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  • Latin American films for teens?

    I love foreign Latin American films and Spanish ones too, but I can't find good ones that target youths or young adults. The actors don't necessarily have to be around 17, but rather films that you think teens or young adults will like. Do you have some that you recommend?

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  • I look "too young" for college?

    Hello, I am going to be an incoming college freshman this Fall 2014 and I'm very worried.

    I have been looking at Youtube videos of college freshmen and one thing that I noticed was that they looked incredibly mature! I am an 18-year old Asian girl, 5'3, 97lbs; I've been told I have a "baby face" and I am usually mistaken as a 14-16 year old. I'm very shy, my voice is slightly high, and I have a naive personalty. I am kind of intimidated by them and I'm scared that they'll think I look like a kid. Plus, I love wearing this Japanese fashion where everything is "cute and girly", therefore accentuating my youth. I don't like make-up and "mature" clothing, but cute and innocent-looking ones. How do you think other college students will perceive/react to me, looking like a kid? What should I do to fix it?

    Do things get stolen frequently in a college dorm? My mother assumes so. How can I prevent getting my stuff stolen without my roommate thinking that I don't trust her? I don't want to keep on storing my phone and my laptop every time I go out and I'm sure my roommate would be kind of mentally bothered by it too.

    Thank you!

  • What is the plot summary of "Rapture's Witness" by Tim La Haye?

    A brief summary of what it's about and the themes please.

    Does the book have religious things as well?

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  • How to remove melted candy in my Louis Vuitton bag?

    Okay, I like to store a lot of food and candy everywhere in my bags. I guess when we travelled to Hawaii or the Philippines, the candy melted and hardened.

    How do I clean it up? It's quite hard to remove because it hardened and is now stuck.

    Or if I can't do it, where can I go--in California-- to get my bag fixed?


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  • Good books for teen girls in Spanish?

    I have taken Spanish for several years and have read a couple of literature, like "Cronica de Una Muerte Anunciada." I want to expand and read more books, but just your normal fiction novel for young girls--fresh, recent, romance, comedy, and stuff. I am alright with reading an "average" book in Spanish, but hopefully nothing too complex (i.e really old SPANISH Spanish (I'm more familiar with Latin American Spanish) and those with a very high use of colloquial language/slang that only natives would understand).

    Which books would you recommend? If there are some with a high use of vocabulary or slang, please still include them and maybe a note regarding this. Thank you very much!

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  • Where I can buy art online? (Anime-ish type)?

    Traditional art, digital etc. The art doesn't have to be strictly anime, but that kind of sort/style. It can also be stuff that are cute/weird/creepy, but like semi-cartoony.

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  • Is the term "gay" only used for guys or can they be used for lesbians too?

    Can you call lesbians and bisexual girls "gay" or only guys? I thought you could, but someone said you couldn't and that the term "gay" is solely for men and not lesbians.

  • Roll on stamp to hide my address on mail envelopes?

    I am really lazy and tired of getting a pair of scissors and cutting my name and full address every single time I receive a mail envelope. My father is incredibly serious about security and so I can't throw away an envelope with my name and address without shredding it.

    Is there an easier and faster way to remove/cover my address on the mail envelopes? I have seen the roll-on stamps that specifically do this, but I cannot find the link. Thanks a lot!

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  • Where can I buy preppy Men's shorts with smaller sizes?

    Good morning, I want to dress more preppy, but I am having a hard time finding Men's polos and especially shorts that are my size. This is an example of the type of shorts that I like:

    I am a 17-year old girl, 5'4, and around 100 lbs. By female pants/shorts size, I am also a 0 or 2, depending on the brand. Which men's shorts size am I?

    I don't like girl's long, preppy shorts at all. I don't like the look of them nor do I like the fit around my hips. Do you guys know where to find preppy men's shorts that are around my size? I don't mind getting one that's around a size bigger and if all else fails, I'll just buy the smallest size and get it tailored. Thanks a lot!

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  • Is Levi Heichou actually French?

    Some people say yes and some say no, but is there an actual proof that he is or are people simply guessing that he's French? If Heichou really is French, can you please give me the links to the proof? Thanks!

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    Do you think I should buy this school bag for college?

    I really like this Japanese school bag and I was wondering whether you guys think I should buy it or not. Technically, it's for little kids but I just love the color and it's so cute! I am planning on using it as a casual bag and maybe for college (I'm 6 months away from going to college).

    Do you think it's cute or weird for a future-college girl to be wearing this?

    Should I buy this or not? Why? I really want to, but I don't want people to think of me as a childish freak and just waste $400 for this school bag while people secretly hate it.

    My mother refuses to buy it and says it will look stupid on me, so I will pay for the bag myself. On the other hand, my maid just came into my room to watch TV with me, I asked her about the bag, and she said that it looks really cute and that I should buy it, but it's too expensive. Since I'll be paying for the bag, price isn't really an issue for me in terms of whether or not it is "adequately worth" $400. Thank you!

  • What do to/where to visit in a California summer road trip with friends?

    My friends and I study in an international school in Asia, but we're all from different parts of the world. All of my friends are going to have a senior road trip to 5 other countries, but the two people that I am going with want to come along with me back to California, which is where I'm originally from before they leave for Europe for their own college.

    I want to tour them around, but I haven't lived there in several years so where should we go in our California summer road trip? Are there some good destination spots for tourists? My friends and I are all girls, 17-18 years old and we are doing this right before we go to our separate colleges.

    What would be some fun things to do during the summer during our road trip? We're all going to Disneyland and Six Flags, but I don't know what else is there to do/go. Thanks!

    Also, do you know some trustworthy websites where we can hire a driver for around a week to drive us around California? This is because my friends are all rich and pampered, so none of us know how to drive because we have drivers, but they just somehow want to have a road trip with me when I go back to California. Thank you!

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  • When I get my new iPhone, what will happen to the apps on my old iPhone?

    I am asking my dad to buy me the iPhone 5s, but what will happen to the apps on my old iPhone?

    Do I have to re-download them again?

    What will happen to my purchased apps?

    What will happen the SCORES/file game on my apps? If I can transfer my old apps to my new phone, will the scores be reset?

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  • Can you explain what chickens symbolize in literature?

    Please don't just explain in around two sentences, but a full and deep analysis. Thank you!

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  • During a connecting flight, can I stay in that country for 3-10 days before going to my destined country?

    I live in California and I want to visit the Philippines during summer time or Christmas, but I will be probably stopping by Japan first before taking a connecting flight to the Philippines. However, I can only stay in Japan for like around 2 hours before my connecting flight plane thing arrives and I was wondering if I can stay in Japan for 3-10 days to hang out with my friends before going to Manila, which is my original destination. Can I do that?

    If I can, around how much will it cost? Please include where you got your information from. Thank you!

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  • Do you have to be skinny to wear a bustier top?

    The moment I saw this photo: I fell in love and it instantly made me want to buy a bustier top and pair it with a skater skirt. Since I'm told that I'm kind of chubby by some people (I'm almost 100lbs now, 5'3, and I'm 17), I feel really reluctant and self-conscious about wearing one and how my stomach fat would ruin everything. I am completely serious about this. Will having a fat stomach look really bad while wearing that outfit posted above or should I try to lose some weight first?

    Also, what is the correct bustier top size for a person with 32B and a 25" waist? Thanks a lot!

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  • What does the quote "The world is on a diagonal... I am the balancing point" mean?

    It was said by Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3

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  • Would these outfits be considered "inappropriate" in Japan?

    I'm from California and everyone here basically dresses a certain type of clothes casually, but I might be going to Japan so I would like to know whether my clothes will be appropriate or not. In terms of "appropriateness" I mean generally speaking, like in the streets of Tokyo or something; please indicate yes or no for each outfit style and maybe a little explanation as to why or why not. Thank you!


    2) (whole outfit)

    3) (or any pot-related clothes)

    How do you think other people will react to these types of outfits? Will they think I'm some sort of prostitute, yell at me, get in trouble or will they simply look down on me because where I'm from, these casual clothes are normal and very common.

    5 AnswersJapan7 years ago