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  • is moving in with my bf in a bachelor suite a good idea?

    My boyfriend and I have been together for about a yr and a half. He wants me to move in with him but he lives in a one room bachelor suite. I'm terrified we'll get sick of each other and need space to ourselves. Anyone have any advice on how to get time away from each other or how we will stay sane while being around each other 24-7? thanks!

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  • I need help naming an album, any creative thoughts?

    I've made a dark tech house album and I am having a hard time naming it. It combines dark house with a touch of vocal progressive house. The album design is traffic themed, blurred colors and lights. I'm thinking of some sort of wordplay with traffic or some sort of wordplay using dark and light words (ex. midnight dawn) something like that (except not so lame) . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Taking the bus in Montreal? Help I'm scared!?

    This is kind of a silly question.. I recently moved to Montreal and I have never taken the bus before. How does the system work?? If I'm paying cash is it simple? Is it possible to get a transfer ticket so I can take another bus?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Can someone please correct my french grammar?

    Could someone please read over this and find the obvious mistakes? I would be GREATLY appreciated, I am horrible at french :(

    Ma Meilleure Amie

    Je connais ma meilleure amie depuis huit ans. Elle s’appelle Jenny, elle est également appelée Jen. Elle a dix-neuf ans et habite à Calgary. Elle habite avec notre amie, elle s’appelle Rebecca. Jenny est Français, bien que elle ne parle française. Elle parle anglaise. Jenny travaille dans un resto-bar, elle est un serveur. Elle est allée à l'école pour esthétique. Elle travailler comme esthéticienne, mais n'a pas comme il. Elle a deux frères aînés. Ils sont très proche de Jenny, Ils’ adore elle.

    Jenny a les cheveux blonds et raides. Elle a les yeux bruns, mais elles ont verres de contact bleu. Elle est petite, elle mesure cinq pieds un pouce. Nous sommes très similaires en apparence. Jenny adores la mode et le maquillage, comme moi. Nous sommes très similaires intérêts. Jennys style est très cher et beau. Elle adore shopping pour des chaussures. Jenny a beaucoup des chaussures !

    Jenny est en bonne santé. Elle est végétarienne. Elle a été végétarienne pour dix ans. Elle mange des légumes, des fruits, du pain, des céréales et des produits laitiers. Elle adore le chocolatée. Elle fait de la danse le hip-hop. Elle va à une danse classe chaque semaine. Elle est très bonne à danser. Alors, elle est plus sportive que moi.

    J’adore la personnalité de Jenny. Elle est très comique, populaire, loyale, charmante, sincère, talentueuse, originale et intelligente. Elle est très drôle, elle me fait souvent rire. Qu’elle est la plus belle de mes amis. Jenny me manque. Voilà! Mon amie que j’aime.

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  • How can i stop my eyes from watering ASAP?!?

    I have important plans and my eyes keep watering and my makeup keeps running. What can I do?!

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  • what actions taken by national leaders contributed to the outbreak of the second world war??

    Yep grade 12 essay question and I have noooooooo clue..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks :)

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  • What are some good long distance relationship songs??

    Anything but country!


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  • How much should i cut back when dieting??

    In the past I've struggled with anorexia. I've gained weight and I don't want to go back to the unhealthy and destructive lifestyle. I'm 18, 5'2 and Im around 120-130 pnds. I want to lose 10-20 pnds which would put me at a healthy weight which i could be happy with. I want to diet and excersize but I'm not sure how much is too much?? I eat around 1600 calories a day which was recomended by a nutritionist when I was severely underweight. I want to reduce the amount of calories but I dont know what is too much. Any advice on how to lose in a healthy way??

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • How can I smuggle alcohol into grad and aftergrad??

    At my grad and after grad I need to sneak in some booze. Im a girl so what would be the best way to do it without getting caught. They're doing pat downs, checking bag and coats. Is there ANY way?? Thanks

    15 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • How can I get rid of dark circles?

    I've had really dark circles under my eyes my whole life, no matter how much sleep I get. I have to wear tons of concealer to cover them up. I've tried tons of "tricks" but none seem to work. What can I do??

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  • Can my boyfriend be just friends with a close friend he's attracted to?

    My boyfriend has a really close friend who's a girl. She has a boyfriend too but she claims she trusts my boyfriend more then her own boyfriend. She comes to him for advice and they have really deep conversations. My boyfriend has said that he thinks shes attractive and has a "really nice body". He also said that if me and him werent going out he might date her. He says he loves me and he would never do anything but I'm still really jealous. Should I be upset or am I overexaggerating??

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  • Why is unprotected sex so bad??

    I'm planning on having sex with my boyfriend for the first time pretty soon. I've been on the pill for about a month. We're both virgins and he hasnt been with any other girls sexually. So why is it bad to have sex without a condom if we know we both dont have any sort of STD?

    13 AnswersSTDs1 decade ago
  • How can a recovering anorexic start to lose weight the healthy way?

    Im recovering from anorexia and gained about 20 pounds. I weighed around 85 at my lowest. I feel digusting right now and I want to lose weight but Im scared I'll fall back into my old habits. I feel unhealthy and fat and I want to lose it the healthy way but Im not sure how I should start.

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  • nauseated after smoking weed? normal?

    I've tried smoking weed a couple times but I always feel like I'm gonna throw up after taking a hit. Could I be allergic or whats the deal????

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