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  • What does this quote mean to you?

    "i'm afraid if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning" - Andy Warhol. I know what i think it means but i'm just curious on other peoples opinions. Thanks!

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  • which college should i attend?

    Okay so i have gotten accepted to 6 schools but i have narrowed it down to 3 that i want to actually attend. I have been accepted into the nursing programs at UMass Amherst and UMass Dartmouth. And also into the physical therapy or nursing program at Quinnipiac University. Out of these three which has the best academics and all around college appeal?

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  • Pharmacy vs. Nursing school?

    Hi, i just want some advice on which i should attend. I am a senior in high school and have already been accepted to both programs at a few different schools. My mom and aunt are both nurses and are telling me i should go to pharmacy school because of the significant amount of money a pharmacist makes. However, i feel like i would like the nursing profession more, and i am also really worried about the curriculum of a pharmacy major because from what i have heard it is incredibly difficult and a lot of chemistry which is not my best subject. Should i go for a job that makes a lot of money and hard schooling or a job with decent money and less difficult schooling?

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  • Can i get into a Pharmacy Program?

    Hi, I am a highschool senior who is going to be applying to schools in the next month or so. I really want to get into an 0-6 pharmacy program, preferably Northeastern University. I have a 96.5 GPA, am in the top 5% of my class, got a 1720 on my SATS (not great i know, retaking them in october) and have a decent amount of extra curriculars and work experience. What are my chances of getting into a program?

  • What does it mean when people say...?

    okay i feel stupid but what does it mean when people say they "smoked a duke" or they like "smoking dukes". What is a duke?!

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  • help, relationship is getting boring and i dont want it to!?

    My boyfriend and i have been together for almost 6 months. Although we talked and were interested in eachother but never did anything about it and just lived the single life for a whole year before we went out. However we always kept coming back to eachother which is why we finally went out. We are extremely close and know everything about eachother. But lately i have extremely mixed feeling about everything and i hate it cus i really do love him and cant picture my life without him cus he is the one i turn to when i need to talk to someone. Lately our relationship seems boring to me. We never know what to do anymore. We just watch a movie and end up hooking up. We dont even talk as much cus we know everything. What should i do?

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  • did you think he get a b0ner?

    tonight i was making out with this guy for a long time and i was on top of him and while we were making out he was grabbing my butt and putting his hands up my shirt and grabbing my boobs and started breathing heavy and kind of kept adjusting his lower half kind of pushing it up against me. at one point i pulled away a little bit and just looked him in the eyes and he still was breathing heavy. did i give him a b0ner?

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  • Can a relationship where the two people are complete opposites work?

    Ever since this guy and I danced together at a school dance i feel a connection with him everytime i am around him. The first time i ever talked to him was at the dance. He is a junior, and i am a sophomore. He is part of the popular group of guys in his class, is pretty boy gorgeous, has lots of money, and is a HUGE party-er (drinks and smokes weed), and does not try very hard in school. I am completely opposite of this. I am at the top of my class, try extremely hard, and although occasionally party its not something i have to do. We talk all the time now and flirt but i don't know if he is just a player, or if anything could ever happen since we are so different. We have kissed twice and i really like him.

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  • What do you think the chances of...?

    what do you think the chances of their being a snowday tomorrow in berkshire county located in western Massachusetts are?

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  • homecoming dance tomorrow?!?

    okay so my best guy friend asked me and i agreed to go. i am regretting it tremendously though. He is really akward when it comes to dancing and does not dance. And in addition to this i just found out from his best friend that he likes me as more than a friend. Would t be alright to dance with other people at the dance?? because i love to dance and he isn't much of a dancer. But i am afraid i will hurt his feelings because he is my best guy friend, and i don't want him to be offended if i dance with other people.

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  • help! Intrepreting this poem?

    There were never strawberries

    like the ones we had

    that sultry afternoon

    sitting on the step

    of the open french window

    facing each other

    your knees held in mine

    the blue plates in our laps

    the strawberries glistening

    in the hot sunlight

    we dipped them in sugar

    looking at each other

    not hurrying the feast

    for one to come

    the empty plates

    laid on the stone together

    with the two forks crossed

    and I bent towards you

    sweet in that air

    in my arms

    abandoned like a child

    from your eager mouth

    the taste of strawberries

    in my memory

    lean back again

    let me love you

    let the sun beat

    on our forgetfulness

    one hour of all

    the heat intense

    and summer lightning

    on the Kilpatrick hills

    let the storm wash the plates

    -- Edwin Morgan

    i am not sure how to intrepret this and i have to write a response on the different symbolism in it. Can someone please help me to understand what this is saying?

    1 AnswerPoetry1 decade ago
  • 90's Nickelodeon Show?!?

    Does anyone remember the name of a show that was on Nickelodeon in the 90's where this girl could like turn into this goo stuff and go under doors and stuff?

    17 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago
  • to kill a mockingbird??

    okay i have to have 20 quotes from this book that fit under any of these three catergories: Humerous quotes, profound/philisophical quotes, or prejudiced/discriminating quotes. I have 13 so far. IF anyone who has read the book could you help me by telling me some quotes with page numbers? thankss!

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  • is this an ok weight??

    i am 5' 2" and weigh 102. In january i weiged like 96. so i have gained like 6 pounds and have not grown at all height wise. i am just concerned about my weight. = (

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • If you have read "touching Spirit Bear" by Ben Mikaelsen....PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!?

    ok in school we read a book about indians called "the light in the forest." We then were told to get a historical fiction book about indians. Are assignment is to read it and compare the indians in both books in a book report. It is due monday. I chose Touching Spirit bear for my book. the thing is...i am on page 75 and there has not been one mention of an indian tribe!!! are there indians in this book?? i am freaking out because i have to get my report done and if this book doesn't have indians i don't know what i am going to do... PLEASEE tell me if this book has Indians in it or not!!!

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  • Edit photos??

    hi i would like to purchase a software to edit digital photos. I would like it to be $100 or less. What i am looking for most is a software where you can change the colors of people's eyes and color effects on the backgrounds. and also be able to correct wrinkles, pimples, red eyes, etc. what would you recommend?

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  • First Kiss?!?!?

    ok so i am 14 and have never had my first kiss. Well tomorrow i know for a fact that this giy that i have been hanging out with is going to kiss me. He is 15 and i know for a fact that he is experienced. So how exactly do i kiss?!?!?! pleaseeee help!!!!!!! thanks!

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  • What are the chances of...??

    What are the chances of it being a snowday for Pittsfield Massachusetts? i am just wondering because i just got home froma 4 hour practice and have a ridiculous amount of homework to do and am wondering if i should take the chance of not doing some of it...thankss

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  • Is this bad?? there is this guy that likes me and asked me out. I told him no that i think we should get to know eachother more first since i have only hung out with him like twice. Well lately we have been hanging out a lot more and i have gotten to know him......and his friend. I can't help it but i have feelings for his friend. Is this bad? Should i tell him my feelings? or would that hurt the feelings of the guys who actually likes me? i don't know what to do.

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