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  • 2010 Horse of the Year?

    I was wondering who most people think should be voted Horse of the Year in this January's Eclipse Awards and why? I have a definite favorite, but I want to read your answers with an open mind.

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  • 2010 BC Classic - Will Zenyatta Win?

    I love Zenyatta and hope she does win, but she's going to have more obstacles than she did last year. (1) She apparently doesn't travel well and she has to go from Calif. to KY, (2) dirt is probably not her preferred surface, although it is the preferred surface of some of her competitors, (3) speed horses can run faster on dirt, than polytrack. So, this is going to affect her usual running style. Mike Smith usually keeps her very far in the back until he senses it's time to move. But, since the horses in front will be moving faster than in the races she usually enters, if Mike rides her the same he's going to end up with more lengths to make up. He may have to move sooner, (4) she's facing some tough competition - last year she got lucky and Quality Road was scratched at the gate - probably not going to happen again, Blame, Looking at Lucky and some of the others are going to make her work. That said, I really hope she wins. Just wondered what other people thought her chances were.

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  • Races on Sloppy Tracks?

    I know that some horses run well on sloppy tracks and others don't. And, I realize it's a pretty individual thing. But, I was wondering if there is any evidence that a sloppy track has more of a negative (or positive) effect on speed horses or closers?

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  • 2010 Comely Stakes - A. Dutrow v. Edgar Prado?

    Just wondering what people thought about Tony Dutrow firing and publicly reprimanding Edgar Prado for his ride in the Comely Stakes. After all, it was Fernando Jara who came in on Edgar, almost causing rider and horse to fall down. And, it was Jara who the stewards suspended. But, I suppose if Dutrow explicitly told Edgar to keep the filly on the outside, then Edgar was wrong.

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  • 2009 Horse of the Year.?

    So, who do you think it will be. Zenyatta or Rachel Alexandra (or someone else)? Please explain the reasons for your choice. Also, there are generally three names on the ballot. It's a sure thing that Rachel and Zenyatta will be there. Who could possibly be the third nominee? I have a strong opinion about this one, but I'm not going to disclose it. I want to keep an open mind and here what everyone else has to say. Thanks!

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  • 2009 BC Classic - Zenyatta?

    1.Just wondering if people think Zenyatta has a good chance of winning the BC Classic. Personally, I just don't see it happening. It's true she is undefeated against fillies and is one of the few horses who runs well (or has run at all) on a synthetic track. However, she has come very close to losing quite a few of her races. And her Beyer Speed figures are relatively low. It's true that synthetic tracks generally don't favor speed horses, but I just can't imagine her beating 12 formidable male competitors.

    2. Should Zenyatta win the BC Classic, do you think she should get HOY over Rachel Alexandra? Again, I don't. Rachel A. has run at a number of different tracks, at different distances, beaten both the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes winner and, finally, in the Woodward, beaten older males. Rachel A. definitely has my vote for HOY regardless of Zenyatta's performance in the BC Classic.

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  • Horse Racing Partnerships?

    Does anyone know anything about the horse racing partnership "R J Thoroughbreds"? I own a tiny percentage of the partnership that owns Ready's Rocket. Ready's Rocket is trained by Tim Glyshaw (a wonderful trainer-of course, he would be better if he were located in NY so I could meet Ready's Rocket in "horse") and ridden by Calvin BoRail (oops, a typo). The general partner of this partnership is "R J Thorougbreds."

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  • Rachel Alexandra and the Preakness?

    I just read that Lukas is going to enter Luv Gov (as well as Flying Private) and Zayat (I may have the wrong person) is going to enter Indy Express in the Preakenss. Luv Gov just won his maiden on Kentucky Derby Day and Indy Express is winnless in 9 starts. I never heard any intention of their owners or trainers to enter these horses until Asmussen stated he might run Rachel A. Since the Preakness is limited to 14 horses and horses that were nominated to the triple crown (both Luv Gov and Indy Express were nominated to the Triple Crown before the Derby) have priority over horses not pre-nominated. Rachel A. was not pre-nominated because her foirmer owner and trainer never had any intentions of running her in any of the triple crown races. Do you think that these trainers and/or owners are entering horses solely for the purpose of preventing Rachel A. from running. All the trainers did seem nervrous when word got out that she might run.

    Two follow-up questions: If Rachel A. does get into the Preakness, do you think she'll win.

    And, if Rachel A. doesn't get in, do you think the little Birdy can do it again (it didn't seem like his win was just luck or a fluke).

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  • Who will be 2008 Horse of the Year? ?

    It looks like it's going to be a close one between Curlin and Zenyatta. Just wondered who people thought should win and why. I'm definitely in the Curlin camp. Zenyatta's an amazing filly, but with the exception of one race (I believe) she's only raced in California and she's only raced on synthetic tracks. Despite Curlin's 4th place BC finish, he gave both the turf and a synthetic track a try. And, even though he didn't like the turf or synthetic surfaces very much, he did respectably in both races. I'm sure that if Steve Asmussen's goal for him had been to ensure that he win Horse of the Year for a second year in a row, he could have done it by playing it safe and only entering him in dirt races. Curlin's also raced all over the world, including Dubai (against the best horses in the world). And his earnings just topped Cigar's record (although I give this factor less weight since purses in races for fillies/mares are generally less than for horses/colts/geldings.) And purses have definitely increased since Cigar's racing days.

    I guess I should mention Big Brown in this question. Even though I'm not a big Big Brown fan, some people might think he deserves to be Horse of the Year.

    Also, does anyone know when Horse of the Year is announced?

    Thanks to everyone who provides an opinion.


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  • Can a horse/filly race in a Stakes Race if it hasn't won a maiden race yet?

    My understanding was that a horse and/or filly can't race in anything but a maiden race until he/she wins a maiden race. There is a two-year old filly named Pumpkin Shell (she's the most wonderful color orange you've ever seen) that has run in two dirt maiden special weight races in Saratoga this summer. She came in 2nd in the first race and 6th in the second. Today, October 1, 2008, she ran in the Grade 3, Miss Grillo Stakes, a turf race for fillies at Belmont. Unfortunately (because I bet on her) she only came in 5th. But, I was wondering whether my assumption was wrong. Can a horse or filly move beyond maiden races even if he/she has never won one?

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  • Ethical Question (Alan Garcia) and Horse Racing Picks (Big Brown?)?

    First, the easier one. Do people think Big Brown is going to win this newly created Monmouth Stakes. And, is running on turf the best way to transition to the BC which will be on polytrack? Wouldn't it make more sense to have him run a race at Santa Anita before the BC so he can get used to the track.

    I don't know if everyone is aware of this but Alan Garcia committed to ride a horse in Philly on Saratoga's closing day. When he saw that he was likely to win the Saratoga Meet, he told the trainer of the horse that he had committed to that he didn't want to ride him. I think this was a bad mistake on his part and is going to hurt him in the long run. Even if he hadn't won the Saratoga title this year because on one missed day, he still would have had an excellent record. But, the fact is even if he hadn't shown up at Saratoga he would have won the meet title. In any event, I believe that once you committ to ride a horse it's unethical not to follow through on that committment.

    Just wondered what other people thought.

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  • Digger - Why Entered in a $20,000 Claiming Race?

    Does anyone know why Rick Dutrow entered Digger, a horse who has won a number of Stakes Races, in a $20,000 claiming race? Of course he got claimed. I thought perhaps there was something wrong physically with Digger, but he won that claiming race and then he just won a starter handicap at Saratoga last week. Any ideas as to what Mr. Dutrow was thinking?

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  • Rick Dutrow, Jr.?

    Just wondering what other people think about Rick Dutow's super confident manner. I think Rick Dutrow is an excellent trainer who puts his horses well-being ahead of winning races (as evidenced by the length of time he gave Big Brown to recuperate from his quarter crack last year which was more serious than the current one). However, he can be pretty confident (another word that comes to mind is arrogant). I used find him annoying, but now I think he's just an amusing guy. I was curious as to other peoples' opinions of him. Especially the fact that he has made negative comments about other horses and trainers.

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  • Adriano - Edgar Prado's choice for the Kentucky Derby?

    Prado had a choice of riding Tale of Ekati, Monba or Adriano in the Kentucky Derby. He chose Adriano. In doing so, he did state that one of the factors was loyalty to H.G. Motion. He rides for Motion quite a bit and rode Adriano before Tale of Ekati or Monba were real contenders for the Derby. But, do you think that this was the only reason. Or, do you think Adriano has as good a, or better, chance of winning than the other two. Also, who are your favorites this year?


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  • Follow Up Question to Favorite Trainers/Jockeys?

    Thanks to everyone who answered my previous question. This one deals with specific jockeys/trainers. With the exception of Linda Rice (who I am asking about for different reasons), I am asking specifically about these individuals because I have heard contradictory things about them. They seem to inspire love/hate relationships. If you know them personally or have had a chance to observe them over time, I'd love to hear your opinions. What do you think of:

    1. Linda Rice, trainer

    2. Garrett Gomez, jockey - I think he's an excellent rider and I'm inspired by the way he overcame his problems with substance abuse, however, I have heard opposite opinions with respect to whether he is too arrogant.

    3. Kent Desmoreaux

    4. Corey Nakatani

    On another subject, is Edgar Prado on vacation until Gulfstream opens? Haven't seen him listed to ride since his wonderful day at Laurel last weekend (wins on Benny the Bull, Cowboy Cal, Crimson Comic and Hot Sunrise). Yeah Edgar!

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  • Favorite trainers and/or jockeys?

    I'm just curious who peoples' favorite trainers and jockeys are and why. Do you care more about how well they treat their horses or how much they win? I'm particularly interested in trainers and jockeys who are currently active or only recently retired.

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  • Has anyone taken any of the tricyclics? And have they helped?

    I'm now in my 40s and have been depressed since I was in junior high. The first antidepressant I tried, Prozac, worked great for 5 years. But, then it stopped working. I've gone back and tried it at other times but it hasn't worked. None of the other SSRIs have worked. My doctor is considering putting me on a tricyclic. Has anyone who wasn't helped by the SSRIs actually helped by a tricyclic? If so, which one?

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  • When will Edgar Prado be able to ride again? Will he be riding in any Breeders' Cup races?

    Prado broke his ankle after coming in 2nd with Admiral Bird late in the Saratoga Meet. He was supposed to be sidelined for at least six weeks. He now has the cast off and is going to physical therapy.

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