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  • what are the worst hard core science fiction movies?

    Most science fiction movies are more fantasy than science. I tried thinking of hard core science fiction movies, and every one I thought of is considered "a classic". Are there any science fiction movies that had good science yet sucked otherwise?

    Please note, I am NOT asking for science fiction movies that had crappy science! I am asking for crappy science fiction movies that had the science right!

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  • What is the most important demand Wall Street Protesters should ask for?

    There are a lot of demands being thrown around in the Wall Street Protests. Many I've seen are totally unrealistic and have no hope of ever being achieved.

    What is the most important demand that Wall Street Protesters should ask for.

    Best answer should be realistic. It should be achievable. It should be something that 99% of Americans would support.

    I think one should be...

    The following Supreme Court rulings must be overturned: That Corporations have the same rights/privileges as private citizens. That private property can be taken from citizens and given to Corporations under Eminent Domain. That Corporations can donate unlimited sums of money to political campaigns.

    Voting machines MUST generate a paper trail and allow for simple auditing against fraud.

    Institute the use of run-off voting in national elections.

    If you like one of my ideas, please use it/vote it up.

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  • What would happen if...?

    You put a small pressure cooker inside a larger pressure cooker and put it on a hot stove. Would food cook any faster in the smaller one?

    (I would say "no" and predict the pressures would be equal in both so the temps would be the same too-but want to see if my understanding is correct)

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