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  • How likely am I to be passed over for a job for testing positive for marijuana consumption?

    I live in the U.S. I turned 21 a couple weeks ago, and I tried marijuana edibles (which I legally purchased at a dispensary). I am not a regular user and don't plan to be. I'm currently out of work because of the virus, and I just applied for a new job, which I'm highly qualified for. The past couple places I've worked had swab tests, which I've heard aren't very good at detecting marijuana, but I'm worried I'll be asked to submit to urine testing. Just how screwed am I if that's the case? Will the couple edibles I've had show up in the results and prevent me from getting the job?

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  • Which book of these two is more interesting?

    Which book should I start reading first, Wuthering Heights or Dracula?

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