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  • Looking for a new game for my Vita to hold me over till Playstation All Stars. Suggestions?

    I have had a Vita since launch and have four games: Uncharted, Rayman, Mortal Kombat, and Metal Gear Solid. I got payed yesterday and will be upgrading to a bigger memory card. I am really excited for PS Allstars, but thought I'd get something to play in the mean time. As far as games I am interested in I was thinking Escape Plan, Little Big Planet, Retro City Rampage, or Sound Shapes. I like retro feeling games, shooters, Platformers, and RPG's, but would just like anything fun. I'm sure Little Big Planet is awesome, but I never got into the psp one and am worried i'd be wasting the money. If you have any insight to these games or any other suggestions let me know!

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  • Looking for help with my car trip survival kit.?

    Next week I will be going on a five day car trip with eight hours of driving each day. I really do not like car trips so I typically like to get a game or a movie to keep myself entertained. I will be bringing my laptop as well as my 3ds and my vita. I currently have the first season of Adventure Time and the last season of Breaking Bad which should keep me occupied for a while; however my laptop battery will not last eight hours each day. So when i'm not watching something I plan to play a game (which will probably be what I spend most of my time doing). I have 40 dollars to spend on a game and I was thinking either Kingdom Hearts ddd or the Metal Gear Solid Collection. Metal Gear and Kingdom Hearts are easily two of my favorites from the PS2. I have the HD collection on ps3 but have not finished either of them. I really cannot decide which game to get and I would really appreciate some input to help make this decision easier; is the new KH easy to get lost in for hours or should I just stick with Metal Gear?

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  • Metal Gear Solid Snake eater 3d impressions?

    While I never experienced the metal gear solid games when I had a ps2, I picked up the HD collection for my ps3 during the holidays. I really enjoy all the games, especially snake eater. I may be going on a trip to texas pretty soon and I am thinking about buying Snake Eater 3d and a circle pad pro (I also have resident evil). I am wondering if anybody who has played the game can provide me with some insight, is the portable version of the game worth it for the portability; or should I just wait for something like Kid Icarus and stick with my HD collection?

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  • Super Mario 3D Land or Star Fox 64 3D ?

    As of now, I own Resident evil Mercenaries and Ocarina of Time for my 3ds, and I was wondering what game to get next. Anybody have any input?

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  • Need a good classic literature Book.?

    I do enjoy reading and would like to be an author one day, I am 15.

    and in my 10th grade english class we need to read a classic literature book like the scarlet letter or Dracula.

    I have already read: To kill a mockingbird, Animal Farm, Frankenstein, The Scarlet letter.

    I am a huge fan of gothic literature. Some of my favorite authors are Stephen King, Chuck Palahnuik, Edgar Allen Poe. I loved Frankenstein and Animal Farm, I also enjoyed the scarlet letter but disliked To Kill A Mockingbird. I like stories of fantasy, horror, Sci-Fi, and stories with double or hidden meanings. So if you have a few classics you think i would like please help me.

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  • What Chuck Palahniuk Novel should i read?

    Palahniuk is my favorite author and i would like to read more of his work, but I do not know what to read next please help.

    I have already read Fight Club and Haunted just to let any one who answers this question know.

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  • What 360 game should i buy?

    I got halo odst, assassins creed 2, rock band the beatles for christmas

    I was thinking about borderlands or tekken 6

    any one have any others?

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  • banshee on fable 2 mission stranded need help!!!!!!?

    I cant't beat the banshee on the mission stranded

    i killed all of its minions and now nothing hurts it and it wont summon more.

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