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    USB 3.0 Graphics card?

    I have a work laptop and a 4k monitor. I can drive the 4k monitor with my laptop but only at 30hz.  Are there any external graphics cards that I can get that are driven by usb 3.0? My laptop doesn't have usb C.  Any other suggestions will be accepted.

    2 AnswersAdd-ons4 months ago
  • My elbow won't open?

    Long story short, I fell off a skateboard and I hurt my elbow. It's been 2.5 weeks and it feels slightly better, but I cannot completely straighten my arm out. And there is a bump on the outside top of my elbow that isn't there on my good arm. Should I just wait it out or should I go see a doctor?

    2 AnswersInjuries1 year ago
  • Girl stuff?

    So theres this girl that I have known for a long time and went to high school with her and we were really good friends. I loved her the whole time. So anyways 4 or 5 years pass, and I am moving away from my home town. She admits she has feelings for me 2 months before I leave, but we kinda develop a sort of relationship by texting all the time and talking about our fantasies with each other. I don't know what to do though, because she lives 9 hours away and is going to college and I don't know if I can convince her to move down here. Should I forget about it or keep pursuing her? FYI If the opportunity arose I think I would marry her.

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