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  • How do I hide sunburnt (peeling) forehead?

    Three days ago I got too much sun and turned into a lobster. Sine then I've applied a lot of moisturizer to help prevent peeling. It worked well for a couple of days; however, today I find my forehead simply peeling away. Tomorrow morning I have an important interview and would rather not look like a schmuck.

    I am thinking about exfoliating tonight and trying to find some sort of cream to blend the colors on my head together. Any advice?

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  • Is an 18-foot sailboat safe for travel to the Carribean?

    I am purchasing my first sailboat, a Hunter 18.5. My inexperience aside, what are reasonable expectations for me to have regarding ocean travel in this boat?

    Some day, I'd like to take the boat down to the Carribean (I live in Charleston, SC and would prefer to depart from there.). Assuming my crew (aka, girlfriend) and I are comfortable with the size of the boat, would it be reasonable to consider this a possibility one day?

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  • Homebuyer Tax Credit and Unmarried Coowners?

    An unmarried couple, consisting of "Jack" and "Jill" buy a home together. Jack does not qualify as a first-time homebuyer. Jill does qualify as a first-time homebuyer.

    Can Jill claim the full amount of the first-time homebuyer tax credit?

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  • For those who support gay marriage, what are your thoughts?

    First let me preface this question by stating that I too support gay marriage and this question is not intended to be passive aggressive. It is an honest question about values and ideals.

    The major argument I have for gay marriage is simply that while it offers two individuals many benefits (both legally and personally) it does nothing to harm anyone or interfere with heterosexual marriage. In essence, it doesn't hurt anyone, so why not?

    Now, to play devil's advocate for a moment, let me ask this question. Would you, who argue that it is wrong to prevent a gay couple from being wed also argue that it is wrong for siblings to be wed? Or any form of immediate family?

    Why or why not?

    For an example of other "illegal marriages" to consider, see

  • How can I access Bank of America web services?

    I'm looking to develop a personal finance web site which would allow me to manage my own budget and track my finances online (I've tried about every other site out there and I'm not happy with any of them.)

    In order to do this, I'll need a means of retrieving a list of transactions from my personal bank accounts with Bank of America. I've tried contacting BOA in order to get information on their SOA interface; however, I'm not getting very far. Anyone have any advice that could help me out on this?

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  • XBox 360 and PC Cross Platform Games?

    My brother back in NY owns an XBox360, while I (living in South Carolina) own multiple PCs. I'd like to find some games that we can play together over the internet. Is this possible somehow? Where could I find a list of supported games?

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  • What webcam offers the best quality video?

    I am investigating how I could setup a webcam that would provide a picture perfect video stream over the internet. If price were not a factor, what webcam would provide the best quality video? Other elements such as encoding and serving the content I expect to address separately.

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  • Can I use the online "Bill Pay" feature of my bank to transfer money to an account I have at a different bank?

    I have two checking accounts with different banks. I understand that I can transfer money from Bank A to Bank B by writing a check to myself from Bank A and depositing it into Bank B.

    The question I have is, can I have that check from Bank A sent to Bank B via "Bill Pay" and expect Bank B to deposit it for me? I would address the check to myself yet have it sent to the Bank B address.

    This would be nice if it worked (yeah, I know I'm lazy); however, I can think of a few reasons why Bank B wouldn't be willing or able to deposit the check for me.

    Anyone know for certain whether this is possible?

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  • What are the minimum requirements of a truck that will carry a motorcycle? e.g, length of bed, engine size, ..

    I am planning on purchasing a truck. In the near future I will also be purchasing a motorcycle. I would like to make sure that the truck I purchase is able to carry the bike.

    Obviously, the bed of the truck will have to be long enough to carry a bike. I will also have to research ramps and lifts to figure out how I will actually get the bike in the back of the truck. What else do I need to worry about?

    I plan on purchasing a cruiser style bike around a 650 - perhaps a V-Star Classic or Honda Shadow.

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