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three grandchildren. Graduated Wagner College, Staten Island.

  • I am the whistleblower, are you the whistleblower?

    POTUS threats, demands for the name, and death threats should encourage all true patriotic whistelblowers

    5 AnswersPolitics10 months ago
  • am I permanently barred from YA?

    I am being asked for personal details such as phone number that I am NOT willing to provide, after years of participating

    5 AnswersAbuse and Spam11 months ago
  • Should we ignore the scientific illiterates, cultists and scam artists who promoted Doomsday?

    Dozens of people falsely claimed NASA said the world would end, 3 days of darkness, invented a nonexistent planet, or misrepresented Mayan culture. My former professor posted some of their names here, and instead of apologizing or acknowledging their foolishness (or greed from the scammers) some complained to YA to have the list removed. I say the list is a good guide to people whose childish questions should be ignored in the future, and here I'm listing some of the worst offenders.

    Fay; Feasl Younger; Forrest; Finnick



    Rahul; Reilly



    Everyone who was listed was warned, and those saying they were younger than 16 years were deleted, as were a couple who convincingly claimed total ignorance or who apologized. The complainers are probably scam artists who were trying to stir up public panic in order to "sell books/kis on how to survive the total destruxtion of Earth".

    If this is deleted because of complaints, I will simply pos it again, highlighting the complainers as examples of those trying to conceal their culpability. Those marked with * above are prime examples of this already.

    8 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 years ago