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  • my dog won't take his medicine! please help!?

    He just got fixed and the vet gave us pain pills to give him. Since we've gotten him home he won't eat or drink. The vet said not to worry about giving him food tonight but he still needs his pain pill. He's whining so I think he's in pain and needs it but he won't take it. Any advice?

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  • is it wrong to not like your family?

    I'm not saying I hate my family. I love my family and would do anything for them, but sometimes I don't like them. I feel like if we weren't family I wouldn't like them at all and would probably never want to be around them. I still love them of course, they're my family. Is it wrong if I don't always like them though?

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  • Thoughts on this story?

    I asked this earlier but didn't get many answers and I really want some feedback so please give me your thoughts on this story. Thanks!

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  • what do you think of this story?

    Any tips to make it better? What did you like about it? What did you think of it?

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  • Do you have a sister and are you close?

    I'm just wondering because I have an older sister and we arent't close. So do you have a sister and are you close. If you aren't close are you ok with that? I mean does it bother you at all that you aren't or do you both just have your own lives and don't care?

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  • i want to be close with my brother?

    He's eight and i'm fourteen. We have an older sister too who's nineteen and i'm not close with her at all. We kinda of close for a year when I was seven but ever since then she's hated me. She gave me self esteem issues and made me feel like I wasn't good enough. It was complete hell until she moved out and it's still bad when she's around. I don't want to do what she did to me to my brother. How can I keep from doing that to him? Please help! I don't want him to see me the same way i see her.

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  • my friends are never there for me?

    Lately i've realized that my friends aren't really there for me. Whenever they're upset or have a problem I always let them cry on my shoulder. Once I stayed up all night on the phone with one of my friends because she was upset. But whenever I have a problem and try to talk to them about it they just say "I'm sorry." Then end the conversation. Sometimes if i'm upset and text them asking if I can talk to them about it they just don't answer. I don't know what to do about this. Any advice?

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  • help with audition for highschool play?

    We're having auditions for a play at our school tomorrow and I want to audition. But I don't know if I should. I'm a freshman so it'll be intimidating if seniors and juniors are auditioning too. And I need a one to two minute monologue to perform. Where could I get a monoluge like that? Also, what are highschool auditions like?

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  • Am i not a normal teenager?

    I just don't think I act like most teenagers. A lot of the teenagers at my school are immature and disrespect the teachers. I don't really do that though. I respect my teachers and I don't make fun of people or mock them like half my class does. And I just feel like I should be older than I am. Like I should already be an adult. Is this weird or does everyone feel like this? I'm confused about this.

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  • What to do if I don't have good friends?

    I have a lot of friends but most of them are just people I talk to at school or sometimes on facebook. We never hang out after school. And I have two main friends who I always hang out with. Or used to. I thought they were actually true friends but recently they haven't been acting like it. If we're ever all hanging out together they'll team up against me in anything. Even the smallest thing. And now they're harldy talking to me. What do I do?

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  • my friends are drifting away?

    over the summer i've felt like me and my friends are drifting apart. I'm not really sure what happened. When summer first started we were hanging out and having fun together but then toward the middle of July it all just stopped. One of my friends who would always text me and always have like five hour long text conversations quit texting me. And the other one kept coming up with excuses to not hang out with me. I know at least one of the reasons was a lie because I found out she was with one of her other friends the day I asked her to hang out. The first day of school was today and one of them wouldn't even talk to me and the other barely did. I don't know what to do. I get that maybe they're moving on but I don't want to just let us drift apart they're my best friends. And one of them is the best friend i've ever had. Help?

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  • i need a title for this story and character names?

    It's in the future and the presidents son is in danger so he hires a girl to protect him. The girl's lived on the streets on her life and has out run the cops at least a dozen times. He hires her because she's well known for being a great fighter. The presidents son and her hate each other at first but slowly start to love each other. Once they're sure they love each other they get in a fight and the girl quits protecting him and runs away. One of the gangs who wants to kidnap him take her instead and say if he doesn't surrender himself they'll kill her.

    What do you think a good title for this would be? And do you like the plot? Do you have any tips to make it better?

    I also need names for the main characters.

    The president- He only has one child and loves him but never says it. He doesn't like to show his feelings.

    The presidents son- He's a jerk and makes fun of anyone not as cool as him. He's never had a girlfriend because he doesn't see the point and doesn't believe in love.

    Girl hired to protect him- Lived on the street her whole life. She watched her parents and older brother get killed and since then has never let anyone see her cry. She's one of the best fighters and theives known.

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  • Can you help me out on a story idea?

    So I don't really have a main plot but I'm working on an idea. I want it to be different. You know how in romance books it's almost always the boy who saves the girl. I want it to be like the girl is hired to protect the boy. And it'll be either be in the future where he's the presidents son and she's an assassin or in the past and he's a prince that she has to protect. I just need some tips to getting the plot. And do you think it's a good idea to have to girl protecting the boy?

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  • How do I deal with this sister issue?

    I'm in high school and she's in college. My whole life she's treated me like **** and I just can't take it. If she's around I always feel insecure and like if I say one word she'll say something bad about it. She's been home all summer and I could take that because I was gone for a while. Last year she stayed in an apartment for college and only came home on the weekends. I could deal with that because I go with my dad every other weekend and some weekends with my friends. But this year she's staying at home so i'll be around her all the time. I don't know if I can take it! She's either yelling at me, making fun of me, or giving me disgusted looks when I pass her in the hallway. I don't even leave my room when she's home because she is always in the living room or kitchen and if I walk by her she'll say something mean. When she was still living at home for highschool it was terrible. A few times I thought of suicide and i'm scared if she's living at home again i'll go down that road again. Some times I can't be happy when she's around. I don't know how to deal with this. Please help! And thanks in advance.

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  • how do i get rid of this?

    There's this search bar called Search Here on my broswer and it won't got away. I went to tools and removed it but it's still there. And when I go to msn and hit hotmail to check me email it goes to a blank page. I don't know what to do! The blank page it goes to is Search Here. How do I get rid of it?! Please help!

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  • How long can you go without washing your hair after...?

    How long can you go without washing your hair after you get it done? I'm going today to get it trimmed and while i'm there i'm going to have them wash it and straighten it. And i'm going somewhere thursday and was wondering if I could wait that long without washing it again. Today's monday so it would only be two days because i'll wash it when I get back. Do you think I can wait until then to wash it again?

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  • Highschool drama club. I need some help?

    So school starts back in a few weeks and i'm going to sign up for drama club. But, my friend's older brother was in it and said almost every play is a musical. And I can't sing. So do I have to be able to sing well to be in a musical? Thanks in advance!

    3 AnswersTheater & Acting8 years ago
  • is big fish games a good place to buy games?

    I want to buy virtual families on it. If I do will it dowload to my computer? And if I just buy the one game do I have to pay monthly? Thanks

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • Do you think I could do this?

    Ok so i'm interested in getting a book published. I've loved writing my whole life and have been writing my whole life. Do you think I could send a page or two to a publisher to see if they'd be interested in publishing the finished project? I'm working on a story but it isn't done so I was wondering if I could do that to see if they'd want to. Could I?

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  • need help with a friend issue?

    Ok so I asked a question like this before but none of the answers helped.

    So I asked my friend to go to the movies and she said she'd ask her mom then text back. And like four hours later when we were supposed to go she hadn't texted yet so I texted asking if she could and she didn't answer so she didn't go. I know her phone didn't die because that night when I got home she was on facebook with her phone and I sent her a message asking why she didn't text back and she logged off so I don't know why she did that. We haven't been fighting or anything. The last conversation I had with her was the day before I asked about the movie. She wanted to go to a 1D concert but her parents said they wouldn't take her so I comforted her. I'm not sure what to do. Any tips?

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