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  • Does anyone know what has happened to They have just vanished. Are they gone for good?

    I play games for hours on King. Yesterday they just were not there anymore. Does anyone know if they are just shut down for updates (seems to be a long time for that) or if they are just gone? Will sure miss them if they are.

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  • Dividing fractions. 5th grade math question. Trying to help grandchild.?

    The question is 1/1 divided by 1/3. By flipping the last fraction and multiplying, which is what we were told to do we get 3. How is that possible? If I divide one pie by 1/3 I get one pie cut into 3 pieces not three pies. The biggest question is why do we flip the last fraction? Please don't tell me "just because you do". I have already had that answer from her teacher. We want to know Why! Thanks for any help you can give us.

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  • Need link to place coupons on store courtesy card.?

    I recently read an article about going on line and being able to input coupon codes to your store courtesy card so that when you go to the store and purchase an item it will automaticely use the coupon. This would save a lot of time clipping coupons. The problem is, I neither remember where I read it nor can I remember the link. Help, please.

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  • How to get rid of black ants quickly.?

    I am moving this weekend and have been told that there are black ants on my deck. While this doesn't sound like a big problem for most, I am extremely allergic to black ant bites. I even have to carry an epi pen at all times. I can go into anaphalactic (not sure of spelling) shock from the bite of one little tiny black ant. You see why I need to get rid of them quickly and forever. Would something like Pam sprayed on the posts to the deck keep them from getting up the posts? The more natural the deterrant the better. Thanks.

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