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  • New squeaky wood floors - how to fix?

    I used Lumber Liquidators' contractor to pull up 80's ceramic tile in a dining room, halls and big foyer last year when I 

    bought a home in OH.  The tile was replaced with distressed solid oak, nailed flooring.  The contractor didn't replace the subfloor.  There's a full, unfinished basement.  The new wood floors squeak loudly and even bounce a little in a few places.  (The tile floors had been quiet.)  The contractor came back with a nail gun a few times, but that didn't stop the squeaking.  Can 

    the squeaky, bouncy floor be fixed, or should I just have to get used to it?  Would I have to replace the flooring again to fix the problem? Should I remove the new oak flooring and go back to a tiled floor?  This was supposed to be my dream retirement home, but new squeaky floors weren't exactly part of the dream LOL. Thank you!

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  • Any suggestions for a cosmetic cover-up for a small stress crack at the top corner of a door?

    I've had it repaired twice by a painter using flexible filler and by a handyman using flexible tape, and both times it showed up again. A structural engineer has confirmed that it's cosmetic, and not a settling problem. I don't want to put a wallpaper border iin that room, or continue paying for patching. I'm considering a decal. I think the room is too small for a wood or stone accent wall. Has anyone found another coverup that works well?

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  • Decorating Question - 20 foot bathroom walls?

    I'm struggling with a bath remodel in my newly purchased fixer upper. I'm having the pink floral wallpaper removed from 20 ft high walls. The room is very large. The bathroom contractor is going to paint the walls builder-beige after removing the wallpaper. I don't have a clue what to do with those 20-ft walls to make the room cozier. I'm tempted to try a different wallpaper since I'll be living in this home for 10-15 years and am not too worried about resale right now. On the other hand, I don't want to give some other buyer the same rehab problems that I'm facing right now. Any suggestions (beside moving LOL)?

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  • Question about normal graying steps for a natural blonde?

    I've been a natural blonde, although when I hit mid-50s my hair got a little darker. I'm 63, and am suddenly discovering lots of bright white hairs. The change is happening very, very quickly. In the last 2-3 months, my hair is almost starting to look like I've gotten white streaks in my hair. I don't think I mind going white, although I didn't expect it to be this fast. Is this common to natural blondes? I thought I'd have a gray stage before I turned white!

    Hair5 years ago
  • Need some help figuring specs for 1st PS4 Game Console Pkg.?

    I want to get a game console and the new Star Wars game hooked up on a tv for Thanksgiving, when the family including two sons in their 20s come to visit. There are so many choices of console packages! Does it matter what PS4 console or bundle I buy? Any specs I should keep in mind? Or should I just give my credit card to someone at GameStop or Best Buy, and let them put a package of hardware together...

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  • Hoping for a cost estimate for replacing a bathtub - trying to get at least a rough ballpark estimate before I pursue the project.?

    I am in a 7-year old house in Charlotte (Pulte is the builder). It's a first floor bathroom, and the house has slab construction. The bathroom has a shower and a separate 72" tub, but the tub is really shallow. I'd like to replace the tub with a real soaking tub. There's an electrical outlet on the other wall in the bedroom and I thought about trying to switch this out to a jetted tub, but I think even a true soaking tub would be an upgrade. The hot water tank is big enough to fill a deeper tub. I found some deeper tubs in the big box stores online for about $1500.00. Should I estimate another $1500 or so for installation? Or more?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • Love my kids...but not happy with the dogs they brought along for the holiday. Help?

    A kid's boyfriend brought two 11 month old dogs for the holiday. So far they have scratched kitchen cabinets, torn a screen door, gouged hardwood floors, thrown up on professionally cleaned rugs, dug a hole in new upholstery, played in new mulch beds and spread mulch all over the yard, barked constantly, stolen food off kitchen counters, and peed on the hardwood floors. There are dog toys everywhere, dog coops have been set up in the great-room, and the kids haven't wanted to do anything because the puppies can't be left alone for more than 2 hours. The kids set up baby gates to keep the dogs in a few areas, and another guest has tripped over one of their gates and been injured. They shredded toilet paper in a bathroom. My kid & her boyfriend only want to talk about the dogs, which are their 'children.' They do go to obedience school, but the only thing they do on command is shake hands LOL. My other guests are not dog people, so this holiday is not going well at all. I think this boyfriend will be my son-in-law, so this isn't going to be a one-time thing. Has anyone else ever encountered a situation with family members and ill-behaved pets (or kids)? What did you do!

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  • Need advice on using rental storage units.?

    I am going to be listing my house for sale, and need to store stuff to help stage the house. I will primarily be storing books, a few pieces of furniture, clothing and holiday decorations. I live in a community in Western PA where houses sell pretty quickly, so I'm estimating that I would need to store stuff for about 6 months, from now into the summer.

    The prices for rental units range from $55/mo to $125.

    Is it necessary to pay extra for a heated unit, or a temperature controlled unit? Any tips for renting a storage rental unit? There are a half-dozen storage places within a few miles of us, and I'm trying to figure out which one would work the best.

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  • Need info about Charlotte, NC?

    I will be moving to Charlotte in a few months, and my company is only giving me a few days to find a home. Everyone in the office is recommending a different neighborhood! Our office is southwest of downtown. I want to find a condo with a 1st floor master bedroom in a quiet area where I might be able to retire in a few years. I'd love to find new construction and be able to pick some of my own finishes. Any tips on where to ask the realtor to focus the search, or suggestions for particular neighborhoods? Is living in South Carolina really so much more tax friendly?

    Also - what is the best thing about living in Charlotte? Favorite mall and grocery store(s)? Is natural gas heating available? Are Bobcats basketball tickets available? What's the worst thing about living in Charlotte?

    Thanks - this is a big move, and I'm trying to learn as much as possible.

    3 AnswersOther - United States7 years ago
  • Need a special occasion restaurant in Buffalo, NY?

    I need some suggestions for a special occasion restaurant in Buffalo, NY. My kid will be graduating from grad school in SUNY Buffalo this year, and I want to take the family out for a wonderful luncheon. The graduation is from 5-7:30 with a reception following, so we'll probably want to make lunch reservations for 2:00. This kid is a frustrated gourmand, and will definitely pay attention to the food. Somehow the Cheesecake Factory or P.F. Chang's isn't going to cut it for this occasion.

    Hope someone can give me suggestions!

    7 AnswersOther - US Dining Out7 years ago
  • How do you close out a joint checking account when your spouse dies?

    My spouse died suddenly a few months ago, after a few years in a nursing home. We had a small joint account where his social security check was deposited. I would then write a check to the nursing home for most of the social security check each month.

    There is probably about $500 in this joint account. My spouse will not have an estate, since his assets were used to pay for nursing home care.

    I would like to close out this account. I know that I will have to take a copy of the death certificate to the bank, but will they close out the account and issue the funds to me as his spouse and co-owner of the account? I suppose I could endorse the check over to a bill that his name still appears on, if they gave me a check in both names. I guess I could also write checks against the joint account to those bills and draw down the $500 too, or just write a check to the IRS for our final joint return and handle it that way.

    I'm confused about how to handle this since there isn't any estate, and there won't be an administrator or executor.

    Thanks for your tips.

    3 AnswersPersonal Finance7 years ago
  • What fee arrangements are possible with a buyer's realtor?

    I will be selling my home and buying a retirement home in the next two years. Finding a selling realtor is going to be easy. My house is in a desirable location where houses sell quickly, and I'll be able to research realtors with knowledge of our neighborhood..

    I have no problem with moving into a rental for awhile after my house sells. I will be a cash buyer, no matter when I buy. My preference is to sell my house first, but I plan to start working with a Buyer's realtor after the house is listed. I'll be weighing condos, new construction and renovations of small houses.

    It seems to me that Buyer's commissions based on price have a conflict of interest. Wouldn't a Buyer's realtor want a buyer to spend as much as possible to get the biggest commission? Where is the motivation to help Buyers save money and find lower priced options?

    Are there Buyers Agents who provide fee-based services, instead of being compensated solely by commission? How does that work?

    7 AnswersRenting & Real Estate7 years ago
  • Is it possible to tile the top of a wood sideboard?

    I have an Amish-made oak sideboard that I love. The kids have put wet stuff on it, destroying the finish on the top. I'm getting very high estimates for getting it professionally refinished. I wondered if it would be possible for me to put a mosaic tile or marble top on the sideboard instead. Has anyone ever done this, and how did it end up? Tips will be appreciated.

    4 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)7 years ago
  • If you have a 401K at work, can you still make contributions to an IRA?

    I am depositing the maximum into my 401K, plus the extra $5,500 for being over 50. Can I also make deposits to an IRA? I'll be retiring in a year or two.

    2 AnswersPersonal Finance7 years ago
  • Have you ever known an adult to change eye color?

    One of my kids used to have blue eyes, which gradually turned grey-green in his teens. His eyes are now turning a yellowish green, or hazel color in his 20s. You'd never guess that his eyes were a true blue through grammar, middle and high school.

    Have you ever heard of anything like this happening? I have another kid with blue eyes and another kid with brown eyes. I have blue eyes. Their dad had really weird colored eyes. His eyes were yellowish hazel, but they had rings of other colors, ranging from dark blue to brown around the irises. (I've never seen anyone with distinct rings of color around their irises.)

    The kid whose eyes are changing colors doesn't have least, not yet!

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