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  • Granuloma on ear piercing!?

    Hi, I have a diagnosed granuloma on the back of one of my ear piercings. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to help get rid of it? I've read that warm compresses, possibly tea tree oil, and of course saline solutions / sea salt help. I've had one for maybe a total of 3 months and although it does look better then it was, I'm worried if it'll ever go away or if I should just remove my earrings. I have also read it may take months to fully heal/go away. I'm developing one on my other ear now too! 

    Skin Conditions4 months ago
  • Uneven Sternum?

    All my life I have had an uneven sternum. My right side, (if you're looking at me, your left) is raised while the other side sits lower. I tend to have some pain frequently when laying on one of my sides for too long. I'm curious if there is a name for this / if I should be getting it checked out. The difference between sides is fairly noticeable if laying on my back. Thanks!

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management1 year ago