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  • Brake lights?

    My 2009 chevy malibu lights go on and off without me pressing the brake pedal and the rear window brake light stays off and some times works and doesnt what could be causing this problem? Thanks for your help

    6 AnswersChevrolet10 months ago
  • Throttle body cleaning?

    I just cleaned my throttle body with a piece of rag and a little wd40 it was pretty greasy then i turned it on and the engine revs to aboout 4k rpm and it stays up until i put it on reverse or drive then i have to apply more pressure to the brakes when i come to a full stop cause it reves a little until the car comes to a complete stop what happened im getting frustrated!

    8 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs2 years ago
  • Did i get a good deal or no deal at all?

    I recently took my 2009 malibu to a buddy of mine that has his own shop to get serviced and replace needed parts. After everything was all set and done (claims it took him almoust the whole day) he charges me $906 parts and labor of the following:

    Sway bar links

    Sway bar bushings

    Passenger side Tie rod

    Timing cover gasket

    Valve cover gasket

    Cramshaft seal

    Oil and filter change

    Transmission pan gasket

    Reprogrammed cam possition shaft sensor

    So did i get a good deal like he claim he did or not thanks for your answers

    9 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs2 years ago
  • Engine light wont go off after problem fix?

    Hi i own a chevy malibu with 98000 miles i recently got a p0011 code took it to autozone and their scanner said a bad camshaft possition sensor which i replaced. The light still on. Then i went to youtube and all the videos say the actuator selenoids need to be replaced which i just replaced with aftermarmet ones and the light still came on shortly after i reconnected the battery does anyone has an answer to this problem how can i fix it?? Thanks guys

    17 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs2 years ago
  • What supplements can bring your libido or desire for sex back?

    Hi I m 35 yo and can t afford those prescribed pills so what are the best trusted supplements I can take to bring my libido back. I mean my testosterone is in the mid 500 s and I have no diabetes but it seems I m having trouble keeping a good erection its embarrasing I ve tried horny goat weed from rite aid pharmacy and some libido pills they sell which works ok for me exept the hgw pills, it can be frustrating so are there any reliable ways, methods or otc supplements we can take? Thanks y all

    3 AnswersMen's Health5 years ago
  • What is wrong with my car's volume?

    Why does the volume of my car stereo goes up when running and goes back down when i stop its been happening for a while now and i have no idea whats wrong.

    4 AnswersCar Audio7 years ago
  • Whats wrong with this?

    I recently bought powerstop drilled slotted rotors and pads for my 2009 malibu. When i go past 60 mph i can hear some noise coming from the front passenger side then i noticed that the right rotor has a label that reads "front driver side" meaning that its on the incorrect side. Could this be the problem of the wind noise or it has nothing to do with it? will switching the rotors help? I mean these rotors look so identical!! please help thanks

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • How can i fix this problem?

    Right now just like plenty of times already i feel lightly dizzy without energy and disoriented. For the longest time i've been having trouble concentrating on my daily tasks and my memory just sucks!!! im just few weeks from turning 33 yo and i feel like im 63 i had this problem for years and it keeps geting worse i cant help but to get worry about what the future holds for me cant seem to see light at the end of this tunnel please help!!

    1 AnswerMental Health7 years ago
  • What can i do to fix this stomach problem?

    Last friday i had few scrambled eggs with butter and few more things on that day. I dont know what happened but later had diarrhea and then my stool has turned black and i get few stomach aches here and there. I know it sounds grose but im trying to find some answers for this problem before i have to look for some professional help. Thanks

    3 AnswersOther - Health9 years ago
  • Where is that locking log nut wrench in my car?

    Went to walmart few days ago to rotate my tires after i waited for my turn they told me they cant change the tires because all the wheels have this locking log nut that needs a special tool to remove it. They told me the tool should be in my trunk but it wasnt. where is this tool and how to get it?

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • How long does it take a cpap machine to work?

    I just got my resmed cpap machine yesterday and last night tried it for the first time. Today i feel very tired and with barely any energy and sleepy. I think im doing everything i supposed to do as far as following all the directions. how long does it take to deliver all the benefits of this treatment. My cpap experience was better at the sleep lab than at home. Help

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases9 years ago
  • What should i do when one can't compensated at a no-fault accident?

    Hi everyone. About three months ago i had a minor car accident. I stopped at a red light and then comes this jackass and hits me in the back of my bumper causing some considerable damage to my 09 chevy malibu. To make this long story short two weeks later my insurance tells me that the other guy's insurance refused to pay my deductible (which is 1,000) simply because the guy that hit me was not under the policy. Now they send me a letter saying that they are trying to go after the guy under the other insurance policy and that if they cant get him to pay me then they will find a vendor that can try to get the job done and yet my car still hit and its pretty hard for me to cuff up a thousand dollards. I have no idea how to get this issue solved. I though that in cases like this my insurance company would pay ur deductible and go after the other guy specially when im at NO FAULT and have FULL coverage. Help please

    2 AnswersInsurance & Registration9 years ago