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49 year old Father of two boys. Professional engineer, driver and Stock Controller. Amateur WW2 Historian with various credits for book research and published in various journals.

  • Single Engined Aircraft in Service for the whole European War?

    I`m just interested if anyone else can come up with any further examples.

    I know of 3 single engined offensive aircraft that were in front line service over Europe on the 3rd of September 1939 and which, later marks of, were still in front line service on May 8th 1945.

    I`m not talking last desperate attempts using obsolete aircraft in suicidal attacks but fully constituted front line squadrons in the ETO.

    Not spotters like the Lysander or Storch but offensively capable single engined aircraft.

    I`ll give you two of mine, the obvious ones. Spitfire and Me 109.

    I want to know if anyone can come up with the third.


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  • Do holocaust deniers wish to answer Nizkor's response to the 66 Questions of the IHR?

    The Institute for Historical Review has often distributed a Pamphlet entitled "66 Questions about the Holocaust"

    Nizkor has answered these questions here

    It is still awaiting a response from the IHR.

    I wonder if Black Rabbit, Kaps, or any other people of their ilk would care to pick a question or two and give a rebuttal?

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  • Would anyone like to join a WW2 study Group?

    I am looking for students to join a WW2 Internet Study Group.

    I enjoy teaching and helping with History.

    More than happy to help UK or International students. You can also all help each other with different viewpoints

    If we get enough people we can set it up as a Yahoo Group.

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