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  • Which baby names would you combine?

    First Child Girl:

    FN: Ivy, Rose, Primrose, Lily, Iris NM: Victoria, Cheyenne, Paris, Juno, Sydney

    Second Child Boy:

    FN: James, Albus, Oliver, Lucius, Arthur MN: Benjamin, Thomas, William, Abraham, Ronald

    Third Child Boy:

    FN: Ezekiel, Jonah, Levi, Elijah, Isaac MN: River, Forrest, Jay, Blaze, Basil

    Fourth and Fifth Children Girl/Girl:

    FN: Jasmine, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Anna MN: Mariana, Rosaline, Imogen, Adriana, Beatrice, Emilia, Olivia

    Sixth Child Boy:

    FN: Flynn, Eric, Phillip, John, Kristoff MN: Austin, Phoenix, Trenton, Dallas, Israel

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  • Character Names?

    I need a name for a character. The setting is in the future. So i need a sort of futuristic name. She has dark brown hair, orange eyes and she is a chubby girl. She is 23 years old.

    Needs first and middle name. The last name is Desimir.

    I also need a name for her best friend. She has blue and brown hair and purple colored eyes. Also 23 and needs a first and middle name.

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  • This or That?

    Aliyah or Allison

    Brielle or Bailey

    Caroline or Cassandra

    Desiree or Delilah

    Eliza or Evangeline

    Fiona or Faith

    Gianna or Genevieve

    Hannah or Harper

    Ivy or Isabelle

    Jasmine or Juliette

    Kaylee or Kiara

    Liliana or Lila

    Mariah or Maelynn

    Norah or Noelle

    Oriana or Odelia

    Penelope or Primrose

    Queenie or Quinn

    Rayne or Ramona

    Shaelynn or Skye

    Tiana or Thalia

    Uma or Ulyana

    Vivienne or Violet

    Willow or Winter

    Xena or Xenia

    Yvonne or Yasmin

    Zoey or Zariah

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  • What would you name these children?


    FN: Starts with an A

    MN: Old fashioned name


    FN: Short and sweet max. 5 letters

    MN: Any name you like


    FN: Biblical name

    MN: Family name


    FN: Unisex name

    MN: Long name min. 8 letters


    FN: Movie or tv show character

    MN: Place name


    FN: Last name for a first name

    MN: Starts with a J


    FN: Princess name

    MN: Shakespearean name


    FN: Name that comes with a nickname

    MN: Starts with same letter as first name

    Mine Would Be:

    1. Aliyah Elizabeth

    2. Ivy Marie

    3. Ezekiel Richard

    4. Avery Vivienne

    5. Forrest Austin

    6. Carter Jeremiah

    7. Alexandra Juliet

    8. William Wyatt (Liam)

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  • What would you name 6 children?

    Using the names I provide name 6 children. First and middle names.

    These are some of my favorite names just wondering how others would pair them.


    Aliyah, Kylie, Shaelynn, Kaylee, Jasmine, Vivienne, Anastasia, Lilah, Evangeline, Caroline, Lillian, Alayna, Ivy, Rayne, Eliza, Mariah


    Ezekiel, Carter, James, Philip, Isaiah, Tanner, Jeremiah, Elijah, Connor, William, Alexander, Austin, Mitchell, Elliot, Isaac, Zane, Kieran

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