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  • My boyfriend cheated with an escort?

    Hey guys a week ago I found out my boyfriend had sex with an escort and I think this is something he may have been doing for a while. The way I found out was interesting and crazy. We lived together up until a month ago, decided to get an apartment because I felt we needed a little space from time to time especially since he can be fussy sometimes. I 

    would still come over where I lived. I didn’t get settled into the new apartment yet. Last week we were laying in bed, it was around 3am and we were having a conversation,

      he then started complaining that it’s too late and he’s not in the mood to talk. The way he way he said it made me feel really uncomfortable so I told him since he’s that upset I could leave although it’s super late. I then left (4am) and went to the new apartment but once there and trying to go to sleep there was an extremely loud sound that just wouldn’t go off, I’m still not sure what it was, but as much as I didn’t want to, I jumped in the car and headed back to the other apartment and once I got there he was gone. His shorts were in the middle of the floor, you could tell he showered. I was shocked but new something was definitely up. I waited up and he got back at 7am and was shocked to see me 

    and confessed that he saw an escort. I couldn’t believe it. Demanded he get checked and we did. A week later and he’s trying to tell me it’s not an addiction and that he can stop wants to contemplate marriage and buy a home together. What do you guys think?

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  • When is the appropriate time to start dating again when you're pregnant?

    I will be 4 months pregnant on Friday, and as I mentioned in my previous post, I'm no longer with my child's father because I'd found out he was unfaithful with 3 different women during our relationship. And I'm not worried and anxious to date again, but sometimes I do get lonely and I do want to date again. But being that I'm pregnant I do wonder what do you guys deem as a good time to start dating again? Ps: I'm 19(will be 20 next month), I don't know if that matters but yeah..any answer will be greatly appreciated!

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  • Would a guy settle down with a pregnant woman?

    I'm about 3 months pregnant with my first child and me and the child's father are no longer together. I know I'm foolish for having a kid outside of wedlock which I'm reaping the consequences. But I do wonder would a good guy be willing to date someone that is pregnant with someone else's child?

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  • Are there guys out there that doesn't cheat?

    After just experiencing infedelity in my first real relationship, I do wonder are there guys that are fully committed, or is it a fantasy to expect a guy not to cheat. I've talked to several people that are all older than me (women) and they all told me that all men cheats. Is this really true? I'd love to hear from men as well.

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  • My boyfriend cheated on me 3 times with 3 different girls, should I give him another chance if he's sorry?

    We've been together for almost 2 years. I just found out I was pregnant a month ago and he seemed very excited, and he wanted for us to get married.Things were seemingly going fine, he would always send "I love you" text messages, but 2 weeks ago he had came by and confessed to me that he cheated on me a week before that. I was distraught. I didn't see it coming. He told me that he met the girl and within 2 days he had sex with her (at a hotel), and that he used a condom and she performed oral sex on him. I was upset at the betrayal, but more at how he tried to cover up what he did by sending me romantic text messages when he was cheating. I got the girl # from his phone and called her the next day to make sure the story was adding up and she was very polite and told me that my boyfriend also performed oral sex on her and had unprotected sex with her. That to me was more disgusting than the actual intercourse. At first he denied what the girl told me, but then he admitted it and confessed that he cheated on me with 2 other girls prior to her earlier this yr. I was very upset with him and it still bothers me but he claims he will not do it again if I give him another chance. But he doesn't sound very remorseful, or maybe he is but doesn't show it well. And I'm upset that this had to happen while I'm pregnant. I'm so confused. Idk what to do. Btw I'm 19 and he's 23. Please give me some insight. Do you guys think the relationship is repairable?

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