opinion please!!!!?

    what is the funnies movie that you have ever seen in your life and why was it sooo funny?

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