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  • What would your superhero be like?

    Tell me what your superhero traits (powers/skills/mutations etc) would be. Include the cover alter ego name and traits for that persona also.

    Be descriptive...serious or comical or ironic...whatever. 10 points to the best.

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  • If you could be any character from D.C. or Marvel universe, which would you be and why?

    Hell, even secondary or periphery characters...just explain why.

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  • Repo! The Genetic Opera - Are you excited about this film and why?

    My wife and I are flying to Atlanta for a special screening, so I thought to myself:

    "What do the "Ask" users of Yahoo-niverse think?"

    As you can tell, I am pumped for this...c'mon, the tagline of "Rock Horror meets Blade Runner" is enough to pop an eyebrow up for's aboot y'all?

    1 AnswerMovies1 decade ago
  • What is the meanest/funniest name you can think of to call someone?

    I have always been fond of two I cast about now and again:

    "c**kmouth" and of course "c*m gurgling bar groupie"

    Your own?

    3 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • A remake of "The Last Dragon" is being made...thoughts?

    From casting for 'Bruce' Leroy Green, to Eddie Arkadian or Laura Charles...what do you all think.

    Sho'Nuff is already cast...Samuel L. "The Man" Jackson!

    5 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • What makes someone think they are a Vampire?

    As a lover of the iconic Vampire in both myth and literature, I am always fascinated on boards such as Yahoo answers to see many proclaiming:

    "I am a Vampire!" when answering questions about what a Vampire "would do" if they existed.

    I am one who believes in the possibilities of the fantastic being reality, but the archetypal Vampire being real? I would love this immensely and might seek initiation if true, admittedly, but have to think it not. I have also heard the rationale that there are "emotional" and "psychic" vampires who force themselves into proximity and seep "energies" from people...this is interesting, so I would like a perspective both from a layman as well as a self-proclaimed and believing Vampire on that as well.

    Best (serious) answer gets 10.

    6 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • Interesting new additional sensory information?

    I, beginning recently, am seeing colors surrounding objects. The appearance is akin to the way a flame on low setting hugs the surface of a gas fireplace (sorry, best description I can give) and varies in color, but mostly blue, or a clear frame similar to vapors lately. I have long had abilities most do not, but this is a new one and coming at my age is somewhat surprising.

    Any thoughts, serious or otherwise, welcomed...serious preferred honestly

    4 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • Do you believe that Sydney Simpson has never showed any interest in her mother's murder?

    O.J. insists his daughter never asked nor showed the slightest inkling to know more about what happened...does anyone believe this is even possible?

    10 points to the most serious, thought-out answer.

    5 AnswersMedia & Journalism1 decade ago
  • What are some fun, "off the beaten path" things to do in Atlanta?

    My wife and I are looking at being in Atlanta from 11/14 (F) - 11/19 (W), and are looking at things to do in terms of alternative theater, comedy shows/improv, blues/jazz/creole clubs. We found a few great locations this way when we went to our second city of Chicago last year, so I hope the ATL natives can help some lost tourists enjoy your city even moreso than the CHI crowd helped us to. Tall order though...thanks in advance all!

    3 AnswersAtlanta1 decade ago
  • What "super (tag) team" is the greatest?

    When two individual stars, who got placed together to form a tag team (often against their will) they make what some call "super teams"...think Rock'n'Sock.

    Which of these is the best combo of all time?

    8 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • I asked this as an answer to another question...?

    ...but it seemed to warrant its own attention in my twisted little mind:

    Ok, so I have a carrot, a 7 foot length of robe, some warming sensation jelly, a sheep with it's back half sheared and wearing a ball gag and a "Rape Kit Barbie" with new fridge stored pap smear clamp accessory and new "Trauma Tear" actions so she weeps uncontrollably when you touch her. What will I be doing with all these?

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  • Hedwig or Frank-N-Furter?

    Whatever way you want to compare/contrast them...which is your favorite and why?

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  • Who do you think the best "alternative lifestyle" (gay/lesbian/TV etc)animated or sci-fi character(s) is(are)?

    Example: C-3PO and R@ are a commonly referenced sci-fi couple, cousin Jasper on Family Guy etc.

    Quotes from characters is a plus.

  • How do you stop mucocele growths?

    I have not used alcohol nor tobacco for over 6 years and continue to experience mucocele growths every other month or so. I removed one myself, and pop them when they come, but the ALWAYS grow back, though the one I cut out came back softer and not as wide.

    Any thoughts appreciated

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