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  • Which stabilizer should I use for my hand embroidery?

    I'm currently working on a dress I need for my friend's wedding. I bought a black dress and had planned to hand embroider it (I don't own a machine and would prefer not to use one anyway) with a series of silver stars. Only problem being I hadn't realized how stretchy the dress really was. A small test star proved to me that any work I do on it, no matter how careful, will cause puckering without a stabilizer. 

    I have no experience using stabilizer so any info will help. The dress is 100% polyester and lightweight.

    3 AnswersOther - Visual Arts2 months ago
  • Where do I find what college credits I earned?

    I went to college straight out of high school but after only 2 years and some failed courses I dropped out. I think I'm finally ready to start school again elsewhere but I need to see which credits I can transfer. What channels and such do I need to go through to find what class credits I actually earned as I didn't keep any records of it myself, and it's been a few years

  • Help with W-4?

    The job I'm interviewing for is requiring I fill out a W-4 first. As an independant with no job and no spouse, what number do I put down?

    3 AnswersLaw & Legal6 years ago
  • Putting an XNA game online?

    I want to build a C# game in XNA and export it to a website for others to play it. Is it even possible to do this without the player needing XNA?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games7 years ago
  • I want to create and sell sculptures of my favorite show and video game characters on etsy...?

    Are there any copyright laws that this violates? I'm sure there are probably some laws on characters that already have figurines sold from the company, but what about those that don't?

    2 AnswersHobbies & Crafts7 years ago
  • Tailbones and Roller Coasters?

    About a year ago, I (assume) I bruised my tailbone on the 80 year old wooden coaster, the Big Dipper. After about a week, the pain receded so I'm guessing it was as serious as a break or a crack. Occasionally it gets a little sore if I have to sit for multiple hours (though this seems like something pretty normal for anyone).

    Tomorrow I'm going to Six Flags with my friends. I know it might be bad, but I love roller coasters and my friends and I have just graduated so it might be our last time we get together. Any suggestions so that I could lessen any more pain? (other than avoid the wooden coasters, trust me that's at the top of my to don't list)

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