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I'm an Organic Chemist with a Ph.D in Chemistry. I teach and do research at a local university. I've taught General chemistry, Gen Chem Labs, Organic Chemistry I & II, O-Chem Labs, and Advanced Organic Chemistry.

  • I need help applying a gradient to text in Adobe Photoshop CS.?

    I'm designing a webpage and I have text that I want to have a gradient. I have my background picture, and I know how to use the Text Tool in Photoshop CS to get my text on the background.

    I need someone to take me from this exact point to where I edit my gradient colors, and then on to where I apply it to the text only - and then only to 1/2 of my text (the first 4 letters only).

    I have trouble understanding and navigating layers and understanding how to use them.

    I need someone to dumb the steps down and give me every individual step, tellilng me where to find things in menus and how to apply stuff, etc.

    I tried doing a gradient and got a message about rasterizing my text - I have no idea what that means, or even if i needed to do it in preparation for applying my gradient.

    My colors will go from a certain shade of blue to a lighter shade of blue (I saw that some gradients go from color to white - i dont want the white in my gradient - I just want it going to a lighter shade of my original blue color-but not to the point that its white).

    I realize this might be a long and hopefully detailed answer, and I apologize in advance that I can only give 10 points to the answerer.

    I'd appreciate it if answerers would not point me to another website unless its completely dumbed down and takes me through every detailed step.

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  • What type of Girls shirt has adjustable straps, usually skin tight with a built in bra?

    I'd like to surprise my girlfriend for her birthday by getting her some new clothes. Instead of me trying to explain to someone in a store what i'm talking about (and sounding like an idiot) I'd thought I'd ask someone on here.

    She wears these shirt things that have adjustable straps, are pretty much skin tight (close fitting) but have a built in elastic band thingy that is a bra. Actually now that i think of it, the bra part is more like made of the same material as the shirt, but has elastic at the bottom part of it that would hold up her boobs. Does anyone know what I'm talking about - if So, I need to know its proper name so i know what to ask for at the department store. Thanks for your help.....If there are several things that sound familiar, tell me what they are all called and I'll have someone help me sort it out at the store.

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  • Can I separate a two component oil with steam distillation?

    I have a two component (two separate compounds) natural product oil and I'd like to separate one component from the other. They have different boiling points - Can this be done with steam distillation? The oil is not miscible in water - and if I understand steam distillation correctly (which I'm not sure I do) - the one with the lower boiling point will co-distill with water first??? [Since we are not talking about a solute in a solvent, we don't have the freezing point depression or (in the case of my question) boiling point elevation problem, correct?] From what I understand, with steam distillation we are dealing with the sum of the vapor pressures of all components involved - and once the sum of all 3 compound's (my two oil compounds and water) vapor pressures equal atmospheric pressure, the distillation will take place - is that correct? But will they still distill lower bp compound first with water, and then the higher bp compound with water? Please state in your answer if you've actually performed a steam distillation of this type before. Thanks in advance.

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