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  • confused about this girl help?

    me and her have been talking since july we only see each other once a week so things were moving slowly eventually it felt like she only wanted to see me if she needed something. so i told her i don't really want to see her anymore. just recently we started talking again and she comes to my house we cuddle for a bit she fell asleep on me. when she woke up she left as i walked her out we hugged and i tried to kiss her. she backed away..... didnt say anything and just drove away. i don't know what to make of this.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • why do all girls want to be "friends"?

    every girl when rejecting a guy or breaking up with them or anything like that say we can just be friends. But the thing women dont get is guys dont have girls who are just friends. they either want to have sex or date their friends that are girls.

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • how should i ask her out? thats if she likes me?

    me and this girl used to work together but when i quit due to the new job i got she asked me to give her my phone number so i could find her at youmacon if anyone knows what that is.... but we started talking on facebook we started hanging more and more this weekend i spent the night at her house saturday and sunday. she cuddled a bit but nothing past that im too shy to make a move and dont wanna get rejected. but im pretty sure she likes me we've hung out everyday for the last week. we've known eachother a few months because she was my boss she's 24 im 19 idk if i should wait a little longer to try anything or do something now. sorry for my awful spelling and grammar.

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  • this girl seems to be interested but has a boyfriend?

    she talks about her boyfriend but they have only been dating two months and we just met a week ago and she talks to me like she is single and extreamly interested. she always asks if i would have sex with her given the chance even has sent me pictures(immature i know i dont mind). do i have any chance with her or should i just give up. also every weekend her boyfriend dissappears and she seems to want to talk to me and hang with me alot more.

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  • is this even legal or is it just wrong?

    last week i call in to work(mcdonalds) and say i cant come in to work i have orientation for an online class it was 5 hours before my shift started. so the next day i come and am told im written up for a no call no show. i talk to the manager and she say you knew you had it you should have requested it off and i just gritted my teeth and took it. today i find my grandpa dies and said i need wedensday off for the funeral she didnt say anything other than bring a note from the home or your fired. those were her exact words nothing else. if feel she has to be doing something wrong as a manager or just a person.

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • My girlfriend is spotting what does that mean?

    she said the last time it happened was when she found out she was pregnant. so im like scared. and we used condoms yes i know theyre not effective 100% of the time but what are the chances of one not working?

    3 AnswersPregnancy9 years ago
  • tennis elbow help me please.?

    arm only hurts when i serve i just need a way to stop from getting it what should i do?

    4 AnswersTennis10 years ago
  • will round two of the play-offs be over tomorrow?

    i hope not but in all honesty i think it will happen.

    4 AnswersHockey10 years ago
  • she means the world to me but...?

    we dated for awhile but she broke up with me over a text saying she just wants to be single and only sees me as a friend this was around a month ago. now i find out shes dating some other guy. i try to distance myself from her but she sit right behind me in fifth hour for the next few weeks till i graduate.

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  • how can someone go from say i love one week to can we be just friends the next?

    week ago my girlfriend broke up with me over a text say that we should be only friends and that he feelings for me just went away.

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • i need her back what should i do?

    my girlfriend broke up with me without reason. i love her and need her back. today we were talking about sexual things over text then she just sends me "sorry ill text you tomorrow best friend." i would do anything for her. the reason she gave me for breaking up with me was that she just only sees me as a friend now. can you guys please give me some ideas on getting her back.

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  • anyone else think that yzerman just fell in to tampa bays sucess?

    if you look all the star players they had before he was even there only note able person he really signed was gagne. stamkos, hedman, lecavilae and st. louis were already there. i think he just came there and the organization had gotten lucky receiveing a first pick one year and a second the year after picking up stamkos and hedman. im a die hard wings fan and im happy that yzermans doing well just i think he got lucky with stamkos already being there.

    3 AnswersHockey10 years ago
  • would you rather have franzen or kane on your team?

    how would you rather have on your team?

    id take franzen hes good in the regular season but come playoff time i would go as far to say that hes one of the top playoff players today.

    9 AnswersHockey10 years ago
  • girlfriend broke up with me over text?

    why do people do that? It really just idek i just want your opinions on it.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • my girl friend just broke up with me how can i get her back?

    she means the world too me and i need her back. how could i go about trying to get her to like me? should i do something on v day?

    also she broke up with me over a text message what do you think when someone does that? and their excuse is its too hard for them.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • my girl friend is a nymphomanic and has a fetish that makes it awkward to start anything?

    she wants to do it bad but has a basicly rape fetish to where i have to force her to i dont feel comfortable doing that so how should i start with out feeling like im raping her? we have never had sex before either.

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • in yugioh can e-hero voltic bring back fusion monsters that have been removed from play?

    all e hero fusion use the words except by meaning they cant be special summoned from the graveyard even if they were special summoned the correct way. i read something on yuigoh wikia saying that removed from play monsters do not have effects does that mean the e-heros maybe special summoned by voltic or return from the differnt dimension?

    1 AnswerCard Games10 years ago
  • how come when republicans take office gas goes up 50 cents a gallon?

    anyone else notice that or was it just me? the price of gas will put an Immense strain on the economy and we'll probably hit a depression because of it.

    17 AnswersPolitics10 years ago
  • which are the hardest in the nhl?

    which is the hard confence, division, team, and defensive and offensive lines to play against?

    in my opinion it would be the western, central, wings, wings defence hardest to play against and the canucks offense to defend.

    5 AnswersHockey10 years ago