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  • Does anyone else object to the cancellation of NUMB3RS?

    Can you believe they are going to cancel the t.v. program NUMB3RS? We get great shows on t.v. and some numb-skulls sitting in some office decide not to renew the show. They say it is being replaced with something else. Don't they know that you can't replace good programs? It was one of just a few weekly programs that can be watched without being offensive or filled with loud obnoxious music or one that panned to the idle brain. It was a program that told a story each week and kept you interested. It aired programs on racism, prejudice, religious bias, etc. and did it with common sense and dignity without insulting anyone. Is there some place where one can go to complain to the "higher-ups" about keeping shows on the air that consumers want?

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  • Old fashioned Christmas cakes and puddings?

    I recently made my Christmas cakes and puddings from my great grandmother's recipe but I have forgotten one crucial step. The cakes and pudding are wrapped in cheesecloth and then in white cotton and tied to hang in the basement. Each week, they are taken down and soaked in Brandy but what I do not remember you over-wrap the cotton with foil or plastic wrap before hanging to hold in the moisture or do you just hang them up wrapped in the cotton. Anyone who still does cakes the old fashioned way will know the answer. Please pass on any info you have.. Greatly appreciated

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  • Is there a site for finding people by name.?

    Does anyone know of a site where you can type in a person`s name that you are trying to find or even to type in your own name and e-mail address so anyone looking for you can find you. I tried using the high school sites but nothing came of it. I sure could use some help.

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  • Can anyone tell me how to e-mail Prime Minister John Howard of Australia?

    I recently read an article outlining a speech he gave regarding immigrants and want to commend him for doing so. We, as true Canadians and Americans should have as much courage to say and do what this man did. If you want to see a copy, just send me your e-mail address and i will send it to you.

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  • Can anyone tell me how to start a blog on Yahoo to post important information. Thank You?

    There is so much important information that is not being heard or read and it is imperative that we continually exchange, discuss and pass on what is or could be affecting our lives. Years ago, people got together over coffee to discuss matters but now everything seems to be done over the Internet. I don't want to use it to make money...only as an information source.

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  • Where can you find movies either by the movies stars name eg. Chuck Norris or character eg. James Bond.?

    I know that for t.v. movies on dvd you can log on to and get all the info you need on upcoming tv movies and even get to vote on the ones not yet released but where to I find Arnold and Jean-Claude or James Bond etc. Really appreciate any help.. Thanks

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  • Yahoo points. Does anyone know how many points are on each level.?

    Can you tell me the points for each level and how many levels are there. Thanks

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  • help from James Bond fans?

    i have all the james bond dvd's except one and i can't remember the title. It is the one where his friend Felix Leiter gets married and in the opening shot, Bond, Leiter and another guy parachute down to the wedding. Then the bad guys kill Felix's wife and feed him to the sharks but he does not die. I f anyone know the title, please put me out of my misery and let me know what it is.

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  • does anyone have a pattern for shy-babies? they are dolls that face the wall dressed in kids clothes?

    these dolls stand about 2 ft. tall, usually have no facial features, wear real childrens clothes and shoes, they stand like a child playing hide and seek. they are stuffed. sometimes one hand is behing their back holding a toy or a teddy. i have checked the pattern books and can't find a pattern anywhere. any help in providing instructions or a pattern would be greatly appreciatedl

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